My Dog Won't Let Me Put Eardrops In

My Dog Won’t Let Me Put Eardrops In – 10 Tips and Tricks

If your dog has an ear infection, the vet will most probably prescribe eardrops for treatment. Eardrops are the best treatment plan to treat ear infections in dogs.

The only problem is that it’s very common dog behavior to absolutely hate eardrops. For many pet owners administering eardrops to their dogs is an impossible task. While some dogs are hesitant but come along after you give them some treats, others are stubborn and will remain uncooperative.

The thing is that if you force an uncooperative dog to take eardrops, they can become aggressive and might hurt you or themselves. In order to handle them, you need to act in a smart way. Instead of simply restraining them and putting eardrops, you need to use some tips and tricks. 

If you’re having trouble giving eardrops to your dog, we can help you. We are going to share ten effective tips and tricks with you. These tips will help you avoid the dreaded thrashing that comes with putting eardrops in your dog’s ears. 

What Is Ear Infection In Dogs?

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    An ear infection is usually a bacterial infection that affects humans as well as dogs. As dogs have large ears, they are more susceptible to infections. It is caused by different types of bacteria. Your veterinarian can identify the type of bacteria or yeast in your dog’s ear to determine the appropriate medication. 

    You may have to wash your dog’s ears regularly or use ear drops. The veterinarian will prescribe medications based on the results of these tests. The treatment will depend on the cause of the infection and whether or not your dog is suffering from any other conditions.

    Ear infections are quite painful for dogs. If your dog has an infection, they will most likely not let your touch their ears due to pain and sensitivity. So you need to be very careful while giving them eardrops. Veterinary treatment is necessary because an ear infection in dogs can be a serious problem if left untreated.

    Best Dog Ear Infection Treatment

    What Is Ear Infection In Dogs
Best Dog Ear Infection Treatment

    There are a variety of ear infection treatments for dogs, but the most commonly used medicine is eardrops. Generally, topical therapy will be sufficient to treat most cases of otitis externa, while more serious cases may require systemic medication. 

    There are several brands of eardrops available in the market, and not all of them are effective. You can purchase natural dog ear drops that are both antibacterial and anti-microbial. These can prevent infections and inflammation. 

    If I should recommend an ear solution product, it must be the Zymox Otic Ear Solution which has a long history of helping ailing dogs.

    A dog ear cleaner and drops are formulated for various dosages. If you don’t know how to use the drops on your dog, follow the directions on the container. 

    It’s important to use the correct amount of medication – generally, between 0.5 and 1 ml per ear. Remember to consult your veterinarian after the initial period of treatment to make sure that your dog’s infection is gone. 

    Why Is It That My Dog Won’t Let Me Put Eardrops In?

    Ear infection in your dog is a painful condition that can leave their ears sensitive. This is the main reason a dog will not let you put eardrops in. As soon as they see the medicine bottle, they will bare their teeth and growl at you. 

    If your dog refuses to let you put eardrops in his ears, it could be because he is overly sensitive to the touch. The liquid in the ears is unpleasant, so the dog will not let you touch the ears.

    As humans, we know that eardrops are necessary to treat the infection, but your dog is not aware of it. All they know is that they are in pain, and because of this reason, they will not let you put eardrops in.

    Some dogs will let you touch the ears, but when they see the bottle, they will become aggressive. If you force them, they can even bite you in defense. If your dog has an infection, follow our tips to easily put ear drops in their ear.  

    Tips and Tricks to Give Eardrops to Your Dog

    10 Best Tips and Tricks to Give Eardrops to Your Dog

    If you try putting eardrops directly in your dog’s ears, you are likely going to fail. Administering ear drops in uncooperative dogs is quite a hassle. In order to be successful, you need to try a different approach. We have come up with the ten best tips and tricks to give eardrops to dogs. If your dog is giving you a hard time, follow these tips. 

    • Desensitize the Dog

    If your dog dislikes when you touch his ear, it is vital to desensitize him to the ear drops. The earlier you start the desensitization process, the better. Start by preparing your dog’s favorite treats and cut them into bite-size pieces. Then, sit in front of him and gently touch one of his ears. As he sniffs it, give him a treat. Repeat this process on the other ear. This helps your dog become familiar with the touch, and he will learn to associate this with positive reinforcement.

    If your dog has a fear of the drops, desensitizing him will prevent him from freaking out. The ear drops are unpleasant, and he may react violently if you try to touch the ears. Therefore, it is best to desensitize your dog first before administering the drops. Start by giving your dog a treat as a reward for following you into his ears. Once he has calmed down, start administering the drops one at a time.

    • Trick and Treat

    If you want to use a trick or treat method to give ear drops, you can lure your dog to a certain place or activity with treats. This way, your dog will be less likely to resist the drops. The trick also works well if you have an assistant to help you with the task. For example, if your dog likes to eat cheese, you can lure it with cheese or a treat. Prepare the drops beforehand and hide them from your dog.

    When your dog is busy enjoying the treat, touch his ears. If you don’t react, stealthily administer drops inside the ear. When he opens his mouth to react, bribe them with a treat again. This will divert their attention and help you to easily out drops in their ear. 

    • Wear Him Out

    Another easy method to put eardrops in your dog’s ears is by wearing him out. Before you put the drops, take him for a long walk or play with him. Let him run around the garden and tire him out. This way, your dog will not lash at you when you try to give him the drops. When dogs are tired, they become docile. When your dog is resting or sleeping, sneak on him and put drops in his ears. 

    • Warm the Medication

    When your dog doesn’t let you put the ear drops in, you can warm them by placing the medication container in warm water and shaking it. Be sure to consult your veterinarian first, however, as warming medication can cause the therapeutic properties of the medication to be lost. This is why it is important to warm medications at room temperature, not microwave them.

    Once the medication is warm, use your dominant hand to hold the ear flap open and gently squeeze the medicine into the ear canal. Warm medicine is not as comfortable as cold drops. 

    • Put a Muzzle On

    If your dog is not allowing you to put the drops in its ears, consider putting on a muzzle. A muzzle is a temporary solution, but it can prevent your dog from retaliating with a bite. Use a second person to hold the dog while you apply for the medicine. This way, you can easily give eardrops to your dog without any harm. The muzzle will prevent the dog from snapping or biting you.  

    • Hide the Bottle

    When your dog doesn’t let you put the ear drops in its ears, you might want to try hiding the bottle. Sometimes, dogs get fixated on the bottle and won’t let you get any closer to the ear canal. The trick to getting the drops into your dog’s ear is to massage the dog’s head and ears before you start to squeeze the solution into the ear. Repeat with the other ear. Then, you can give the treat and praise him. 

    • Use a Cotton Ball

    Another way to give your dog eardrops is to use a cotton ball. Using this method, you’re less likely to accidentally puncture the delicate eardrum and push debris into the inner ear canal. You need to soak the cotton ball in the eardrops and then put it near your dog’s ear.

    After that, squeeze the ball to put drops in each ear. This is a safer option because the cotton ball makes the eardrops more comfortable for your dog, as it doesn’t feel as jarring when compared to a dropper bottle. 

    • Keep Him Calm and Relaxed

    Before you begin administering eardrops to your dog, you need to prepare your dog by soothing him. If you know your dog’s preferred relaxation methods, you should use these techniques before administering the medication. Then, wait until he’s calm and relaxed and administer the drops one at a time.

    Repeat this process with the other ear. This way, your dog will become accustomed to the sensation of the eardrops, and he will be a better candidate for the medication. After the eardrop session, try to distract him with his favorite activity. If your dog is highly food-motivated, give him a tasty treat before he gets the medicine. 

    • Make It a Game

    Another way to get your dog to accept ear drops is to make a game out of the situation. Make the experience fun for both of you, and your dog will see it as a positive. Make a game of it by singing to your dog or playing fetch with him.

    This will turn a negative experience into a positive one. Once your dog is distracted, you can easily put the drops inside the ear. You can also give him some food to distract him from lashing out. 

    • Attach by Surprise and Be Quick

    You can also take your dog by surprise when he is taking a nap to put drops in his ears. If your dog is sleeping or resting, stealthily go near him with the drops hidden behind you. If his ear is exposed, put the drops inside his ears. However, you need to be quick and stealthy.

    Don’t make any noise, and move away as soon as you put the drops in. It will take your dog by surprise, and they will not have any time to retaliate. 

    Can You Sedate The Dog To Put Ear Drops In?

    Many times when it is actually impossible to administer drops inside your dog’s ear, vets opt for sedation. This type of procedure is very serious and should be done only when absolutely necessary. For example, if your dog has a serious ear infection and there is no other option available, then sedation is recommended. However, this method is only suitable for aggressive dogs. You cannot sedate a dog at home. It can only be done by professional vets. 

    However, sedatives are not ideal and should not be used often. If you really have a hard-time putting drops in your dog’s ears, it is best to follow these tips and tricks. If nothing seems to work, then you can consult a vet for advice. 

    My Dog Won't Let Me Put Eardrops In

    Alternatives to Dog Ear Drops

    When choosing a dog ear medication, you may be wondering what your options are. Fortunately, there are many alternatives available.

    A veterinarian may use topical medication to treat ear infections. However, some dogs are hesitant to put on ear drops. To prevent this issue, you may want to consider a different type of medicine. 

    Your vet will recommend you an ointment if the ear is infected on the inside. It is easy to apply, as you can simply put it on your fingertips and apply it while massaging your dog’s ear. Apart from that, you can also ask the vet for antibiotics or pills. You can simply mix the medicine with the food and give it to your dog. Make sure you consult a vet for the best possible treatment for ear infections in dogs. 

    Till then, good luck with the drops!

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