how do pets get mango worms

How Do Pets Get Mango Worms? – And How To Remove Them!

Just as humans, pets get sick too. Mango worm infection is something that can happen to pets, especially to dogs. So How do pets get mango worms?

Pets get mango worms when they touch soil that has been contaminated with larvae. Then the larvae are getting nested into the dog`s skin, where they grow in the following weeks. The infection is impossible to notice until small bumps are formed on the dog’s skin.

This is a very scary infection that can harm a dog`s health, which is why many people search for solutions and ask How do you prevent mango worms. You should know that if this infection is left untreated, the dog will experience some visible health problems. If you are not sure whether your dog has a mango worm infection, the best thing to do is to take it to the vet`s office for a check-up.

Can Mango Worms Be Removed?

There are a few solutions on How To Remove Mango Worms In Dogs, but it is not recommended you do it yourself.

The best thing to do is to have a veterinarian professional remove it. That is because if you do it incorrectly, you may hurt your dog and increase its pain.

A thing to know regarding mango worms is that this infestation is rare in the US and Europe. Mango worms are larvae that come from flies that are usually found in certain parts of Africa. Your dog should be relatively safe unless you or your dog goes on the African continent. However, rare infestation cases are possible, so it is good to know a few things for increased safety and protection.

how do pets get mango worms

How Do Dogs Get Infected With Mango Worms?

So the main question is How do pets get mango worms. Mango flies are the ones that spread these worms. They are flying and searching for a place to lay their eggs. Usually, they lay eggs on contaminated soil with pet feces and urine. However, there are many examples of flies laying eggs on linens and clothing that have been left outside to dry.

Once eggs are laid, the larvae slowly start to grow and search for a host where they will nest and further grow. Mango worms larvae usually attach and penetrate the dog`s skin without causing discomfort. However, soon enough the dog`s skin will slowly start to swell which is a sign of infection. In humans, mango worms can produce sores and visible ulcers on the skin.

The mango worm infestation is easily noticeable on the dog`s skin because there will be several visible pimples. It can look very frightening, but you should not panic. Instead, make an appointment with the vet and take the dog for treatment.

Many pet owners worry and ask – Will Mango Worms Kill a Dog, which is a question that will be answered later in this article. Now let`s look at the most common signs of mango worm infection in dogs.

Most Common Signs That Your Dog Is Infected With Mango Worms

Mango worms are very tiny when entering the skin, so they are not instantly visible. When maggots reach a certain stage of growth, they will start forming pimples. The following are some common signs that you should look at when checking your dog:

  • Multiple small round pimples form at different places on the dog`s body
  • Pimples with black dots at their top
  • Series of rashes on dog`s skin
  • Dog scratching or biting pimples
  • Dog discomfort or visible pain when you touch area close to pimples
  • Your dog looks, paws, and is focused on the pimples, trying to shake them off
  • Your dog starts to strongly lick places on its skin where mango worms have entered
  • Increased heart rate
  • Fever

If you notice any of these signs, take your dog to the vet`s office as soon as possible. Although mango worm infestations in pets are rare outside of Africa, that does not mean that they do not happen. This infestation is still possible so never make assumptions about your dog`s health.

When you are not sure, go to the vet and get your dog diagnosed as soon as possible. The vet will also easily determine and tell you whether your dog is infected with mango fly larvae boils or has suffered standard bites from regular insects.

How To Remove Mango Worms In Dogs

How To Remove Mango Worms In Dogs

There are a few methods for mango worms removal in dogs. All of them have proved to be effective and go easy on the dog. It is advisable to take your dog to the vet for this procedure, but you can also do it by yourself if you prefer that way.

  • Administering injections is one of the methods for removing mango worms in dogs. The injection with ingredients like epinephrine and lidocaine will push the larvae out.
  • Pimple popping is another removal method. This method is the same like we pop pimples on our faces or other parts of the body. Just squeeze and eject the pimple. Force the worms out of the skin and repeat this with all pimples. Make sure the worms are removed in one piece and that there are no leftovers under the dog`s skin. If any worm fragment remains under the skin, that can make the infection even worse. Therefore, after popping the pimple, apply even pressure and pull out the worms.
  • Suffocation is an effective treatment as well. With this method, you remove the scab that has formed on the top of the boil. First, use some oil to help you with easier rubbing without causing any discomfort to your dog. Then, use a Vaseline or any other wax on the black dot on the top of the pimple. The wax will seal the pimple, so the worms will try to escape searching for oxygen. When you see them crawl out, you can easily remove them by using tweezers or forceps.

How Do You Prevent Mango Worms

Many people ask – How do you prevent mango worms.

Well, the best prevention method is to not travel to places where mango flies live, which are the central and eastern parts of the African continent. In case you need to travel there, remember these tips for preventing future mango worms infection.

  • Avoid going to places with contaminated soil. This means never go or take your dog to areas where there is a strong scent of urine or feces. These are the places where mango flies commonly lay their eggs.
  • Never touch objects that have been lying down on the ground. For example, if your dog`s collar, pieces of your clothing, your backpack, or other similar things have been on the ground in an area known for mango worm infestation, make sure you wash them thoroughly before using them again. If these objects are left uncleaned, then worms may live on them and get on you or your dog.
  • Use a dryer or high heat for drying your clothes, towels, and linens. Avoid drying clothes, towels, linens, and other materials out on the open air or in rooms with open doors and windows. High heat and dryer machines can instantly kill any worms that may have attached to the clothing, towels, or bedding. In case you cannot use high heat or you do not have a dryer machine, the next best thing to do is to iron all clothes and materials before wearing or using them. Again, high heat kills mango worms immediately.
Will Mango Worms Kill a Dog

Will Mango Worms Kill a Dog?

The sad truth is that mango worms may kill a dog, but only if the mango worm infection is left untreated for a long time. Usually, mango worms themselves do not kill the dog, but they cause other serious health issues that may lead to the dog`s death.

It all depends on where the mango worms latch. If they are close to the dog`s feet, then the dog may lose its claws, or if they are close to the eyes, the dog can go blind. Death occurrences are rare but possible. However, any responsible pet owner will not leave their dog untreated, so everything should be fine if you take your dog to the vet as soon as you notice pimples on their body.

How To Know The Difference Whether Your Dog Has Mango Worms Or Other Infection?

Sometimes dogs catch other worm infections. However, other worm infections are usually noticed in their feces, not on their skin. Mango worms are different from other worms in the fact they only grow on the dog`s skin. They start small and look like tiny bumps before growing into large pimples.

Of course, no pet owner wants their dog to have an infection, but unfortunately, these things can happen. Mango worms can look disturbing, even frightening on the dog`s skin, but early treatment can help you get rid of them. Make sure you regularly inspect your dog’s skin for signs of infestation and take it to the vet if you notice anything suspicious.

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