Do Sheepadoodles Bark a Lot

Do Sheepadoodles Bark a Lot – Sheepadoodle Barking Issues

Wondering do Sheepadoodles bark a lot is a very fair question if you are planning to adopt a Sheepadoodle, knowing their personality is important in order to ensure that they are suitable for your lifestyle.

In general, Sheepadoodles don’t bark a lot. Despite their size, Sheepadoodles are known to be gentle, intelligent, and quiet dogs. However, that does not mean that they are not prone to barking. A number of factors such as stress, anxiety, or inadequate training can lead your Sheepadoodle to bark excessively.

There is no such thing as a non-barking dog. It is their inborn nature to bark, depending on their temperament and surroundings. The only variation lies in the level of barking in every dog breed. Some dog breeds will bark from the sun up to sundown, and some will rarely bark.

Understanding Your Sheepadoodle

Reasons Why Your Sheepadoodle is Barking

Sheepadoodle is a crossbreed of two breeds, the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. The result is a dog that is friendly, playful, and very intelligent.

Their outgoing and energetic personality is guaranteed to charm you. Sheepadoodles are also non-dominant, eager to please, and easy to train with consistency. 

Predominantly being a non-barker, Sheepadoodle will hardly bark to a stranger or other animals if trained properly. Due to this reason, they are a popular option as an apartment pet. 

However, that does not mean that they cannot be good watchdogs. They WILL bark and guard if they feel their owner is in danger or threatened. 

Reasons Why Your Sheepadoodle is Barking

But if the usually calm Sheepadoodle has developed the habit of barking excessively, know that there is something amiss.

Read on to find out why some of these gentle giants turn into a barking menace. 

  • Anxiety

If your normally quiet Sheepadoodle has started barking excessively, it may be due to anxiety disorder. Consider the amount of time you have spent with them recently.

Sheepadoodle, a cuddly and social animal, does well when spending time with its owners. If they are left alone for a more extended period of time than what is considered normal, they are prone to feel lonely and abandoned. 

On top of feeling lonely, the lack of physical and mental stimulation will also make your Sheepadoodle more frustrated which will trigger their anxiety more.

Try to make time and spend some more time with your Sheepadoodle. Increasing the duration of walks, playtime, and cuddles can help with anxiety.  

  • Fear

If you have noticed increased barking in your Sheepadoodle, it might be because they are fearful or they feel threatened. 

It might be a thing, someone, or another animal that they do not like and are fearful about. It may also be the case if someone is hurting the Sheepadoodle or if they feel their owner is at risk.

Also, since animals are more sensitive to sound and smell, they might find the sound of fireworks or sirens distressing.

In such situations, they will feel threatened and lash out by barking continuously.

  • Health problems

By excessive barking, your Sheepadoodle might be hinting at something more. They might be injured somehow and is in pain. If you find no visible injuries, then there is a possibility of internal disorder or injury.

Your companion will bark to communicate with you. If you notice that there is nothing distressing in your surroundings and your pet is still barking continuously, take them to your local vet and give them a thorough physical inspection.

  • Lack of Activity

Sheepadoodles are extremely active dogs. They love to run around and play games throughout the day. An increased level of barking might be an indicator that they are not getting the right amount of exercise that they need.

Without proper exercise, they will be bored and will start barking to release that pent-up energy. You should take your Sheepadoodle for walks or bike rides regularly for them to use their extra energy. 

  • Improper Socialization

If the Sheepadoodle you have adopted has the tendency to bark at everything that moves (or sometimes even bark to thin air), it is simply because your puppy has not been socialized properly. 

Socializing your pet teaches them the discipline to be receptive to new pets, animals, and humans. Without proper socialization, your pet will continue to bark unnecessarily at everything new they see.

How to Stop Your Sheepadoodle From Barking a Lot

It is okay for your Sheepadoodle to bark sometimes. However, if you have noticed that the barking level is increasing and is becoming more regular, you should immediately tackle the problem. If it is left unresolved, the barking will become a habit and will disturb not only you but the neighborhood too. 

Here are some simple ways to control nuisance barking:

  • It would help if you made your Sheepadoodle undergo proper socialization training. By socializing your pet from an early age, they will be well behaved when they encounter new pets/ animals or new people. Socialization training will help your Sheepadoodle gain a sense of recognition. They will understand where he should bark and where he shouldn’t. 
  • Play interactive games with your Sheepadoodle on a daily basis. It will keep them mentally occupied and stop their nuisance barking.
  • Take your Sheepadoodle for long walks or a run down the park daily. This way, they will be able to blow off their extra energy. By making your Sheepadoodle undergo these exercises, they will get tired and will rather have a nice nap instead of barking unnecessarily.
  • Teach your dog some commands such as the “speak,” “quiet,” and “no” commands. By using positive reinforcements to make them bark or stop barking, you will no longer have to worry about your pet barking when it is not needed. Just don’t forget to treat your Sheepadoodle when they obey the commands.

Final Thoughts on Do Sheepadoodles Bark a Lot

Do Sheepadoodles Bark a Lot
How to Stop Your Sheepadoodle From Barking a Lot

Sheepadoodles being inherently loving and friendly with the correct training and socialization make a great family pet. 

Once you adopt one into your life, you become responsible for not only their health and development but also their behavior. You should listen to your dog and identify behaviors that are unusual for them. It becomes your responsibility to stop them before it becomes a personality trait.

That being said, some occasional barking for dogs is very normal. So, you should just let them be during those moments. They might be just happy and excited to be with you.

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