labradoodle breeders in hawaii

The 4 Best Labradoodle Breeders In Hawaii (HI) – 2024

There are several popular dogs in Hawaii. The Labradoodle, often known as the Australian Labradoodle, is one of them. It’s a crossbreed between a Labrador retriever and a miniature, standard, or toy poodle rather than a purebred dog. These dogs are intelligent, friendly, and easy to teach. They show a great deal of devotion for their owners due to their easygoing disposition and intelligence, which they get from their purebred parents.

Labradoodle is a very good family dog because of its friendly nature. These dogs are highly intelligent and easily trainable, so it’s not difficult to teach your Labradoodle even complex tricks from simple commands. They love to please their owners and respond well when you assign them tasks or tell them what to do.

Labradoodle breeders in Hawaii are not as popular as some other dog breeds. However, you can find a good Labradoodle breeder near your location if you want to have this cute and lovable pet.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Labradoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an amazing Labradoodle puppy!

The Best Labradoodle Breeders In Hawaii (HI)

labradoodle breeders in hawaii

A Labradoodle puppy from a reliable breeder will make a good pet for your home. Here are the best Labradoodle breeders in Hawaii (HI) you can choose from.

Live Aloha Labradoodles

lIf you are looking for a reputable Labradoodle breeder in Hawaii, Live Aloha Labradoodles are your best choice. This breeder offers beautiful, healthy Labradoodle puppies with all necessary medical care and shots administered.

Live Aloha Labradoodles HI, based in Kailua, is dedicated to producing multigenerational healthy and happy Labradoodles. Since 2014, they’ve been creating Labradoodles and presently have ten in their breeding program, all of which are various coat colors and sizes. This labradoodle breeder adheres to strict ethical guidelines when breeding Labradoodles.

In Hawaii, their parent Labradoodles are tested for elbow and hip dysplasia as well as PRA. The OFA has also given them CERF certification. This almost ensures that your Labradoodle puppy will be free of genetic disorders later in life. Live Aloha Labradoodles provides a loving atmosphere for their Labradoodle puppies, vital for developing well-behaved puppies.

Kailua Doodles

Kailua Doodles Hawaii is a home-based breeding operation that produces exceptional Double Doodles, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles on the island of Oahu. Kailua Doodles is the greatest option if you’re seeking an affordable labradoodle breeder in Hawaii. This tiny breeder in Hawaii focuses on producing healthy Labradoodle puppies that come with all of the essential immunizations and vaccines.

Their Labradoodle puppies are all properly vaccinated, dewormed, and inspected by a veterinarian. The puppy’s new family or individual will have access to these health records during the adoption procedure. When you see your new veterinarian, it’s convenient to bring with you; make sure they’re up to date on all shots.

Every Labradoodle puppy is also microchipped, allowing the pup to be found if stolen or lost in any manner. They also refund if the dog develops any genetic or health problem under their General Health Guarantee. If you’re seeking a cheap price, you may choose from this Hawaii Labradoodle breeder.

Laurelwood Doodles

lIf you are searching for a Labradoodle breeder in Hawaii, Laurelwood Doodles is not a bad choice. They are located in Hawaiian Paradise Park, between Kea’au and Pahoa, HI, just outside Hilo. They breed quality labradoodle dogs. They focus on health, temperament, and trainability. As a result, their dogs offer families a great companion and watchdog.

Laurelwood Doodles also focus on producing labradoodle dogs that are great for families with allergies. These labs do not shed, so they do not release any allergens into the home. They are also easy to care for because they are hypoallergenic dogs. All of their Labradoodle puppies in Hawaii are fully vet tested, immunized, and dewormed. These breeders also have a full health record of the Labradoodle puppies on hand for their customers’ convenience.

One of the early training programs is Early Neurological Stimulation, which is supplemented with military-developed Biosensor training. This guarantees that their Hawaii Labradoodle puppies are prepared for life in the real world and have been exposed to a wide range of sights and sounds. The dogs are also taught how to use a kennel and are exposed to different natural sounds like thunderstorms and fireworks. If you live in Hawaii, you should contact this labradoodle breeder in Hawaii.

Pono Mini Australian Labradoodles

In Hawaiian, the word Pono can indicate various things, but at its foundation, it implies doing things correctly. It all began with their beloved family dog, Hula. If you are searching for the best Labradoodle breeder in Hawaii, Pono Mini Australian Labradoodles is not a bad choice.

 This is an in-home breeding program that breeds high-quality labradoodle dogs on the island of Maui, Hawaii. They focus on health and temperament because all of their family members love their dogs and want to help you find a great dog too. Their experience tells them that a healthy, well-tempered Labradoodle puppy makes a family’s lives complete, giving everyone peace of mind and joy for years to come.

All of their doodles are given shots, wormed, and have veterinarian checkups. To help with potty training, they provide a puppy pack and instructions for you when you receive the puppy in Hawaii. This will help your family raise a well-adjusted doodle.

labradoodle puppies in hawaii

Final Remark

When it comes to adopting and nurturing a unique breed like the Labradoodle, reaching out to a Labradoodle breeder is always the best option. The joyful, smart, and fun-loving Labradoodles will bring a ray of sunshine into every room of your house.

Now that you’ve learned more about the Labradoodle’s nature, personality, and appearance, it’s time to figure out where to look for one for your family. If you live in Hawaii, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a lot of excellent Labradoodle breeders on the island. However, not all Labradoodle breeders in Hawaii are the same, so do your homework to locate someone trustworthy.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, you can contact local Labradoodle breeders or visit any breeders listed above in Hawaii.

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