Why Does My Dog Look Out of the Window

Why Does My Dog Look Out of the Window?

For centuries, dogs have been considered man’s best friend, and for all the right reasons. Dogs are one of our most loyal companions. Unlike humans, dogs don’t fake their emotions but would instead try to communicate them to us through specific actions or behaviors. Thus, as pet parents, we must understand what certain behaviors mean.

Having a dog that’s constantly sitting and looking out of the windows is common dog behavior and could simply mean your dog is bored and is entertaining himself through the activities happening outside, or maybe it is simply a coping mechanism for them.

While most of their behaviors may seem cute and funny, we can’t deny that there are a few of their behavior that may seem a little embarrassing and weird sometimes (like them humping their toys, or even your legs or your guests’ legs sometimes).

And although most of them may seem natural, there are specific common dog behavior that is related to health issues (sometimes their own or sometimes humans’) or even the way they perceive their surroundings sometimes (for example, maybe your dog who is usually very active could suddenly start being all gloomy and isolate themselves or lose appetite. These are signs indicating that they are having a certain health problem and need immediate attention).

Why Does My Dog Look Out of the Window

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    Although there could be various reasons behind why your dog looks out of the window, let us look at a few possibilities that could make them behave this way and the things one might need to consider doing depending on what the causes could be:

    • Your dog wants to go outside.

    If you are someone who has trained their dogs to follow a certain routine for walks, maybe your dog is looking out, trying to indicate that it’s almost time to go out. This may also mean they are excited to go out and play if they are wagging their tale along.

    Depending on how they’ve been trained, dogs are very disciplined animals. They would only behave in certain ways only when the need comes up, which is why it is so essential to study their behaviors closely for any signs of change or discomfort.

    • To entertain themselves

    Dogs are naturally playful and active animals. And when they are being restricted to being indoors, they might usually look out the window to watch the world outside to entertain themselves. Maybe something outside has caught their attention; people passing by, cars or other dogs, or even squirrels climbing trees.

    This could actually keep them from getting bored or depressed. This also could be a way of them being in touch with the world outside. Sometimes this world outside could seem more interesting than theirs, and so they would simply relish the view and keep themselves occupied with its activities.

    • A way of communicating and marking their territory

    If your dog is looking outside the window and barking at other dogs walking past your house, it may simply mean they are trying to communicate with the other dogs to let them know this is his territory that they aren’t supposed to trespass.

    Your dog may feel threatened by the presence of a stranger or other dogs as well. This is a way of your dog establishing himself and making sure who is in control. It is usually their territorial instinct.

    Why Does My Dog Look Out of the Window

    Things to Notice and Consider

    Although this behavior of your dog looking outside may seem nothing out of the ordinary and may seem completely harmless, it is also important to check and see if they are doing it often, if they have specific timing to it or if they’ve suddenly formed this habit and what could be the cause of it.

    One possibility could be that your dog isn’t feeling comfortable inside, for whatever reason, and wants to go out instead. In this case, it is important to check and see what is causing this discomfort and why.

    They could be anything from the room being a little too hot or bright or loud for them. This could be more likely if there have been some changes made in the environment surrounding your dog, and it may cause them to feel anxious or stressed out sometimes. Especially during summer, most dogs feel uncomfortable if the room temperature is a little too hot.

    It would help if you could install coolers to help maintain the room temperature according to your dog’s preference. Remember that too much heat during summer can cause discomfort to your furry companion, getting heatstroke inside closed cars being one prominent example of it.

    If your dog usually looks out the window when there are people passing by, say during the daytime, it is likely that your dog simply enjoys watching the activities happening outside, and it has nothing to do with health concerning reasons.

    It could also be that they enjoy sitting by the window, usually if it’s cool near the window. In this case, you don’t have to be worried and instead let them simply be. It actually helps their cognitive process by stimulating their brains.

    Why Do Dogs Look Out of the Window and Bark?

    Why Do Dogs Look Out of the Window and Bark

    Dogs do require a lot of exercises, and it is very much necessary that their body gets the exercise it requires, else it may end up frustrating them and might cause them to feel fussy. All the excess energy that gets stored due to lack of exercise might lead them to feel frustrated while looking out into the world, hence barking at everyone and everything that they see outside.

    Unlike humans, dogs have very strong senses, and they might probably smell or sense anything suspicious or dangerous approaching before one can even see it, hence making them bark.

    Why Do Dogs Stick Out Their Head From a Car Window?

    This is one very common dog behavior and has a very simple explanation to it- it is because they simply enjoy it! Just like humans, dogs tend to do some things simply for the love of it, and sticking out their head from a car’s window during a car ride is simply one of them.

    Although this isn’t something that all dogs prefer, since different dogs have different likings of their own, but yet this is very common among dogs. Dogs, as we know, have a strong sense of smell, and by sticking out their heads, they are simply taking in the infinite numbers of exciting and new smells that are zipping by.

    Although we can’t deny the fact that we do enjoy watching our furry friends enjoy themselves, it is also important to note the risks of actually letting them continue with this activity of theirs. If they aren’t being restrained, the chances of them jumping out of the car is very high.

    Even if they don’t, a dog sticking out its head from the window of a moving car in itself is very dangerous and could prove to be fatal if one isn’t being very careful.

    Why Do Dogs Stick Out Their Head From a Car Window

    Final Words on Why Does My Dog Look Out of the Window

    Why Does My Dog Look Out of the Window? Although this habit of looking out of the window isn’t something to be worried about much, one should also understand that your dog needs the time to interact with the world and needs its fair share of exercise. Thus, it is important to take them out on walks, give them the time to roam, improve their surroundings to make them more comfortable, and provide them with enough activities even indoors to help them remain entertained and to burn up their energy.

    Looking out of the window shouldn’t be their only source of interaction with the world outside. When your dog is left on its own for too long without any means to keep them busy, they may get frustrated due to all the built-up energy, which may manifest into them having destructive behaviors.

    It is also important to note that one should check that their dogs are clean after taking them out for walks. Check their paws for any kind of debris and clean them with a soft cloth or dry towel in order to prevent any sort of infection or foul smell.

    Being a dog parent isn’t simply about providing your dog with food and shelter alone, but it comes with its own responsibilities, which one must take very seriously.

    From their daily routine checkups to providing them with enough exercise and playtime, spending a good amount of your time with them, and ensuring their needs are being fulfilled. If you are considering getting a dog as a pet, you might want to do thorough research on the needs and behaviors of dogs depending on the breed that you wish to get before deciding whether you are ready for it.

    Keep in mind to consult the vet every now and then to make sure your dog is fit and healthy. Once you have established all of these necessary requirements, you can rest assured that you have a happy and healthy dog.

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