What if My Dog Licks EnteDerm Ointment

What if My Dog Licks EnteDerm Ointment – Should I Worry?

Dogs can be too adventurous at times. You’re probably here wondering what to do since your dog has been on mischief again. Even experienced dog owners can be puzzled about how to take care of a dog in such situations.

If your dog has licked EnteDerm ointment, it can show mild symptoms like drooling and gagging, or even severe symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. The effects may vary depending on the amount of ointment ingested and the size of your dog. Smaller (in age) dogs have a higher risk for developing severe symptoms because they have a weaker body.

This article will study everything you need to know about your dog’s need for and possible risks of the EnteDerm ointment. It will also provide you with the necessary information regarding the ointment and the dos and don’ts.

What Is EnteDerm Ointment?

Symptoms That Show Your Dog Has Swallowed EnteDerm Ointment
What to Do if Your Dog Licks EnteDerm Ointment

Dogs’ skin and ears are prone to irritation caused by many foreign substances. As such, the use of topical ointments can give immediate and lasting relief to your dog’s conditions.

EnteDerm is an antibacterial ointment that gives long-lasting results. The ointment is a mixture of four different drugs, viz. nystatin, neomycin sulfate, thiostrepton, and triamcinolone acetonide.

EnteDerm helps treat skin conditions such as rashes, itching, fungal infections, and infestations. It can be used on cats and dogs and gives quick relief from irritable skin conditions.

What to Take Into Account While Using EnteDerm Ointment?

The first thing is to not apply the ointment on burned or wounded skin. Also, keep in mind that the strong chemicals may give a burning sensation, so do not apply it near the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Clean the affected area properly and watch over your dog for at least 20 – 30 minutes till the EnteDerm ointment is completely dry. The gel-based ointment may attract your dog’s nose; do not let it lick the ointment at any cost.

In addition to these, some dogs may be allergic to one or more ingredients in the ointment. If such a case arises, contact your nearest veterinarian and seek medical help. They will most likely prescribe a new medication for your dog.

Symptoms That Show Your Dog Has Swallowed EnteDerm Ointment

It often happens, especially when you are not around; your dog likes to explore the house and have a taste of everything lying around.

EnteDerm could be life-threatening to have at your dog’s reach. The ointment is made to be applied externally, so ingesting it is hazardous. When such strong chemicals enter your dog’s body, it reacts to the toxicity and gives quick symptoms often hard not to notice.

The mild symptoms could include excessive salivation, lethargy, loss of appetite, and gagging. These are indicative signs that your dog needs immediate help, so do not ignore and get your dog treated. Severe symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea may develop if your dog has swallowed a large amount of the ointment. The symptoms will only worsen if care is delayed.

In the worst cases, your dog may even have organ failure, so it is best to act promptly in the event of such mishaps.

What to Do if Your Dog Licks EnteDerm Ointment

Sometimes dogs can lick toxic substances accidentally. Ointments such as EnteDerm can have severe impacts if administered incorrectly, and ingesting them would mean a whole new tragedy.

Generally, large dogs have a lesser chance of developing any side effects from ingesting EnteDerm ointment, especially if it is in a small amount. They may get away with just an upset stomach.

If your dog shows symptoms of having swallowed the EnteDerm ointment, don’t panic. Instead, stay calm and follow these steps, and you’ll be free of worries.

Observe Your Dog’s Behavior

Dogs are easy to read. Their body language and behaviors show much of how they are feeling internally. Most dogs don’t usually become lethargic all of a sudden; they might be facing some pain, but how will they convey it to us? Taking some time to observe the changes in behavior will help you determine the cause of your dog’s health issues.

If you are anxious that your dog has licked the ointment, it will probably show some symptoms to make you sure. Mild symptoms mean you can take care of your dog at home, and severe means you have to head to a vet immediately.

When there are clear symptoms that your dog has ingested the ointment, it is best to avoid a regular diet. Keep the diet bland for at least 24 hours till your dog has fully recovered from the situation.

You can move to the next step when you have confirmed your dog’s reason for behavioral changes.

First-Aid Is Your First Option

When you know how to take care of a dog, you will for sure have a first-aid kit at hand. It is a necessity that comes with experiencing good and bad days with dogs. What is worse than having to wait to get your fur buddy a quick cure?

Look into your first-aid supplies and get some hydrogen peroxide. If you don’t have it, get some from the nearest clinic. Check the label and see if it is a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution─ an effective and safe concentration. Hydrogen peroxide solution helps induce vomiting, so it is the best option to get immediate results.

You can use hydrogen peroxide if it hasn’t been long since your dog licked the EnteDerm ointment. Once your dog has spewed up the ointment, it won’t be long until your dog feels completely okay again.

The standard dosage is to give 0.5-1 ml of hydrogen peroxide solution for every pound of your dog’s weight. However, it should not exceed 3 tablespoons if your dog weighs more than 45 lbs.

Keep in mind that Hydrogen peroxide should not be used if your dog has already started to vomit. The solution only helps extract the ointment before it reaches deep into the stomach. If there are already visible symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting, it is only time to seek professional help.

Visit a Vet in Case of Severe Symptoms

A veterinarian should solve all issues that couldn’t be done with your effort. They will run a thorough check of your dog’s internal health and determine if any issues need to be solved.

Your veterinarian will also provide all the necessary first-aid and medications and look into the condition of your dog’s internal organs. They will lay out precise reasons for the cause and determine which steps to take.

Since professional help is always preferable, head over to a veterinarian whenever you are unsure of your dog’s condition; it can save your dog a lot of trouble.

What if My Dog Licks EnteDerm Ointment

Prevention of Future Mishaps

Now that you’ve read all the possible dangers of your dog licking EnteDerm ointment preventing such mishaps becomes essential. After all, you wouldn’t want to let your fur friend suffer all that pain alone. There should be no problems once you know how to take care of a dog.

The best and only advice is to keep such topical ointments away from your dog. But how do we achieve this?

Keep the Ointment on Closed or Higher Shelves

Whether it be EnteDerm or any other chemical compound, keeping them out of reach is the simplest way to ensure your dog’s safety.

Always keep the lid tightly closed after each use. The top of shelves would be a good place to store the ointment since dogs do not usually climb up. Regardless of where you keep it, remember to keep the ointment in a closed area, so your dog has no way of coming in contact with it.

Make Your Dog Wear a Cone

As many call it, the ‘cone of shame’ makes dogs exercise less of their freedom but reward them with safety. Cones will not only prevent your dog from scratching the infected skin but also prevent other mishaps.

If your dog is undergoing skin treatment, make it wear a cone. Though cones can be restricting, it is a safe bet for medication procedures. Licking ointments applied to skin irritations is one primary reason for accidental poisoning. The cone will act as a barrier to put a stop to your dog’s licking.

Alternatively, you can use inflatable collars or neck collars so that your dog doesn’t have a sore neck. Such alternatives are safer and prevent accidents such as hitting the corners of tables.

Conclusion on What if My Dog Licks EnteDerm Ointment

The wrong sides of licking EnteDerm ointment can be scary. Don’t overthink the situation. It is only natural for all living beings to experience bad days once in a while.

If you cannot save your dog, you still have your vet to help you. Though the cost might be high, you can never be too safe. Also, it is always good to keep some first-aid such as hydrogen peroxide, at hand.

The only way out of such situations in the future would be to keep the ointments away from your dog’s reach. Follow your vet’s instructions, and your dog will be tail-wagging active in no time.

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