Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On His Balls

Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On His Balls?

Dog owners may usually notice something or the other that they aren’t used to and freak out. Usually, it can be because they notice a new physical development. Usually, it is something very delicate or small; most times it is related to the groin areas of a dog. As a pup starts maturing, so do their groin regions, like any other species. And the changes aren’t sudden, but pet owners may take notice late.

When a pup starts entering adolescence, his nether regions start to undergo pigmentation. They may initially look like black spots in the scrotum, but this is just pigmentation. Unless the skin of the scrotum or the area surrounding it isn’t crusty, raised, or causing any itches, it is nothing to worry about.  

If still unconvinced, one should take a look at the skin surrounding that area. Whether the skin around the spotted area looks healthy or if the spots are causing any discomfort or itchiness. If the skin looks healthy and if the dog is completely happy and comfortable, then there is nothing to be worried about. At most, these black spots can appear because of a skin reaction; the skin may get more pigment in that area.

However, if it is making the dog uncomfortable, it is necessary to immediately make a vet appointment.

Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On His Balls

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    Taking care of a dog is hard work; fur babies need a lot of care, grooming, and basic training. Grooming is tricky because there are a lot of things that come under this. From trimming dog fur to regularly washing the pups, taking care of their nether regions, and regularly taking them to the vet. And although training requires a lot of patience, it is grooming that requires more attention.

    There are a few cases of dog owners rushing to the vet for a minor thing, only to be told that things are normal. However, it isn’t ignorance but sometimes a lack of knowledge about certain dog health-related stuff that accounts for these incidents. Not everyone knows everything about dogs, and the internet isn’t always helpful.

    A good number of people try to learn how to take care of dogs from the internet. However, regarding pet health-related issues, it is always best to check with a vet about them, just to be safe.

    When to Worry About Black Spots on the Dogs’ Balls

    When to Worry About Black Spots on the Dogs’ Balls

    Dogs are unable to relay any of their inconveniences or difficulties clearly. It is essential for the owner to check up on their overall health, including their genital health, as it is one of the crucial parts of any animal’s well-being. As puppies, the scrotum isn’t dark in color, but it isn’t easily distinguishable as well, since they don’t descend until puberty.

    Dog’s balls are supposed to be darker in color, and in some cases, even completely black as well. It is nothing to worry about unless there are a few other things that aren’t quite right either. For example, if the dog is irritated and uncomfortable or the skin around the scrotum looks rash.

    A few instances when it may be problematic would be:

    1. Excessive licking: Animals tend to lick their own privates as a cleaning mechanism. However, when a dog is licking his privates excessively, it is best to consult a vet. It may indicate an infection, or some other diseases.
    2. Inflammation: If the area around the scrotum is looking pink, it indicates inflammation of the skin. Inflammation can have many reasons, but testicular torsion or any kind of fungal and bacterial infection may also be the cause. It is best to consult a vet in such cases, as there can be many reasons, and inflammation can be just a symptom of an underlying disease.
    3. Bruises: Dogs are bound to go out and play with other dogs. There are always times when dogs will get into a fight and get wounded in the process. Sometimes, in such a situation, when a dog suffers from a bite wound in the scrotal sac, the area might get purple. Even though not a bite wound, if he survives a blow to the scrotal sac, the pain would still be brutal to suffer from.
    4. Color changes: Sometimes, when a dog’s scrotal sac gets infected, he may suffer from irritation, which may later lead to other problems if kept unchecked.

    Even if not from any bruising or infection, one should not ignore any sudden color changes in the groin region of their pet dog.

    1. Swelling: In case of swelling or difficulty in urination, it is best to consult a vet. Difficulty in urination may be a result of bladder inflammation.

    Also, in case of rashes, they should be treated on time, otherwise, they can get pretty nasty.

    In certain cases, dogs’ scrotum starts peeling and shedding. However alarming it might seem, it isn’t something to be worried about. It is just the process of shedding the old skin. It may happen mostly during winters when the skin gets dry. Otherwise, skin shedding is entirely normal.

    Also, scrotal swelling: commonly, one side of the scrotal sac is bigger than the other, sometimes excessive swelling may occur. This condition is called Orchitis; in unlucky cases, Orchitis can occur from undetected sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

    dog balls black spots

    How to Take Better Care of Your Dog?

    A few things should always be taken care of while caring for a pet dog. Some of these are very basic; however, here’s a list of a few things that ensure better dog health:

    1. Always using a cotton washcloth to clean the privates. Dogs don’t need any fancy smelling wash to clean themselves. They actually lick their own privates clean. However, it is still necessary to use a washcloth to wipe their privates because sometimes there is fluid discharge.
    1. Keeping their sleeping and play area clean and changing the sheets. Especially when there are multiple dogs, it becomes vital to disinfect their things every once in a while. Sometimes, when one of the pets falls sick, it is possible that the rest may follow suit as well.
    1. Grooming the hair all around the body. Even near the butthole. Sometimes, hair around the butthole will make it difficult for dogs to poop well. At the same time, dried poop can make pooping a problematic and painful experience for him. It is necessary to trim the hair round the butthole region to prevent such situations.
    1. Nail trimming is another must-do when taking care of a dog. Dogs play outside and get into fights with other dogs. It is imperative that there are germs and dirt present inside those nails. Trimming nails is more for human benefit than dogs, as it reduces the risk of being brutally scratched. And prevent any kids that play with the pets to get infected because of dog germs.
    1. Providing clean drinking water is at the foremost of every list of how to take care of a dog. Drinking ample amounts of clean drinking water ensures a cleaner gut, and lesser chances of bowel problems or indigestion. It also reduces the risk of bladder infection. Also, changing the food and drinking bowl frequently and providing clean ones is essential.
    1. Dogs cannot control their sexual urges. They do not understand that “going for it” might mean a litter of puppies that will need more care. It is the dog’s caregiver’s job to decide if they want a litter of puppies. If not, it is always better to get their pet neutered by taking them to the vet.

    These are just a few things that need to be taken care of when dealing with a dog. Dog owners need to be extra careful these days because there are so many different ways dogs’ health can get compromised. And although it isn’t very difficult, many people tend to leave out the basic few rules of cleanliness even.

    Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On His Balls

    Final Words on Why Does My Dog Have Black Spots On His Balls

    While dealing with a dog, ignorance can lead to disastrous consequences, especially for the pets. In a few cases, one may find a dog that has undergone significant trauma. In that kind of situation, it is crucial to be extra gentle towards the dog until their mental state gets better. It can take a lot of time, but patience is the right way to go about it.

    At the same time, pet dogs must be given time to open up and trust their caregivers in their own time and not be rushed into building a relationship with their owners.

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