Why Does My Dog Walk On My Right Side

Why Does My Dog Walk On My Right Side?

When it comes to walking positions, dogs have different preferences. While most dogs walk on the right side of their owner, others walk on the left side.

Dogs often walk on the right side as it is closest to the dominant hand. If you hold their leash with your right hand, they will walk on your right. Your dog will get used to walking on the right side as it is more comfortable. It can also be an extension of your status as the leader of the pack.

While it can be beneficial to keep your dog on your right side, it’s not necessary to do so. In fact, most dogs learn to walk on their right side by a very young age. Some dogs will follow their owners’ hand signals or body language, while others will pick up the habit without thinking twice.

To know the answer to why does my dog walk on my right side, continue reading this article for an in-depth explanation. 

Reasons Why Dogs Walks On Your Right Side

What Side Should My Dog Walk On?

If you’re a dog owner, then you may have noticed that your dog always walks toward your right side when you’re walking down the street.

While you may have been wondering, there are actually a few reasons why your dog will do this. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Learned Behaviour

When walking your dog on a leash, it is important to teach your dog to stay in front of you. This will help you keep your pet from tripping over the leash or running back and forth.

If your dog is walking on the right side, it can simply be a learned behavior. It means that your dog has learned to walk on the right by the pattern of the walk. Your dog might have noticed that you are happy when they walk on the right side, so they make it a habit.

In a study, dogs were able to synchronize their movements with their owners’. This is known as Classical Conditioning. 

  • Closest to Your Stronger Hand

Another reason why your dog walks on the right side is that it’s the closest position to your stronger hand. Most pet owners are right-handed and will often hold the leash with their right hand.

If you do the same, your dog will pick on the position and will start walking on the right to be close to you. It will help you to easily control the leash.

Dogs are clever and will notice the pattern. Even when you take away the leash and leave them free, they will still walk on the right side. 

  • Keeps Away from Traffic

The main reason why dogs walk on the right side is that it helps them to stay away from traffic.

Pet owners often hold the leash in their right hand to easily control the dog and keep them away from traffic. It is a protective measure taken by pet owners that develop into a habit. 

What Side Should My Dog Walk On?

The answer to the question, “What side should my dog walk on?” is actually quite simple. It is based on the purpose of the walk and the experience of the dog.

For example, if you want to compete with your dog in agility, it is very important to train it to walk on both sides. Most dog walkers will recommend that you keep your dog on the left. This is a traditional way of walking dogs, especially police and hunting dogs. However, you can also choose to walk on the right.

There are many things to consider before you decide which side to take your dog on a walk. The first is your purpose for the walk. You may want to keep your dog away from cars or other people, or you may want to keep your dog beside or behind you.

A common reason to want your dog to walk on the left is that it is a more traditional side. However, most dogs do not care which side they walk on. In fact, they may even have a preference for one paw over the other.

If you are unsure which side to take your dog on, it is best to pick the side that is most comfortable for your dog. While there is no official rule on which side to take, experts advise picking the side that is most appropriate for you.

Tips and Tricks to Walk Your Dog

If you want to improve your dog’s fitness and well-being, you should start using some tips and tricks to walk your dog. These tips can help you to keep your dog healthy and happy and will allow you to enjoy your walks together even more.

  • Warm Up And Cool Down Before Walking Your Dog
  • Adapt Your Walks To The Day’s Weather
  • Teach Your Dog Potty Cues
  • Check Your Dog’s Paws After A Walk

How to Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash?

Walking your dog on a leash will help your dog learn how to follow your lead. It will also protect you and other dogs from potential danger. This training requires some patience and persistence. Your dog should be able to respond to you when you give clear and distinct cues. There are many methods for teaching your dog how to walk on a leash.

The best way to train your dog to walk on a leash is to use positive reinforcement. Treats are one of the easiest ways to do this. When your dog walks on a leash, you should reward it with a treat every time it follows your lead. You should also try to use a marker word or sound to remind your dog that it has walked in the right direction.

Before you begin your first training session, you should practice walking your dog on a leash. Start by taking your dog out to a familiar area, such as a fenced-in yard or even a small room. Try to walk your dog in a single direction for about 10 minutes. 

Another way to make your puppy or dog comfortable with wearing a leash is to put a toy on the leash. Some dogs enjoy chasing balls or other toys, so you can use these as distractions. But do not let your puppy or dog snag the leash and chew on it.

Make sure that your dog’s collar is properly fitted. Avoid using a pronged collar, as it can cause serious injuries. Choose a harness instead, which is designed to distribute pressure across the dog’s chest. If your dog has a loose fit, it will be more difficult to control it.

Start with short walks, at least ten minutes long, and then gradually increase the length of your walks. When you walk, use your hand to tug on the leash gently, but don’t jerk it. Remember to wait until your dog has stopped pulling, and then move forward.


Why Does My Dog Walk On My Right Side

Dogs often walk on the left side, but there are some dogs that walk on the right side as well.

If your dog is walking on the right side, it can be a learned behavior or because it’s the position closest to your strong hand. You can train your dog to walk on the right side with the help of positive reinforcement. 

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