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Best Inescapable Dog Harness – UPDATED 2020

As someone who walks dogs for a living, allow me to tell you I have encountered some Houdini’s in my time. Some dogs will do everything possible to undermine their collars using a combination of pulling, diving, ducking, and wriggling techniques.

I have found this is especially true when they are distracted by something that they find interesting. For years I had been forced to walk these dogs on their own as they were simply too much to handle, as you can probably understand, this wasn’t exactly cost-effective. Luckily the introduction of inescapable harnesses has made this aspect of my job much easier.

Part of my job is to keep up with the most recent trends and to be able to offer advice to my clients about how to deal with potentially unruly dogs. In recent years I have tried and tested the best inescapable dog harness for different clients.

Best Inescapable Dog Harness

These are the five that I highly recommend, all have unique aspects to their designs that will accommodate the size, shape, and behavior of various breeds.

🏆 1. Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness

This harness is designed for the dog who uses the backup and wiggles approach to getting out of his harness. The designers have reduced the space available around the back of the harness, making this maneuver more difficult for your dog.

I also liked the V shape that reduces the pressure around the dog’s neck, by redistributing it across the chest area more evenly, I think this offers a far more comfortable walking experience for your dog. The harness is made for a neoprene material, which is both lightweight and strong.

Key features of this harness

  • Lightweight and comfortable material
  • Choking is reduced by weight distribution.
  • Designed to be difficult to escape from


2. ICEFANG Tactical Escape Proof Dog Harness

This harness includes a unique buckle that will help keep your pooch safe on your adventures.

The buckle is designed to bear the dog’s weight while preventing it pulling, this will allow you to remain in control while easily redirecting your dog. It additionally has a sturdy handle that will allow you to stop your dog in its tracks. This can be employed to lift your dog comfortably if you need to. This is a no-frills inescapable harness, that performs its job exceptionally well.

Key Features

  • The metal buckle helps bear the load.
  • Safety is improved by the no pull feature.
  • Very convenient due to the hands free carrying
  • Can be custom fit to make escape even more difficult


3. Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

This is the perfect harness for the more adventurous dog. Designed to be fully adjustable using five different points that can be fully customized to suit every dog. This harness can be made to fit snugly while allowing your dog sufficient range of motion, I would recommend this for owners of more playful puppies.

The designers have placed much of their focus on comfort, the harness is made from durable lightweight polyester fabric. Finished in a fashion that will not chafe your dog, I particularly liked the reflective patch that will help keep them more visible in the early morning or evening.

Key Features

  • Sizes that will suit all dogs
  • Adjustable five-point design to allow for a precise fit
  • Added handle to allow for comfortable lifting
  • The leg loops feature extra padding for stability and comfort


4. Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

The harness is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Featuring fleece pads beneath the straps both on the neck and the back. This ensures your dogs will be as comfortable as possible when walking.

The harness itself is still lightweight, offering your dog the freedom it needs to have a broad range of movement while still remaining snug and safe. This harness additionally has reflective strips to keep them visible in the gloomy light. The harnesses D ring is designed to both reduce pulling and prevent the risk of choking.

Key Features

  • Choke and pull prevention feature.
  • Extreme comfort while wearing and walking
  • Despite the extra padding the harness is still lightweight.
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Reflective materials for extra safety


5. SCENE REAL Escape Proof Large Dog Harness

Anyone who owns a larger dog understands the difficulties you can have trying to keep them under control. This harness is designed specifically to make handling easier while preventing them from escaping the harness. This harness has two leash attachment points that will allow you to enjoy more relaxing walks as your pooch will soon learn that you are in control.

They have also prioritized comfort, larger dogs can chaff in the chest area if they like to pull on the harness, they have added extra padding in this area to prevent any injuries. They have also added extra padding in the handle, firm in the knowledge that the dog is not the only party at risk of injury during your walk.

Key Features

  • Extra padding added in the belly and chest areas
  • Double leash attachment option
  • Padded handle to allow for easy handling
  • Reflective material added for more safety


A Guide to Buying the Right Escape Proof Harness for Your Dog

In my experience, research remains the key to successfully finding the best inescapable dog harness you need. If you own a larger more muscular dog, they will obviously be more dominant, you will need a harness that offers you the highest level of control, while ensuring your dog is comfortable, the best designed harnesses reduce the likelihood of injury to a dog when they decide to start pulling.

If you own a smaller dog the emphasis of the harness should be on the neck, as this is where they will experience the highest levels of stress or strain when they pull on their harness. Conducting your research in advance will assist you in choosing the perfect harness.

training a Labradoodle not to jump how to get labradoodles to calm down best inescapable dog harness

How to Choose the Right Design Features?

The market is saturated with a broad range of escape-proof harnesses in order to find the best inescapable dog harness it may be a matter of trial and error. But if you follow these simple guidelines it should make the process easier.

1. Back-Clip Harnesses

Back clip harnesses feature rings from the dogs back Alicia script to this you’ll find that most dogs we’ll walk easily with this harness with little or no objection. I have found that this type of harness is particular to use food for smaller dogs. They’re likely not the best training harness as they’re not designed to prevent pulling.

2. Front-Clip Harnesses

As the name suggests this type of harness so those give tests to attach the leash to the center of the chest these are designed for training your pooch to stop pulling you will find that you have a lot higher level of control with this type of harness they’re probably not suitable for dogs with severe behavioral issues does it have a tendency to become tangled too easily if you’re low too much slack.

3. Tightening Harnesses

I don’t advocate using this type of harness because they do run the risk of causing pain to your dog. They work by adding pressure and tightening its the dog pools using this discomfort to discourage behavior if you do need to use a tightening harness ensure that the police light so it doesn’t cause any pain

The decision on what harness to use will vary depending on a number of different factors. Depending on your lifestyle, the size of your dog, its prior training and any other issues it might have.

How to Get Your Dog Used to Walk on a Harness?

The first thing you need to do when getting a dog used to walking on an inescapable harness it’s to get the muse to be comfortable with touching. If you regularly pet your dog, their comfortable, the contact who makes the training process easier

Always Start Slow

if you have a dog that has a nervous disposition heart or they are just not used to being petted, they can take them some time to get used to regular contact. The last thing you should do is Rush the introduction of a harness and force your pet to do something they’re not ready to do.

This will inevitably result in aggressive behavior or an outright refusal to walk in the harness. Giving your dog as much TLC as possible will help improve your connection with them gain their trust and make introducing a harness much easier

Introducing the Harness

Once you’ve built your good dogs trust and they’re comfortable contact it’s time to introduce them to the escape proof harness itself this should never be rushed.

Simply start by allowing them to see the harness from every possible angle. Letting them sniff the harmless, getting used to its scent, feel and shape will reduce to surprise when you actually attach it to the neat trick that has worked for me in the past, is to actually put one of their favorite treats on top of the harness which helps create a positive connection between them. You will find your dog sniffing the harness in the hope that they would receive a treat.

Many escape-proof harnesses come with Velcro fastenings and buckles that make noise and these can easily scare a nervous dog. Opening and closing a few times close to your dog to ensure it won’t bother them when the time comes to wear the inescapable harness for the first time.

Never Force Them Into the Harness the First Time

The next thing you have to do is get them used to contact at the harness simply placing a gentry on their back and giving them rewards after each contact will ensure the experience is a positive one.

You may have to do this in a number of times to ensure your dog is entirely comfortable with the experience of the harness touching their body when it comes to putting a harness on, taking it one step at a time and bringing the dog a treat at every stage time for the harness in front of them.

I let them sniff it and poked her head through looking for the treat, gently ease their body into the structure before fastening straps find that removing the harness straightaway lets the dog know that this is not a permanent state and reduces the objections the next time you put it on.

Rinse and Repeat

Continue to repeat the first, few steps on a number of occasions, your dog will get used to the weight and feel of the escape harness when you feel they’re ready; try fixing the fastenings adjusting harness until it’s completely secure. Your first adventure outside should be too familiar territory, they need to understand that this will just be part of a normal routine.

Why Does My Dog Need a Harness?

  • The best inescapable dog harness will help spread the stress of walking over a larger area making the whole experience for more comfortable.
  • These harnesses are designed to reduce the risk of injuries are choking in the neck are tricky area.
  • Many dog breeds are always resist the use of color so without a harness there’s a much higher risk of injury or harm.
  • Excitable dogs tend to get tangled in the rope quite often, escape proof harnesses are designed to prevent injury to both the owner and the dog.
  • The best inescapable dog harness is a great training tool as they offer complete control of your pets, while reinforcing behavior that you want.
  • The primary reason people use escape proof harnesses is to ensure that their dog is safe and secure while they’re walking. The standard dog collar does not offer the same security.


Dog owners of the duty of care not only do their dogs look to the public at large. Choosing the best inescapable dog harness not only ensures the safety of your dog, It will keep them comfortable while walking and ensure the safety and security of everyone around you. When choosing a harness you should look for a combination of safety, flexibility and comfort.

Allowing your dog enough freedom of movement while always ensuring you have complete control over them. the best inescapable dog harness for you will allow you to keep your dog close and under control regardless of the situation.


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