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The 5 Best Maltipoo Breeders In Atlanta (AT) – 2024

Are you looking for a fluffy companion to boost the energy of your family in Atlanta? Then, you have arrived at the right place. We have listed the breeders of Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta for you to add a new family member through extensive research.

Maltipoos are a mixed breed obtained by cross-breeding the adorable Maltese and generally a miniature Poodle. These come out to be fun-loving and charming dogs. They are incredibly affectionate and adapt to any home, be it in an apartment or a big house with your family.

The mixed breed of Maltipoo is a designer breed. This is why you need to be careful while getting yourself Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta. You need to contact the finest breeders to assure yourself of the best quality and healthy, happy puppies at home.

In this post, you will learn about such 5 best Maltipoo breeders in Atlanta from whom you can trust to get your new family member home. So, let’s get started.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Maltipoo Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an adorable Maltipoo puppy!

Maltipoo Puppies In Atlanta For Sale!

Atlanta is a busy place with career-minded people waking up every day to move closer to their goals. Amidst all that business, they love to save quality time for themselves. That’s how Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta made the way to their hearts.

These happy family dogs keep busy people lively and cheerful.

However, Maltipoos are designer breeds. Thus, to help you with your search, here are the 5 best Maltipoo breeders in Atlanta waiting to serve you your ideal puppy.

Atlanta Maltipoos

Located near Tampa, Florida, these breeders are dog lovers themselves. They carefully pick the parent breeders of Maltipoos to ensure they deliver only healthy and happy Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta. They breed Shihpoos, Malshihs, and Maltese as well.

Atlanta Maltipoos are a group of trained breeders and are popular around Atlanta for their service and healthy puppies.

All the dogs here are health-checked and certified by a licensed veterinarian. They even give starter packs of puddle pads, wet and dry foods to their extended Maltipoo family.

Although the breeder has shifted to a new place, they continue to serve customers with happy, healthy, social puppies. All the puppies at Atlanta Maltipoos are grown in a homely environment with love and care. They grow up amidst a family that interacts with them for early socialization.

If you get your puppy from them, you can be sure to get happy, friendly companion dogs. They are also taken as therapy dogs as they are lively and active.

Atlanta Maltipoos Details

Sherry’s Maltipoos

One popular breeder in Georgia known for breeding Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta is Sherry’s Poos. They breed Maltipoos, Yorkipoos, Cockapoos, and other designer breeds. They are trained breeders with decades of experience in the field.

Their bred Maltipoo puppies grow in a happy and loving environment where the breeders expose them to early socialization to familiarize them with their future families sooner.

They believe that all puppies should be happy, healthy, social, friendly, fun-loving, and smart. All their puppies start socializing from an early age.

As such, they make sure they breed their puppies from healthy and happy parent breeds. All their dogs, whether the parent dogs or the puppies are properly health-certified. They give out only quality puppies to their ideal owners.

Getting a Maltipoo from Sherry’s Poos would be beneficial for you. They are reputed in what they do. Apart from being the best breeders, they also offer a professional customer-prioritized service.

Sherry’s Maltipoos Details

  • Location: Fitzgerald, Georgia
  • Contact: 229-457-4658,
  • Website: Sherry’s Poos

GMaltipoo Puppies

Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta are fun-loving, have different color coats, and are less barky when they are from GMaltipoo Puppies. GMaltipoo Puppies have been in the breeding business for years now and know what they’re doing.

Maltipoo puppies under their care grow to have a loving and affectionate nature, given they take care of them within their homes. The dogs hardly shed. You can expect to have red, sable, black, tri-colored, and fawn Maltipoo pups with white markings from the breeder.

These dogs are double-coated with a thicker coat inside, and a longer coat outside that keeps their body temperature perfectly balanced. They can adapt to your apartment or even your family home. These dogs love kids and being around their families.

With early socialization that the breeder exposes their pups too, you’ll be able to mix up with your new member in no time. You can rely on them for a happy Maltipoo puppy.

GMaltipoo Puppies Details

Pups R Us

Pups R Us is a reputed breeder who is famous for its Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta. They are experienced and trained breeders who care for their dogs while growing them in their homes.

Pups R Us provides their puppies a domestic, warm, and loving environment for them to socialize.

Their puppies are friendly, easy-going, social, affectionate, and active family and companion dogs. They like playing with their owners and being around their families. These dogs are fond of kids and enjoy their company.

Pups R Us health-check all their puppies before sending them to their permanent homes. They get all their puppies their first vaccination shots and deworm them as well. So, you can take home a healthy puppy without any worry.

Pups R Us Details

  • Location: 2415 Camellia Ln, NE, Atlanta
  • Contact: 678-836-5800,
  • Website: Pups R Us

A&J’s Love Our Pups LLC

Located in the suburbs of Atlanta, the breeder has earned a reputation for their Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta. They are popular for their companion dogs. They grow all their pups in a homely environment and extend a fun exposure to them.

Their pups are all vaccinated and health-certified. With years of experience in the field, A&J’s make a great team of breeders who breed Maltipoos. These dogs are very fond of kids, and their pups spend most of their time with the family kids while under observation for early socialization.

Once you become a pet parent of one of these Maltipoos, you’ll stay their parent always. These dogs are adorable companion dogs and lift your mood and never leave your side.

A&J’s Love Our Pups LLC Details

maltipoo puppies in atlanta

Why Get A Maltipoo In Atlanta?

You do not need any particular reason to get Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta. However, there are some traits of the mixed breed that can motivate you to get one of them at home.

It’s easier convincing your parents or your spouse for a little puppy at home when you’re thorough about them yourself!

Good Eaters

Maltipoos are great eaters. They love treats. Well, every dog does! But, Maltipoos are special, given they have no choices of particular foods.

However, you should be particular about what you’re feeding them. It is always best to provide your dog with special dog food that your vet has prescribed.

Nevertheless, Maltipoos are healthy pups and eat their daily meal nicely without bugging you for a bit. Make sure you give them high-quality foods.


Maltipoos are energetic by nature. They are fun-loving and like to run around in the park. They are active dogs that fulfill their daily exercise requirements by running, walking, or playing around the house or in the garden or the park.

Generally, Maltipoos sleep throughout the day. So, make sure you provide them a toy to play with in the evening. That’s when they love their fun side more!


Maltipoos are hypoallergenic. They barely shed. This is one of the best reasons to get a Maltipoo when you decide to get a dog. This way, you can be around your dog even if you have any allergies towards dogs. Also, your clothes or couches are completely safe from their fur.


Maltipoos are incredibly affectionate dogs. They are lovely, adorable, social, easy-going, and make your day after long hours of work. Their hyperactive and energetic nature keeps them happy almost the whole day.

With a Maltipoo, you can be sure of joyful times if you have bad days. They are amazing mood-lifters and barely leave you alone.

Easy To Train

With the best of the traits that this Maltipoo gathered from their parent breeds, it becomes easy to train Maltipoos. They are obedient, smart and give you a good time while training them as well.

With an early start, the training bit becomes even easier. They are happy dogs and love to play with their owner and listen to them.


These fluffballs are typically healthy dogs who maintain their daily meals and exercise properly, given the right environment. They remain active. This keeps them alert and healthy physically. They rarely show signs of any severe diseases.

Apart from a few health problems like eye redness, GME, and MVD, Maltipoos are rarely prone to any bad diseases. The health issues they may undergo may be the results of environmental changes of which you, as a pet parent, have to be careful.

Companion Dogs

Maltipoos like to be around their family. They are family and companion dogs. Even if you live alone, they will never leave you alone.

They may show signs of separation anxiety at times, so you need to be careful about not leaving them alone for too long. These fluffballs are great cuddlers, and love being by your side always. Thus, Maltipoos make great pets.

Summing Up

Now that you know the best Maltipoo breeders in Atlanta, you can do your research and get yourself your new furry family member. 

Maltipoo puppies in Atlanta make great additions to your lifestyle as well. These are designer breeds and adapt themselves well in all kinds of homes and surroundings.

Despite your busy life in Atlanta, you can still get a Maltipoo as they are naturally energetic, healthy, happy, and active dogs. They are incredibly easy to train and groom.

Maltipoos won’t give you a hard time. They’ll be the reason for a happy environment in the house and always keep you company.

Once you get one of these fluffballs, you’ll forever choose to call yourself a Maltipoo pet parent!

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