The Truth About Crime In Neighborhoods With Multiple Dogs

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, they are also crime’s worst enemy!

If your neighborhood has a high degree of trust and there are dogs everywhere, you’re actually able to see the results directly in the crime statistics: fewer murders, robberies, and aggravated assaults.

The Truth About Crime In Neighborhoods With Multiple Dogs

Ohio State University revealed why there’s less crime in neighborhoods with multiple dogs.

And it showed that the low level of crime isn’t as much due to there being multiple dogs, but the derived consequence of having all those dogs: going on walks.

“People who frequently walk their dogs are basically patrolling their neighborhood”

– Nicolo Pinchak, PhD in sociology at Ohio State University

And that’s really the hum of it all. This combination of trust and local supervising of the neighborhood has a discouraging effect on any would-be-criminal.

The researchers behind this study concluded this with the help of the crime statistics of 595 neighborhoods in Columbus, OH, questionnaires from a marketing firm asking whether people had dogs in their homes, and data from a study regarding the level of trust in Columbus’ neighborhoods.

Even without a high level of trust, the effect of the dogs can still be felt in a neighborhood. Neighborhoods with a low level of trust but a lot of dogs had less crime than equal neighborhoods without dogs.

It also showed that in areas with a lot of the factors that are usually responsible for a higher amount of crime, dogs had beneficial effects.

All the more reason for getting a dog: not only will it make you less stressed and healthier, but it will also improve the general security of your neighborhood.

The study has been published in Social Forces.

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