9 Dog Myths, Debunked In Less Than 5 Minutes

Every pet owner considers their furry friend to be the cutest and the best, and they’re not wrong! But there are some fascinating myths that everyone talks about, whether true or not. Probably you’ve heard some too!

You know most of them don’t make sense, right? Or do you believe them? So it’s time we debunk some myths to clear the confusion most people have about their canine friends.

Shall we? Let’s check out the most common ones!

  1. My Dog Is Eating Grass Because He’s Sick

No! You’ve probably been wrong this entire time if you think that your dog is sick or has an upset stomach because he’s seen eating grass. There could be several reasons, but this is not one of them.

Also, at times, some dogs vomit shortly after eating grass. So this might cause some dog parents to think they do so to relieve themselves after eating something unpleasant. While some even believe that dogs eat grass as a sign of adding nutrients to their diet or because they’re bored.

However, they do so simply because they enjoy eating grass. It could be because of the texture or taste, and it’s pretty natural. Usually, it happens mostly during spring when the grass is fresh and green.

Eating grass is okay, but you should be concerned when your dog eats unusual things like stones or soil. This behavior could be associated with a symptom known as Pica, which can be due to an upset stomach, undernutrition, or even boredom.

Moreover, if your pet constantly vomits after eating grass or starts eating soil and stones, it would be best to take your dog to a vet for a proper examination.

  1. Dogs Wag Their Tail Because They’re Friendly Or Happy

You never know why they’re wagging their tail, so you should be careful unless you want to be bitten. Of course, a happy dog usually means a wagging tail, but it can also be due to aggression or alertness. So unless you have the owner’s permission, don’t pet a dog.

  1. Dogs Only See In Black And White

This is also a myth! Although partially blind, they can see colors too. Watching movies may have convinced you that dogs can’t see colors, which has been accepted for decades. But according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dogs can see colors like shades of blue and yellow.

Hence, the next time while buying a toy for your pet, you might opt for these colors so they can see clearly. But for them, a toy is a toy regardless of color, and dogs often rely on their sense of smell. So, the color difference is not much of an issue.

  1. One Year Is Equal To Seven Years In Dogs Life

This is also not true! Dogs age more quickly than humans, but their actual age depends on factors like their breed and size. Smaller breeds live longer, although they age more quickly than larger breeds.

For example, smaller breeds like Chihuahuas age slowly and can live for up to 20 years, and larger breeds like Great Danes age quickly and live for only up to 5 to 8 years.

  1. A Wet Nose Means They’re Healthy

Often when a dog is sick, the first sign is a dry nose. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is sick whenever it has a dry nose. It can also be due to allergy, sunburn, or age.

However, it’s pretty natural and usually happens when they’re sleeping, but it gets back to normal a few minutes after they wake up. Also, a fully-grown dog tends to sleep more often, so they’ll have a dry nose than puppies.

  1. Dogs Have Cleaner Mouths Than Humans

This is something that needs to be addressed because it’s not true. Most dog owners might allow their furry companion to lick them all over their faces without knowing what they were up to before they came running back to you. But a dog’s mouth is no different from a human’s as they’re equally filled with bacteria.

Often, dogs tend to lick things that are unpleasant for most people. And they can even transfer bacterial infections. So it’s best to keep your dog away from licking you.

  1. Dogs Lick Their Wounds To Heal Infections

Similar to human saliva, a dog’s saliva also contains antibacterial properties. So most pet owners allow their dogs to lick the wounded area.

However, the problem is that continually licking the infected part may prevent new cells from forming and further damage the wound as it can moisten the area and create complications. It’s so because a wound can only heal if the area is clean and dry.

So try your best to prevent your dog from constantly licking its wound.

  1. Larger Dog Breeds Are Not Suitable For Apartments

It’s said that large dog breeds often don’t fit well for apartment living because they’re highly active and can cause damage. So pet owners are always advised to choose a breed depending on the environment before adopting a dog.

But it’s not entirely true, as whether they’re fit for apartments usually depends on their mental and physical needs. Also, some large breed dogs live well in apartments. The truth is, their size is not a problem. If the dog gets enough exercise, it can do well, even in small spaces.

  1. Only Large Dogs Make Good Watchdogs

Although most large dogs can intimidate strangers and scare them off with their loud barks, it entirely depends on their personality. Any dog can be a good guard dog if appropriately trained, regardless of size.

Besides, a dog also needs to learn how to protect and alert its owners, but not all large breeds are capable of such training.

Hence, if you want to train your dog to be a guard dog, it’s best to go to a professional dog trainer to help your dog learn some skills.

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