Cockapoo Lifespan - How To Help Your Cockapoo Live Longer

Cockapoo Lifespan – How To Help Your Cockapoo Live Longer

When it comes to Cockapoo lifespan, it can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as diet, healthcare, and inherited diseases.

On average, Cockapoos can live up to 15 years, with a typical lifespan of 12-14 years.

If you want to ensure that your Cockapoo lives a long and healthy life, you need to pay attention to these factors. Our ultimate guide provides valuable tips and insights on care, nutrition, exercise, and more to help you increase your furry companion’s lifespan.

So, read on to discover how to give your Cockapoo the best chance at a long and happy life.

How Long Does a Cockapoo Live

Compared to many other dog breeds, the Cockapoo boasts a relatively good lifespan, largely due to its smaller size. Generally, toy and mini breeds tend to live longer than their larger counterparts.

However, the lifespan of your Cockapoo can also be influenced by any breed-specific health issues they may be prone to. Death due to natural causes refers to any fatal illness or bodily malfunction that develops due to the aging process.

On average, Cockapoos can live for 12-15 years, but some are able to reach the ripe old age of 16 or even 17. Interestingly, female Cockapoos tend to live a bit longer than their male counterparts, by about a year on average.

Considering that the average dog lives for approximately 11 years, Cockapoos enjoy a considerably longer lifespan.

Leading Causes of Death In Cockapoos

A comprehensive study conducted by the University of Georgia analyzed data from almost 75,000 dogs of various breeds from 1984 to 2004, providing valuable insights into the leading causes of death among different breeds.

For the Cockapoo, the study found that the most common causes of death are listed below:

Cockapoo Puppies

When it comes to the unfortunate death of a dog before reaching 1 year old, the reasons behind it are different from those that cause old-age-related illness. For young Cockapoo puppies, the primary causes of death are:

  • Congenital diseases – These are conditions that are present at birth, and in the case of Cockapoos, liver shunts are a significant concern.
  • Infections – These can include viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases that young puppies may contract when their immunity from their mother has subsided, but their vaccinations aren’t yet complete. Examples of such diseases are distemper, parvovirus, and leptospirosis.
  • Trauma – This includes fatal injuries such as being hit by a car, dropped, stepped on, and other similar accidents.

Mature and Adult Cockapoo

  • Cardiovascular Disease is a top concern for Cockapoos and is the leading cause of death for many dog breeds. Mitral valve disease is the primary heart condition that affects Cockapoos.
  • Congenital diseases are the second leading cause of death in dogs, with a rate of 9.7%. These include conditions such as liver shunts, colitis, and hydrocephalus.
  • Cancer ranks third as a cause of death, with a rate of 9.2%, and the risk of developing fatal cancer increases significantly in senior dogs after 10 years of age.

By taking some preventive measures, you can increase the lifespan of your Cockapoo.

How to Help Increase the Life Expectancy of a Cockapoo

There are quite a lot of things that you can do to help your Cockapoo live a longer and healthier life.

1. Preemptive Measures Against Fatal Injuries

As trauma is a significant cause of death in Cockapoo puppies and a top concern for miniature adult dogs, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent any injuries.

Here are some tips:

  • Teach children and visitors in your home how to properly handle a small dog.
  • Remind everyone to be careful around your Cockapoo, as they can easily be stepped on or tripped over.
  • Always keep your Cockapoo on a leash when outside of your home.

2. Choose The Best Food You Can Afford

Investing in premium all-natural food for your Cockapoo may be the most expensive part of pet ownership, but it can make a significant difference in their health.

These types of foods are free from harmful chemicals and substances that may cause cancer.

I’ve been feeding my dog Ollie fresh food for the past two years, and the results have been remarkable compared to when he was on dry kibble.

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3. Keep Your Cockapoos’ Vaccinations Up to Date

It’s important to prioritize your Cockapoo puppy’s health by taking these steps:

  • Ensure your puppy receives all necessary vaccinations according to the recommended schedule.
  • Avoid exposing your puppy to other dogs and public spaces until two weeks after their final round of shots.
  • If you live in a wildlife-prone area where your dog spends time, consider asking your vet about the leptospirosis vaccine.
  • Consult your vet about booster shots and determine whether your Cockapoo needs a titer test to measure antibody levels.

4. Take Your Cockapoo to the Vet for Regular Checkups

A Cockapoo should have a comprehensive check-up with a veterinarian once a year, and twice a year for senior dogs (from 7-8 years old) to screen for breed-specific health concerns.

Since cardiovascular disease is a leading issue, your vet will likely examine for heart murmurs and may recommend additional tests if any abnormalities are detected.

5. Filter Your Water

Consider installing a water filter on your kitchen sink or purchasing a filtered water pitcher since regular tap water in many areas may contain carcinogenic agents and toxins.

6. Regular Exercise Your Cockapoo 

The final, and one of the easiest ways to help your Cockapoo live a longer and healthier life, is taking them on regular walks every day.

This simple activity can help prevent a variety of health-related issues and maintain a strong heart and balanced metabolism.

Final Words on Cockapoo Lifespan

Cockapoo Lifespan - How To Help Your Cockapoo Live Longer

As dog owners, we all want our furry friends to live as long as possible. By implementing some simple tips, we can help extend their life expectancy.

If you apply even a few of the suggestions mentioned above, your Cockapoo can enjoy a longer lifespan, surpassing the average of 13.5 years.

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