labradoodle breeders in illinois

The 5 Best Labradoodle Breeders In Illinois (IL) – 2024

If you are a dog lover, you must have heard about the Labradoodle. It is highly recommended as family dogs because they are calm, easy to train, loyal to their owners, and friendly with children. If you are thinking of buying a Labradoodle puppy in Illinois, be sure that you have the time to exercise this dog breed since they should be walked for at least 2 hours each day but would prefer more.

This is also a companion dog, and they will enjoy nothing more than being next to your side at all times; they are also well suited to a household with a stay-at-home spouse or parent.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Labradoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an amazing Labradoodle puppy!

The Best Labradoodle Breeders In Illinois (IL)

labradoodle breeders in illinois

Before you get a puppy, here are the best Labradoodle breeders in Illinois that you can choose from. These dog breeders have years of experience producing quality Labradoodle dogs. If you are looking for good Labradoodle breeders, these professional dog breeders will provide what you are looking for.

Here are the five best Labradoodle breeders in Illinois.

Patriot’s Day Doodles

This is an award-deserving Labradoodle breeder in Illinois. The Galvan family of Patriot’s Day Doodles is a proud military family, and they even provide discounts on their Labradoodle pups to active duty personnel and returning families. It is a family-run business specializing in breeding high-quality, non-shedding dogs suitable for allergy sufferers. They offer both female and male puppies that are well socialized, healthy, and happy.

They have some of the most beautiful Labradoodle designs in their training facility that you can choose from. They were recognized as the best labradoodle breeder in Illinois because they are extremely vigilant when it comes to breeding their pups. They have blood typing done on all of their puppies, so they are sure that the pups they breed will not carry health problems and diseases such as hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease (a bleeding disorder), and cataracts.

The Labradoodle puppy will also have deworming, up-to-date vaccinations, and a two-year genetic health guarantee. Since Patriot’s Day is a Gold Paw breeder (the highest level) for the ALAA and WALA, there is no doubt that they are the Labradoodle breeders in Illinois you can rely on completely.

Bull Valley Australian Labradoodles

For those searching for a Labradoodle breeder in Illinois, Bull Valley Australian Labradoodles are the dog breeders to check out since they are members of WALA and are Silver Paw Breeders for the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA). They have years of experience breeding high-quality and healthy Australian Labradoodle puppies. They have been doing so since 2009, which is how long they have been active in the labradoodle industry.

The dogs they breed are part of their family since they provide top-notch care, love, and socializing methods. They also take full responsibility for each dog leaving their home and ensure it is healthy, happy, and well-cared for. They also provide a two-year health warranty and can ship their Labradoodle puppies nationwide (anywhere in the U.S).

All of the pups are microchipped and given their first combination Distemper vaccine at the time of adoption. Bull Valley Labradoodles have a two-year genetic health guarantee as well. They are almost ready to be potty trained when they leave for their new homes.

Rosewood Australian Labradoodles

This is another accredited Labradoodle breeder in Illinois that you can rely on. Rosewood Australian Labradoodles have been breeding high-quality labradoodle dogs for many years now. Being a member of ALAA, Rosewood Australian Labradoodles also take full responsibility for their pups before being picked up by their new owners.

Their multigenerational Australian Labradoodle is bright, perceptive, athletic, lively, eager to please, and always cheerful. They thrive on human interaction and like being treated as a true family member. They are fantastic with children, and many of them can work in the therapy and service fields.

Because many breeders believe in a “no shelter” policy, it is assumed that if one of the Labradoodles they raise is ever needed, they will be returned to find a new loving, and suitable home.

Archview Labradoodles

The Gestes family began breeding Australian multigenerational Labradoodles in 2010, after purchasing their first Australian Labradoodle, Sunny. Arvview Labradoodles is a small, family-owned breeding operation in Glen Carbon, Illinois, about 20 miles outside St Louis. It is one of the pet parent’s top priorities to offer their companions only the best in life, which is why Archview Australian Labradoodles offer a genetic health guarantee, comprehensive care advice, and natural rearing practices to their valued customers.

Their labradoodle dogs are home-raised with children, and they have a friendly disposition, making them great pets for families with kids. They take pride in their work by breeding healthy, happy pups that can be potty trained within weeks of being brought into their new homes.

All of the breeding dogs at Archview have been assessed “good” or “excellent” by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hips and elbows, making them members of the ALAA. If you choose a Labradoodle from Archview, you can expect a lifetime of assurance and support.

Brightstar Labradoodles

A small, family-owned and operated labradoodle breeder in Illinois is dedicated to providing the best quality Australian Labradoodles. The main goal of Brightstar Labradoodles is to introduce and produce healthy, intelligent, and loyal dogs that go far beyond what you expect from a dog.

Their puppies receive daily socialization to ensure that they are well-rounded, confident, and affectionate. They also receive lots of love from the family so that their children can learn how to interact with them properly. They provide a genetic health guarantee for all of their labradoodle dogs and lifetime support for their customers.

labradoodle puppies in illinois

Final Remark

There is a lot of Labradoodle breeders in Illinois, and not all breeders are the same. Make sure you don’t get your puppy from a puppy mill since they may have genetic or medical problems as they become older. All Labradoodle breeders in this article except Brightstar Labradoodles are accredited with ALAA, so you can rest assured that their pups are healthy.

They also take responsibility for the Labradoodles they raise before they can be taken home, making sure their families give them all the love and care they need before settling into their new homes. If you are looking for a labradoodle puppy, it is highly recommended to purchase one from an accredited breeder.

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