Wolf Mixed With Pitbull

Wolf Mixed With Pitbull – A Complete 2024 Guide

You might have heard about multiple mixed dog breeds that you would love to adopt as a dog lover! That said, of all the dog hybrids in the world, could you imagine the possibility of a wolf mixed with a Pitbull? You can only begin to wonder how this hybrid puppy would look like if there’s a possibility of mixing these two canine breeds!

Of course, wolfdogs are something that isn’t unheard of. However, when it comes to a wolf mixed with Pitbull, some questions might need to be answered. If you’re one of those dog parents curious to know everything about this mix in detail, you’ve come to the right page.

Hopefully, this complete guide for a wolf mixed with Pitbull will point you in the right direction. Let’s begin.

History Of Wolfdogs

Wolfdogs, as the wolf and dog mixes are called, started becoming extremely popular in the early 20th century. The types of wolves used for producing this mix are the Ethiopian wolf, red wolf, eastern wolf, and gray wolf. So, if you plan to adopt a wolfdog, one of these wolves would undoubtedly be in the mix.

These canines are interfertile and share 99% of their DNAs. This also means that you can expect similarities in the build, life expectancy, and looks, among others. It’s no wonder mixing a wolf with a dog is quite popular in this day and age.

However, being the predators that they are, mixing wolves with dogs has become controversial at the same time. Incidentally, there have been reports of wolfdogs threatening the lives of humans and pets in the US. Therefore, if you have less experience training dogs, you might want to rethink your decision to adopt a wolfdog or, in your case, a wolf mixed with Pitbull.

Is It Possible To Mix A Wolf With A Pitbull?

So, the biggest question remains, is there a chance to get an offspring of a wolf mixed with a Pitbull?

Well, if we were to consider it theoretically, this wolfdog might be possible if the Pitbull is the father. As it is, Pitbulls are way smaller in comparison to wolves. So, it might be impossible for a female Pitbull to carry the offspring of a wolf. However, if the mother is a wolf, there’s a technical possibility for this hybrid puppy to be conceived.

Now, if you end up being successful in rearing such a hybrid, you’ll be curious about what its traits will be. For that, you need to look at these canines’ characteristics individually before coming to a conclusion.

Characteristics Of A Wolf

Being the Canidae family’s largest existing member, wolves have a large, descending rib cage, short ears and torso, broad snout, long legs, and a heavily muscled neck.

With a height ranging between 31 and 33 inches at the shoulder, it weighs between 51 and 180 lbs on average. Regarding the life span, wolves can live for 14 to 16 years.

Being highly intelligent that they are, rearing a wolfdog will undoubtedly be easy for those who are experts and highly trained in dog training.

Characteristics Of A Pitbull

Pitbulls, descendants of terriers and bulldogs, are short with a stocky, muscular body, powerful jaws, a flat head, a short tail, and a wide skull. With a history of dog fighting, these dogs are known for their refusal to release bites! In fact, there are some controversies around this dog breed, maintaining that they aren’t ideal for house pets due to their biting nature.

This dog breed weighs 30 to 60 lbs, and its height at the shoulder is between 14 and 21 inches. Furthermore, the life expectancy of a Pitbull is between 8 and 15 years.

Being highly trainable but with average intelligence, a wolf and Pitbull mix might make for an interesting hybrid, after all!

What To Expect From A Wolf Mixed With Pitbull?

Wolves are unpredictable wild animals that can get difficult to train when you’re planning to adopt a wolfdog. On the other hand, Pitbulls are usually gentle and love human company! Even though this dog breed might have a bad rep for its love to bite, this dog can be easily trained and socialize well.

In all honesty, mixing a wolf with a Pitbull isn’t necessarily the best choice of mixed breed you could come up with. In fact, even the temperament of the resultant offspring might not be able to be determined.

Therefore, you might want to reconsider your decision to own a wolf mixed with Pitbull if you don’t want to endanger the lives of the puppies and those around you.

What Should You Feed A Wolf Pitbull Mix?

Before you own a wolfdog, there are several things you’ll need to be acquainted with, of which the most important is what you need to feed the puppy. Again, even though it might not be the best decision to mix a wolf with a Pitbull, you need to be well-versed with what the puppy’s diet should be in case it happens.

That said, remember that a wolf Pitbull mix will not necessarily stick to the typical dog food. In fact, the mixed breed will be more inclined to have food that wolves usually eat: raw meat. Essentially, you’ll be feeding several pounds of meat to your wolfdog in a day if you want to keep it healthy and in great shape!

Other than that, a wolf Pitbull mix will also need to be given various supplements to keep its health in check. Some of these are vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, alfalfa, and glucosamine, among others. Providing such supplements to your mixed breed will ensure those common dog problems, like indigestion, skin irritation, and arthritis, are kept at bay.

Moreover, keeping the hybrid’s health in check will allow it to live a long and healthy life!

Training And Exercise Requirements Of A Wolf Mixed With Pitbull

Like all other dogs, you must remember that your wolf Pitbull mix will also require regular training and exercise. Lots of them! Although these canines are smart by nature, rearing a mixed breed might pose some challenges to the dog parent. That being said, if you decide to adopt this hybrid, you need to remember that exposure and location are two important factors you need to consider.

Since these two canines are fond of biting by nature, the last thing you want is to have them being nasty around people. Therefore, you need to give it plenty of exposure from a young age. Also, you might realize at a certain point in time that this breed. In fact, it isn’t necessarily a good indoor pet.

So, if you happen to live in a confined space with no adequate space for the mixed breed to frolic around, it might get more difficult for you to train it.

When it comes to the exercise regime of a wolf Pitbull mix, the amount required is enormous- at least three to four hours a day! It will be beneficial if there’s an acre of enclosed space for the hybrid to roam around.

Since this mixed breed doesn’t do well in confined places, the last thing you want is for it to become even more ferocious in nature. That said, the dog house should also have plenty of space for the hybrid to find comfort and shelter.

Should You Own A Mix of Wolf And Pitbull?

Owning a wolfdog, let alone a wolf Pitbull mix, isn’t legal in most US states. Given that wolves are endangered species, there are several laws to ensure that they are preserved and cared for by the proper authorities.

That said, if you were to adopt a wolf Pitbull mix, you might be doing something illegal without meaning to. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when you’re planning to adopt this hybrid or while considering mixing these two canine breeds.

Since wolfdogs are illegal in most states, you can only imagine the outcome if you were to own a wolf Pitbull mix. Moreover, owning this mix illegally might result in the mixed breed being euthanized according to the law in some states. This will be harmful not only to the dog but to the owner, too.

Therefore, before you decide to own a wolf Pitbull mix in your city, ensure that you conduct thorough research beforehand about the existing state laws. Not only that, but you could also find out the compatibility of a wolf and a Pitbull for cross-breed purposes.

Is It Ethical To Mix A Wolf With A Pitbull?

As discussed above, there’s no evidence of people owning a mixed breed of a wolf and a Pitbull. That said, it might not even be ethical to own a puppy of such a breed.

Given the differences between these two canines, there couldn’t possibly be a natural inclination for them to mate in the first place. Nor would it be wise for them to mate.

Of course, you could consider artificial insemination if need be. But how far are you willing to take the chances? Given that such a case hasn’t been documented to date, you might want to steer clear of such a step before you risk your life as well as the puppy. Furthermore, wolves are predatory in nature. So, raising such a hybrid might prove risky unless they are provided with proper training at an earlier age.

Moreover, it might not be ethical to consider rearing such a mixed offspring in the first place. The reason is clear- both these canines are different not only in size but also health-wise and in their temperament. So, breeding a wolf mixed with Pitbull might lead to an unfeasible and unhealthy puppy.

What Are The Alternatives For A Pitbull Wolf Mix?

Your urge to own a wolf Pitbull mix could ideally stem from the fact that you love these two canine breeds! In any case, if you live in a state where owning a wolfdog isn’t an issue, there are some alternatives you could think of to make this hybrid happen.

No, we’re still reluctant about mixing a wolf with a Pitbull. However, you could consider mixing a wolf with a hybrid Pitbull that may have genetic links of a wolf in them.

For instance, there’s Pitbull mixed with an Alaskan malamute, a German shepherd, and a Husky. Sure enough, such hybrids make for the best cross-breed and don’t pose any threat to the offspring. Given that the end product is compatible with the features of a wolf, mixing a wolf with a Pitbull of a mixed breed might work out best for you and the puppy!

That said, if you live in a state where rearing a wolf dog is illegal, you’ll find that the hybrid Pitbull has similar features to that of a wolf. So, even though you may not be a dog parent to a wolfdog, you can still fill in the gap with this hybrid Pitbull, thanks to its similarities!


Wolf Mixed With Pitbull

Adopting a hybrid puppy demands a lot of responsibility, caution, and extra care from your side. Furthermore, if you’re considering a wolf Pitbull mix, there’s considerable research you need to conduct before you go the extra mile.

As it is, a mix of Pitbull and wolf is undoubtedly one of the most controversial wolfdogs being bred in this day and age. The reason is that even the Pitbull has gotten into trouble due to its trouble adjusting to humans. Indeed, as mentioned above, its personality and temperament are some of the issues for which owning even a Pitbull becomes a Herculean task in some states.

So, if at all you consider owning a wolf mixed with Pitbull, you might find it entirely challenging. Therefore, you might want to resort to alternatives of a wolf Pitbull mix. This way, you can give the offspring the healthy and stable life it deserves while also bringing love and comfort to your life in many ways!

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