Weimardoodle Guide

Weimardoodle – UPDATED 2024 – A Complete Guide

Ever since people started breeding Weimardoodles, they can’t seem to get enough of them. Weimardoodles have become one of the most sought-after mixed breeds in the United States. This medium-sized companion is intelligent, playful, and extremely loyal to the core.

A Weimardoodle has so much energy that it can play with you for hours and hours without getting tired. Now that sounds like a great dog to have around!

When you look at a Weimardoodle, the first thing you’ll notice is the dashing persona. There is a ferocious yet gentlemanly appeal in their appearance. To tell you the truth, we think Weimardoodles are the Hipster Viking equivalent of the dog world.

We get it; it’s a funny comparison, but wait, there’s more! For starters, they remind us of the yes chad meme guy, who has a manly hipster appearance. If you have a funny imagination, You’ll notice he also looks like a cartoon Viking guy. So for the sake of comedy, let’s just say Weimardoodles look like your ideal Viking-styled doggo. Strong, sleek, and timber! And quite handsome, in an adorably furry way. 

Just like German shepherds, Weimardoodles are quite energetic and intelligent creatures. They are both very sharp and quick to learn new tricks and complicated commands. We think Weimardoodles make great family pets as well as guard dogs. These furry chads are quick to react and very protective of their human friends.  

Weimardoodles are excellent at keeping you shielded and safe. They are always on the alert when it comes to suspicious strangers and new people. When properly trained, they can make excellent service dogs as well. After all, these dogs are related to the Weimaraner, an excellent breed of hunting dogs. 

Weimardoodles are a great choice for a household pet and can bring a lot of energy into the family. They are mostly found in the United States, where they have become a popular choice. Their slim and athletic form is a well-loved quality amongst dog owners in the country. Weimardoodles are big but not bulky and huge, making them just the right size.

In this article, we will be looking at the defining characteristics of the Weimardoodle breed. 

Weimardoodle – A Complete Guide

Weimaraner Poodle Mix

Finding the right breed for you can be challenging if you don’t know what you want. The choices are abundant but confusing at the same time. When getting any dog, you must consider three important factors. 

  • Do you live alone or with family?
  • Do you live in an apartment in the city or a house in the suburbs?
  • Are you a busy person? Do you have a hectic work schedule?

In the case of Weimardoodles, it helps if you live with your family in the suburbs. The location is not a necessity, and it is common for people to raise Weimardoodles in the city. However, in our opinion, this is a country dog at heart. 

Weimardoodles make excellent pets if you often enjoy playing with your dog. This breed will definitely appreciate you taking them for a walk every evening. That is to say; they love hanging out with you and have the energy and will to do so. For a Weimardoodle, any time can be playtime!

Weimardoodles are fit and athletic and can make for good workout buddies. If you like going for evening runs, then chances are your Weimardoodle will be running right beside you. These dogs have enough energy to fuel them up for an intense and sweaty workout session. So whether you’re working out at home or outside, be sure to bring your four-legged companions along. 

Some dog owners have admitted that they often can’t keep their Weimardoodles calm and quit. These dogs have so much energy that they never stay put for longer than a few minutes. What’s more, they rarely get tired no matter how much they play or run. So you better get ready to play fetch; trust us, you’ll be throwing that ball a lot.  

If you live alone and have a 9 to 5 job, a Weimardoodle might not be for you. Weimardoodles can get very clingy; these dogs need constant company and cannot be left alone. So if you’re getting a Weimardoodle, chances are you’ll have to leave your dog with a friend. This is why Weimardoodles are good family dogs; they love staying in a group. 

Weimardoodles are social animals and love interacting with their human friends. They’re always willing to play with you or just chill around near you. So long as you’re together, this dog will be the goodest boy in the block. This makes Weimardoodles perfect for families with children above the age of 13. Teenagers, in particular, love Weimardoodles and are almost inseparable from their doggo buddies. 

Another interesting thing about Weimardoodles is that they have incredibly sharp minds. You’ll never have any problems communicating with your pet Weimardoodle. After a decent amount of training, they can understand all of your commands without any confusion. You can train your doggo to carry out simple tasks as well, which often comes in handy. If you hate getting the newspaper every morning, you can definitely train your Weimardoodle to get it for you. 

On the other hand, it’s equally easy for you to understand what your pet Weimardoodle is trying to say. Humans can naturally understand how Weimardoodles feel by looking at their facial expressions. So not only can your dog understand you, but you can also understand them back. After all, good communication flows both ways. 

Despite having lots of furs, these dogs won’t shed much. So don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a lot of time sweeping up all that fur. Weimardoodles are incredibly low maintenance when it comes down to it all. However, you will have to dedicate a lot of time to playing and chilling with your pet. 

Weimardoodles have a lifespan of around 10 to 13 years, which is quite a decent amount of time. So when you get this breed, you’re going to have a friend for a long time. That’s plenty of time to create a deep and meaningful bond with your pet. 

It’s important to know that this breed doesn’t do well in warm and sunny places. Weimardoodles thrive in cold climates and lots of open spaces; they love running around. It would be easier to raise a Weimardoodle in the country or suburb rather than in a crowded city. That being said, it is definitely possible to raise one in the city as well. A compact apartment might not be ideal, but this breed can quickly adjust to new spaces.

We’ve made a list of pros and cons to simplify things for you. Read ahead to know more:

Positives of Getting a Weimardoodle

  • They are friendly, energetic and intelligent.
  • They are excellent guard dogs and can be trained to do small tasks.
  • Weimardoodles are playful and loving; they make great buddies!

Negatives of Getting a Weimardoodle

  • They can take up a lot of your time and energy
  • Weimardoodles need constant company and cannot be left alone.
Weimardoodle Price
Weimaraner Poodle Puppies

Weimaraner Poodle Mix

Fun fact, Weimardoodles are also commonly known as Weimaraner poodles. As the name suggests, it is a mix of Weimaraner and Poodles, both valuable pure breeds. 

Although the Weimardoodle is a fairly new breed, it has already achieved a considerable population. This cross-breeding started just a few decades ago but has already impacted the dog family. On top of that, both poodles and Weimaraners have a touch of nobility. The name Weimaraner comes from the Weimar Republic, which ruled over early 19th century Germany. Both Weimaraners and Poodles were primarily bred by German nobility during this period.

Weimaraners were raised as hunting dogs and would accompany aristocrats on their hunting trips. Whenever someone shot down a bird, the Weimaraner would fetch it within minutes. Considering their speed and agility, they were great hunting buddies to have around. 

Poodles, on the other hand, are excellent and fast swimmers. This sleek and attractive breed would speedily recover fresh kills from ponds or lakes. That is to say that these dogs are expert and capable swimmers who are smart enough for challenging tasks. On top of that, Poodles were also used as show dogs by the elite class of the German Republic. Now, what do we get when we mix these two prominent and apex breeds? A super breed! 

Another impressive title in the Weimardoodles job profile is that of a sheepherder. With all that royal blood, it’s no wonder they’re great at keeping the peasants in line. But jokes aside, you will commonly find them in farms where they do what they do best. Large open spaces are the perfect environment for this breed to thrive. That being said, Weimardoodles are pretty valuable in the dog family. 

Weimardoodles have the sleekness of a poodle but the muscle and stature of a Weimaraner. It is a perfectly balanced and intelligent breed that carries the best of both bloodlines. We daresay this excellent mix of DNA is one of humanity’s most remarkable feats. At least in the world of dog breeding anyway. Weimardoodles are also considered to be designer dogs, which means that it comes from two pure breeds.

Weimardoodle Price

Weimardoodles are averagely priced compared to other German breeds, like the German Sheperd. Buying a Weimardoodle can cost you around 250 $ to 1000 $. Another estimate says that you can buy the breed for something around 700 $ to 900 $. Either way, they are quite cheap when compared to German Shepherds, which cost around 1000 $ to 3000 $.

The breed is quite the prize considering the amount of money spent. For a reasonable price, you get a highly skilled and intelligent companion. Not to mention, you get added security for your home. We think the price is range is fair and accurate for a breed of such quality. 

Weimaraner Poodle Puppies

Weimardoodle puppies are less furrier than their adult counterparts and are every bit as cute as they say. Judging by the looks of it, puberty hits these pups really hard!

The Weimardoodle puppy is fairly chunkier than the slim and tall-boned adult Weimardoodle. As these pups grow up, their muscles and limbs tend to elongate, giving them a sleeker physique. To be honest, a 6-month-old pup looks nothing like a fully grown adult. They do have a sleek stature but are not as prominently slim as the adults. 

Weimardoodle pups look similar to a Labrador or Retriever; however, these pups have slightly longer mouths. The length of the mouth adds to the thin and fit look of Weimardoodles. However, as they grow up, their bodies become longer and furrier. It’s safe to say that the Weimardoodle pup looks nothing like the adult version. But despite their differences in appearance, both pups and adults are appealing to look at. 

The Weimardoodle adult might not get along very well with strangers who don’t know how to respect a dog’s boundaries. If you’re new to dogs or have toddlers in the house, you may find it difficult to handle this breed. The adult Weimardoodle can be difficult to control, so it helps if you are well versed in handling dogs. That being said, Weimardoodle adults are usually friendly and playful. 

The Weimardoodle pup, on the other hand, gets along happily with strangers. As long as you are friendly to the pups, they have no reason to be hostile to you. Just shower them with love and lots of attention, and they’ll grow up to be kind and loving. 

Weimardoodle mini

Weimardoodle Mini

While the Weimardoodle is already a compact-sized doggie, some of you might be interested in a mini version. If that’s the case here, you’ll be happy to know you can achieve this in a variety of ways. In fact, the Weimardoodle itself is a breed that resulted from people wanting mini Weimaraners. So it’s safe to say that this kind of down-breeding is common in the world. 

To get a smaller sized Weimardoodle, you can always breed the runts of the litters. This increases the chances of smaller offspring that look identical to their parents. Meaning that the DNA will not be tampered with, hence maintaining the purity of the breed. 

The average height of the Weimardoodle is around 20 to 27 inches. Carefully breeding amongst the smallest of Weimardoodles may result in smaller children. These new puppies might even be as small as 17 to 20 inches tall. The difference isn’t a lot, but it is considerable enough to matter. 

However, this may not be a healthy option for most dogs. It adds the risk of the offspring being sickly or unhealthy. Why is that so? Well, that’s the blunt truth about breeding amongst the runts. The smallest of the bunch is always slower than the rest, which means they don’t get enough food. This results in a dog that likely grows up with health problems. 

Practicing this breeding method safely and ethically is the most important thing here. It is not uncommon for these pups to catch serious conditions like dysplasia or bloating. Moreover, it is difficult to find professional breeders who are careful at their job. Unfortunately, such responsible breeders are a rare asset in the dog market. 

If you purchase a mini Weimardoodle from such careless breeders, chances are you’ll adopt a puppy prone to sickness. These pups often develop serious and fatal conditions in the long run. So if you’re looking for a Weimardoodle mini, we urge you to be responsible.

On the other hand, you can always choose to breed your Weimardoodle with a smaller breed. This method has been tried and tested on the parental breeds of the Weimardoodle. You won’t find many risks of health complications in this scenario. However, such cross-breeding always mixes the DNA of both breeds. This results in a totally different breed of dog that carries similar traits to the parental breeds. 

As we mentioned before, the Weimardoodle is one such example of this kind of cross-breeding. Breeding a Weimardoodle with a smaller dog breed will surely result in a mini-sized breed. So all you have to do is an experiment!

This is a much safer alternative than runt-breeding and results in healthy offspring. However, although carrying the best of both genes, these offspring will be a new breed altogether. The end result will not be something that you can call Weimardoodle. It will be a completely different kind of dog with varying traits. 

That being said, cross-breeding has given us some of the most adorable and worthy breeds out there. So it’s always exciting to think of the prospect of a new prototype of Weimar. The new breed might not even belong to the Weimar family but will definitely carry some of its DNA. 

We personally think breeding Weimardoodles and Corgies would be an interesting prospect. Corgies are small and chubby, while Weimardoodles are sleek and tall. A cross between these breeds would probably result in something small but slender. Who knows, we might even get something fox-like, now that’s a possibility worth aiming for.

Moreover, the baby-like features of Corgies would add some cuteness into the mix. Weimardoodles are appealing to look at, but they do come across as mature-looking dogs. The furriness makes them look rough and tough. These dogs are brave and have a natural ability to lead the pack. Their skill and their chiseled appearance reflect this trait. However, you could always add some cuteness into the mix with Corgies.

Corgies are small animals standing around 10 to 12 inches tall. Even though corgies are chubby, they are lightweight. Mixing this breed with Weimardoodles will definitely result in something much smaller. Perhaps you could get a breed around 10 inches tall that looks like a Weimar. 

If you’re not a fan of corgies, you could even try a Beagle. While small in size, Beagles aren’t exactly considered tiny dogs. They have a small but respectable stature. Mixing Beagles with Weimardoodles might result in something comparatively smaller. But it won’t be small enough to be considered a tiny dog. Both breeds are slim and skilled, so it’s a perfect match appearance-wise.

Beagles stand 13 to 15 inches tall; therefore, the resulting breed will be smaller than a Weimardoodle. This is a great option if you want to create a compact-sized breed. 

The Weamardoodle will add some ruggedness into the clean and childish Beagle. Although the resulting breed may be mature in appearance, the softer Beagle DNA will ensure a cleaner look. Overall, it can result in a dashing look with less fur and more smoothness. Now, who wouldn’t want a breed like that?

Another interesting mix in our minds is the adorable and fluffy Pomeranian. This breed is small in stature and has a soft and ball-like appearance. They are one of the most loved breeds across the USA and can be found in many households. Pomeranians are lightweight and convenient to manage; you don’t have to spend too much energy. At the same time, Pomeranians can be quite energetic, considering their size.

The average Pomeranian standing around 7 inches to 12 inches might shrink the offspring’s DNA. This will result in the smaller genes adding to the larger Weimardoodle genes. Let’s not forget the Weimardoodle stands at the height of 20 to 27 inches on average. So we can expect the resulting breed to be somewhere around 15 inches, give or take. 

Mixing Weimardoodles with Pomeranians would probably result in a fluffier and slimmer breed. Perhaps we’ll get something that looks comparable to a Shih Tzu; the possibilities are endless. Cross-breeding can be a fun activity for dog breeders, and with the exciting results, we’d say it’s worth it. Every mix is a new and exciting possibility that we can’t wait to explore. 

So always be open to different and opposite-looking breeds when it comes to cross-breeding. After all, the most unlikely unions are the ones that create the best breeds!

Weimardoodle Guide

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