kick your Labradoodles worst habits

4 Tricks to Kick Your Labradoodles Worst Habits!

Labradoodles are a great breed of dog to have as a pet if you’re willing to take the time to groom them in the right way. They are some of the most energetic animals you can own and may require extra exercise. If you’re looking for a puppy to match the vitality of your kids, a labradoodle will not disappoint.

Pets are fantastic to have at home if you want some company. They can turn a dull day into a playful one. But if you don’t take the proper steps to train them, they can become a bit unruly. You are not alone if you’re trying to curb your little fur friend’s bad behavior.

Here are a few guidelines you can apply as you start training your pup. You’ll get all the essential tips on how to successfully train your dog. So, keep reading for the best tricks to kick your labradoodle’s worst habits.

Some Need To Know Labradoodle Facts

What is the Smallest Size Labradoodle
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Knowing that each dog breed has specific characteristics that make them unique is vital before considering the many ways you may train your pets to behave correctly. Here are a few facts to help you better equip yourself during your dog’s training process.

  • Let’s begin with the Labradoodle breed. They are a mix of Labradors and Poodles. Since both of their parents are well-known for their intelligence, this makes them very lovable and brilliant.
  • They come in many sizes and colors. Since these dogs are crossbreeds, their size and color will depend on their parents. For instance, if you’ve crossed the Labrador with a miniature or mid-sized poodle, the pup can be smaller.
  • The dogs are known to be stubborn and can be quite the naughty little ones if they’ve been pampered or spoiled too much.
  • These dogs will need a lot of physical activity. To avoid dealing with a highly irritable hybrid, ensure these energy-filled puppies have adequate room to run around and release their stored energy.
  • The Grooming process is easy as they don’t shed as much as other breeds. Although, you will have to brush them regularly to ensure their coats stay healthy, fresh, and clean.

How To Kick Your Labradoodles Worst Habits – 4 Types Of Training Methods

Nowadays, several training techniques have been developed in order to train dogs faster and better. Not all of these techniques work on every dog since each have its own personality. It can become challenging to come up with your own training plan. So, here are four methods that have been tested and proven to work on Labradoodles.

1) Relationship-Based

As the name suggests, this type of training will require a strong bond with your pup. Hence, you’ll have to develop a great relationship with your pet before beginning the training process. You’ll also need to have a higher level of patience.

This method requires that parents observe the puppy’s behavior and monitor their emotions. You’ll have to keep a close eye on them and use behavioral cues to ensure that your dog associates good behavior and emotion with the reward you give them. You’ll also have to limit their house access and start training them in a controlled environment.

2) Use A Clicker

Professional trainers and breeders mostly use clicker training to train their dogs. It’s a technique that uses the principles of positive reinforcement along with the help of audio signals to teach your dog good behavior.

Alternatively, you can also use a whistle or a specific word command in case you can’t get hold of a clicker to train them. This training is target focused and will point out precisely what you want your dogs to do in order to receive their reward.

3) Positive Reinforcement

A classic form of training, positive reinforcement has proved time and again that it’s one of the best ways to teach any animal or person good behavior. It’s based on the principle that every good deed has a reward at the end, and the dog will repeat good behavior to replicate the reward.

This training method is one of the most nonviolent ways of training a puppy. Your dog’s bad behavior will be ignored completely, but you’ll need to reward your pup for completing any task or good response provided when commanded.

4) Mirror Method

In this training method, you’ll have to do a lot of self-reflection since the concept is based on your pets reflecting your behavior and emotions. Once you’ve developed a close relationship with your pet, they’ll begin to mimic you to please you.

Hence, you’ll have to be very mindful of how you behave in front of them to help them associate good behavior with your approval. This method will also allow pets to use their instincts and give them the freedom to explore what they wish to learn.

How To Identify Naughty Behavior

Since these magnificent creatures are brilliant, they can be a handful while trying to train them. Here are a few bumps you may run across while assisting your pooch with learning the proper etiquette for your house.

1) Stealing

Labradoodles love food and are notorious for counter-surfing and swiping food left unmonitored on the table.

2) Jumping And Barking

The boisterous animals are highly sociable and like being around people and other dogs. It is, therefore, not surprising that they are hopping and barking a lot to let out their pent-up energy.

3) Leash Tugging

When you first start walking your labradoodle, they could try pulling on the leash or yanking it from your hands to escape. This can result from their delight at being in an unfamiliar setting or location and their desire to explore the neighborhood.

4) Chewing Things

This is a common issue all dog owners face when puppies begin teething. However, it can become an issue if they start destroying things they aren’t supposed to be chewing. They can continue this habit even after the teething process, so ensure you have the appropriate measures in place.


kick your Labradoodles worst habits

Being creatures of habit, dogs can quickly develop the behavior you want them to exhibit if you are consistent in your training methods. It also depends on how you can correct these behaviors without punishing your dog.

Consequently, you must build trust with your dog and create a clear line of communication.

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