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Dog-Friendly Beaches Lake Tahoe – The Hidden Secrets

Looking for dog-friendly beaches at Lake Tahoe doesn’t have to be that hard, as there are quite a few spots you can bring your furry friend. One of the primary concerns of people visiting the area with their pets is looking for dog-friendly places where they can just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of places in and around the lake that are more than accommodating to owners and their dogs, Along with a variety of different trails to explore, there are many public places that are dog friendly.

Dog-Friendly Beaches Lake Tahoe

Places where you can let them run and play with other dogs, such as the huge playground for dogs in Tahoe itself. But for most people either visiting the North lakeshore or South lakeshore, they’re looking for dog-friendly beaches in the area. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of dog-friendly beaches in North Lake Tahoe and in South Lake Tahoe. Dogs are welcome on all the beaches listed below, just as long as you follow some very simple guidelines.

These rules are designed to help the beaches dog friendly and clean

  • Please follow any locally posted rules
  • Respect the natural habitat and local marine life
  • Remain vigilant of local currents and tides
  • I want you packing please package we only expect to see palm prints left behind

Dog-Friendly Beaches North Lake Tahoe

1. Pebble Beach – Dog Beach

Technically not a beach but this hidden rocky gem, that has no official name, but you will find many lake Tahoe residents here with their dogs happily jumping in out of the water. So don’t turn up expecting a sandy beach to lay on but this is a great place to take your dog for a fun afternoon.

While rules are a little loose here, locals will always keep their dogs on a leash until they come to the water’s edge, then you can let them loose to swim. You’re going to have to find your way to the Kaspian campground on highway 89 and ask for directions to the beach it’s just north of the campground.

2. Carnelian West Beach

This dog friendly beach is tidy. At only 560 ft long and it’s next to the Sierra boat company on carnelian bay. But it’s popular with local dog lovers because there’s free parking available next to the pier restaurant and you can park anywhere in the lot as it’s designated for people using the beach and the restaurants.

After you’ve exercised your dog, there are barbecue areas, picnic tables, benches, and a beautiful Lakefront promenade to explore. If you want to take your dog out in the water for the day there are some boats for hire. This is a wide flat Beach that’s perfect for exercising your dog. It’s open all year round and you can bring your pet here at any stage as long as they remain on a leash.

3. Sand Harbor

In one of the most popular and beautiful parks near Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor has several beaches to choose from, the largest being just under 2,500 ft and is extremely popular for dog lovers, sunbathers, and swimmers in the area.

Your dog is welcome there at any point as long as you keep him on a leash. As long COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, the state park has restricted access to the area to 50% capacity.

4. Tahoe City – Commons Beach

The commons beach in Tahoe City is dog welcoming for the entire family. As part of a forager park by the lake it’s extremely popular for dog walkers, picnicking, swimming, and even sunbathing. Once you keep your dog on a leash and you can access I need the picnic sites that are available all along the lake.

It’s not uncommon to see groups of dog lovers enjoying barbecues as the area has many barbecue pits that can accommodate anything up to 75 people. You can rent one of these spots by contacting the public utility district in the city. You may want to know that there are many free concerts in the commons every Sunday afternoon during the summer, so if your dog is a little sensitive to noise, avoid the area.

5. Whale Beach

One of the smaller beaches in the area I don’t need 100 yards long you can bring your dog here at any point. We can reach the scenic and popular spot from the secret harbor parking area. It takes this name from a large rock to protrude out into the bay that’s meant to resemble a sperm whale jumping out of the water.

Locals refer to the area as the black sand beach because of the unique color of its end. Be aware it is a bit of a hike from the parking area, but your dog will be ready to jump into the water but let me get there soon. They have portable toilets put in place and your ass to respect the fact that it’s in the national park, so please pack out all the trash as you leave.

Dog-Friendly Beaches South Lake Tahoe

1. Zephyr Cove Resort

The campground and RV park by zephyr cove is one of the most dog-friendly beaches on the South lakeshore of Lake Tahoe. Located directly across the road from The Zephyr Cove Resort’s own cabin complex. It has 93 RV sites that are regularly rented to couples and families who have dogs.

There are also walking tent sites and a barbecue area with picnic tables and bear lockers. It does not allow dogs on a swimming beach, but if you take a 5-minute walk North, there’s a clearly defined area where dogs are more than welcome. It’s a beautifully secluded piece of shoreline where they can explore off the leash.

2. Kiva Beach

Confirm favors of dog lovers who live on the south shore of Lake Tahoe located just off Highway 89 between Taylor’s creek and the tunica circle sites this is the perfect place to take your dog for a walk with apple space on either side of the inlet. You need to be aware of the water levels in the lake if the water levels are lower there’s a vast amount of sandy beach space available but with higher water levels you may find very limited sand space so take your dog for a walk elsewhere.

If you walk down the west side of Kiva Beach, this backs up to Baldwin Beach. Baldwin Beach is not dog friendly, so you need to be careful at this point. At a high water level, your best sticking to the west side of the beach at the East will be less dog friendly because of a lack of space.

3. Nevada Beach

Another dog-friendly beach in the national forest, Nevada Beach is roughly half a mile long and is a beautiful sandy stretch offering stunning panoramic views of the lake and the surroundings here in about a mountain. This is an excellent place to take your dog for a swim. There are food concessions and kayak rentals available outside too if you fancy taking them out and taking them out in the water.

If you have a special occasion, you can rent a large pavilion. Because of its popularity, if you want to spend some time on the site, you must book a campground up to 6 months in advance. 10 sites cost $32 a night and if you have a second vehicle, you must pay an extra $7 surcharge. Your dog is more than welcome to pick the area once you keep on a leash.

4. Chambers Beach

Like most beaches on the Southshore, Chambers Beach is in the national forest and you must park along the paved entrance road to get access to a small Beach. It doesn’t provide any additional services, but dogs are more than welcome once kept on a leash. If you get hungry, there’s an excellent bar and restaurants located nearby.

This little gem is very popular with swimmers, picnickers, and sunbathers. But the access is limited and as a result, there’s a public side to the beach when your dog is more than welcome what’s on a leash as mentioned previously. Because of a lack of public parking, people arrive at this beach either by bicycle or on foot.

5. Ski Beach

Ski Beach is also in the national forest and offers 500 ft of stunning lakeshore beachfront for you to take it all for a walk. Because it’s next to Baldwin Beach, we need to be careful as that beach is not dog friendly.

One crack at the beach is that while leashed dogs are welcome, you cannot bring it by car you must land them on the beach by boat. The area comes equipped with a two-unit toilet but has no benches or tables if you’re looking to relax and have a picnic.

I hope you liked our list of the dog-friendly beaches of Lake Tahoe, and I’d love to hear from you below if you’ve visited any of those spots!


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