skinny dog breeds

Complete List of Skinny Dog Breeds in 2024

If you are looking for a dog that has a slim physique, you may be surprised to find that there are many different thin dog breeds

There are several advantages to this breed over chubby dogs, and they are great companions if you like to keep busy. These dogs are loyal and will often work hard for their owners.

When it comes to adopting dogs, people always prefer chubby and furry dogs. However, instead of going on appearance, you need to check the personality and temperament of the dog breed.

While skinny dogs are not as appealing as chubby dogs, they do have some of the best personalities. These dogs are loyal, agile, and living. Their slim body makes them extremely agile and active. They make a great companion and hunting dogs.

There are many slender dog breeds in the world. Known as a “Puddle-pot” dog, Azawakh is a very thin breed. They are very loyal and affectionate. Greyhounds are another skinny breed of dog. They are very smart and can be trained to hunt rabbits and deer.

If you want to know about the complete list of skinny dog breeds, continue reading this article.

Complete List of Skinny Dog Breeds

lanky dog breeds
skinny breed of dog

Skinny dogs have short coats and strong, agile bodies. If you are looking for an active and affectionate dog, it is best to choose from lanky dog breeds. If you are looking for information on different types of skinny dog breeds, then you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss the different types of skinny dog breeds. 

  • Greyhound

If you are looking for a dog that is very thin and is not going to be an eye sore, look no further than the Greyhound. They are known for their lean bodies and lack of undercoats. They can range from 50 to 70 pounds and stand between two and six feet.

While their slim body is attractive, they do not have a great deal of body fat, and they require a warm home and plenty of exercise. They can run 44 miles per hour. A weekly bath and rubdown will keep their fur clean and odor-free. Greyhound is an ancient dog breed. Their ancestry can be traced back to 3000 B.C.

  • Kanni Dogs

The Kanni is a dog breed resembling the Greyhound and the Whippet. The breed originates in Tamil Nadu, South India. The breed name denotes the dog’s coat color. The name also refers to its high energy level. This breed is easy to train, but it needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy.

Originally bred for hunting, this breed is small, with lean muscles and thin legs. The skinny dog breeds share many of the same physical characteristics as the Greyhound. 

  • Whippet Dogs

A Whippet is one of the most popular, if not the most, lean dog breeds. They have a deep chest, a short coat, and thin legs. They shed occasionally and do not carry much body fat. Whippets are excellent apartment dogs as they do not bark much and are very quiet.

They are very athletic and enjoy playing and running, and can sprint 200 yards in less than 12 seconds. These dogs are known as “hunters’ best friends.” It is a hunting dog breed known for catching rabbits and small game. 

  • Sloughi

The Sloughi skinny dog breed is relatively new to the United States. These dogs are incredibly intelligent and loving. They need a good deal of space to thrive, and they don’t do well living in apartments. If you can give them a large yard and a high fence, this dog will fit in perfectly. It is important to exercise your Sloughi frequently, as they are fairly active.

The Sloughi’s head is slightly longer than its body. Its face is long and refined. The eyes are dark, and the nose is black. The neck is long and flat, and the belly is always tucked in.  

  • Ibizan Hound

If you’re looking for a dog with a deer-like grace, then consider an Ibizan Hound. This breed is athletic and docile, but they need lots of exercise, too. This breed is good at jumping six feet in the air, so daily walks and games in the backyard are essential.

You’ll have to devote about 20 to 30 minutes a day to your Ibizan Hound activities. The Ibizan Hound has a short, smooth coat that’s trimmed to a minimum of three inches. Male Ibizan Hounds are generally slightly shorter than female Ibizan Hounds, and they are both very smart dogs. 

  • Saluki

A Saluki is an example of a skinny dog breed. This breed is famous for its speed and can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour! Salukis are primarily used for hunting and have long noses and furry coats in some areas of their body.

They are related to the Afghan Hound. Their hunting history includes rabbits, goats, foxes, snakes, and squirrels. The average height of Saluki is 23 to 28 inches. They weigh about 35 to 70 lbs. These dogs have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. They are easy to train, friendly and playful. 

  • Pharaoh Hound

A Pharaoh Hound is a low-maintenance breed with short, fine coats that need regular brushing and teeth brushing. They also need regular nail trims and daily tooth brushing. While this dog breed sheds minimally, it is recommended to bathe it at least once a week to reduce skin oil and keep the coat healthy.

These dogs also need daily exercise to release pent-up energy and avoid tooth decay. A Pharaoh hound may have an excessively short coat and may need a sweater or coat in cold climates. 

  • Azawakh

The Azawakh is a relatively thin dog breed that can be a great addition to a small apartment. While their short coat can make them great apartment dogs, they will still need daily exercise, so plan brisk walks or jogs if you want your dog to stay fit. In addition, this breed of dog likes warm climates and is not fond of cold weather.

The Azawakh is a very independent and aloof breed, but this does not stop them from developing a close bond with their owners. 

Small Skinny Dog Breeds

small skinny dog breeds

Small skinny dog breeds aren’t limited to toy dogs. There are different breeds of dogs that are small as well as skinny. Here are some of the most common types of small, slender dog breeds

  • Chinese Crested Dog

A Chinese Crested Dog is known for its unique coat. Some are practically hairless. These dogs have only one purpose in life, to please their owners. If you leave them alone for more than a few minutes, they might try to run away.

You can find an adult Chinese Crested Dog for adoption through a breeder, a shelter, or an individual. Breeders often have retired show dogs and adult dogs for adoption. A Chinese Crested is a small, versatile breed. 

  • Toy Manchester Terrier

If you’re looking for a small, skinny dog, you may be interested in the Toy Manchester Terrier. While this breed is generally healthy and happy, it is possible to run into some health problems. The Toy Manchester terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds, coming in black or tan colors. This breed weighs between six and eight pounds and stands about 11 inches high. 

  • Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher, also known as the Min Pin, is a small breed of pinscher-type dog. Its ancestors are thought to be German Pinschers crossed with Italian greyhounds and dachshunds. The breed’s origins are unknown, but its popularity today is largely due to its intelligence.

This small, playful dog is great for families and apartment dwellers alike. Miniature Pinschers are excellent companions but are prone to being cocky around other animals. 

  • Peruvian Inca Orchid

Among the small lanky dog breeds, the Peruvian Inca Orchid is a good lap warmer. Its bloodline derives from sighthounds and whippets, and the dog is similar to them in appearance. During their ancestors’ times, Inca Orchids were used for running messengers and hunting small game. Their long, flat, webbed feet make them perfect lap warmers.

Although this breed is small and skinny, it is incredibly active and a great watchdog. Because of this, it requires a lot of socialization.  

  • Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a small hunting dog native to southern Europe. They are very intelligent and lively dogs that thrive on training. Despite being a relatively primitive breed, they are devoted companions who are very loyal. These dogs are very active and will work hard to please their owners and guard them. The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a great dog for families with children, as they require lots of exercise. 

  • Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier is a fun, active, and energetic dog. They love to play, so they’re a great choice for households with children. However, this breed can become bored if left alone for long periods of time. Therefore, it’s important to socialize your new pet early and make sure to crate-train it early.

This small, skinny dog breed has a distinct appearance, and it’s easy to spot a Rat Terrier at a distance. Its dark eyes and large, upturned ears are striking. 

  • Toy Fox Terrier

If you are considering a dog breed, consider a small, skinny breed of dog like the Toy Fox Terrier. They are known for their slender frames and love to follow you around the house. They love to play fetch and may run up and down stairs dozens of times a day.

They also enjoy short walks and are naturally curious. They are excellent candidates for apartment living. If you’re looking for a dog with the qualities of a lap dog, consider getting one of these dogs. The Toy Fox Terrier is one of the most popular small dog breeds. 

Medium Skinny Dog Breeds

medium skinny dog breeds
lean dog breeds
slender dog breeds

If you are looking for a dog that is medium-sized but not too fat, you should consider one of the following medium-sized dog breeds. Here are the most common medium-sized thin dog breeds

  • Bavarian Hound

If you are looking for a medium-skinny dog, the Bavarian Hound might be a good choice. These dogs are nosey and powerful and can pick up a trail from a mile away. That means that if your dog goes missing, you better be prepared to find him or her.

A bathing routine is a must with this breed. Baths are only necessary a few times a year, or more often if your dog gets skunky or dirty. This breed of dog is very friendly and loving. They are incredibly intelligent and social. 

  • American Foxhound

While American foxhounds are a popular choice for families with small children, they do require daily exercise and brushing. These dogs shed slightly, but not heavily. They have floppy ears, and you may want to trim them at least weekly to prevent infection.

Other grooming tasks include trimming their nails and regular bathing. Besides their lean body, American Foxhounds are active dogs and are great with children and other pets. Unless you live in an apartment, an American Foxhound should be fenced-in so that it will not get stray. 

  • Bluetick Coonhound

A good combination of athleticism and size makes the Bluetick Coonhound an excellent companion and family pet. The Bluetick Coonhound is extremely intelligent, affectionate, and devoted to its pack. They need plenty of exercise and room to roam.

You should fence the backyard if you have a large yard so that the dog will not run off. This breed can be an excellent addition to any home, but they’re not a great choice for small apartments or a condo with small children. 

  • Vizsla

One of the medium lean dog breeds is the Vizsla. This medium dog is both energetic and cute and requires daily attention and intense playtime. You can adopt a Vizsla through a shelter, which may cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

A Vizsla’s appearance is noble, and it is well proportioned. It has a smooth, dense coat. The skin is tight and wrinkle-free, and its ears are pendant-shaped and hang down to the side of the face. Because of its intelligence, the Vizsla makes an excellent companion for active people. 

  • German Shorthaired Pointer

As a medium-sized dog, the German Shorthaired Pointer has a well-built build and a thick coat. It was first recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1930. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a square-shaped dog with a slightly longer length than its height. Its face displays a noble expression, and the German Shorthaired Pointer is a well-balanced breed. Their sloping shoulders and deep chest give them an elegant outline. 

  • Whippet

Whippets are short-bodied dogs with short coats that shed at a moderate to low rate and tend to increase seasonally. While they do shed, they do not require regular baths and only require occasional brushing. As a medium-sized dog, the Whippet should be kept indoors and with its owners. This is essential for Whippets, as they are sensitive and may become destructive when separated from their owner. 

Large Skinny Dog Breeds

skinny dog breeds
large skinny dog breeds

If you are a fan of big, lean dogs, then you should consider buying a Greyhound, Doberman Pinscher, or Azawakh. These dog breeds are incredibly versatile and can grow up to six feet. Read on to learn more about these large, slender dog breeds

  • Doberman Pinscher

Despite its name, the Doberman Pinscher is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. The Doberman Pinscher is a large, athletic dog that stands over two feet tall. While most females top out at around 26 inches in height, males average about 28 inches. Though these dogs may be large, they are also exceptionally muscular and pack a lot of muscle. They weigh anywhere from 55 to 90 pounds. 

  • Greyhound

The Greyhound is a tall, thin dog that can weigh anywhere from 50 to 85 pounds. Historically, the breed was bred in Ancient Egypt to hunt game. They are great sprinters but do not do well as endurance athletes. A brisk walk a couple of times a week is enough to keep a Greyhound happy and healthy. The Greyhound needs regular mental stimulation, and the occasional bath will help keep it clean.

  • Azawakh

The Azawakh is a sighthound, a dog that does well in hot climates. While they are friendly and affectionate with people, they can be aloof with strangers. It’s best to socialize with Azawakhs from a very young age. This breed does not have a long lifespan, but it can live 12 to 15 years. They also make excellent companions for families. The Azawakh is a low-maintenance breed with minimal grooming requirements. 

  • Saluki

If you’re looking for a dog that’s both handsome and active, you’ve probably heard of Salukis. These large, skinny dogs thrive on exercise, and they like to run, chase rabbits, and play fetch. However, the breed doesn’t express its affection very often, and it assumes its owners already know how much it loves them.

Their eyes, which range in color from dark brown to hazel, were known for their keen, far-reaching gaze. The breed has a strong, broad back and long, moderately arched feet. 

  • Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is a long, slim, and elegant dog breed with a strong athletic build and a springy trot. Its long, flat skull and wide, muscular shoulders provide ample structure for its athletic and dignified look. Its neck is long, and the dog’s rounded ears and prominent, flesh-colored nose are distinctive characteristics of this breed. The Ibizan Hound’s coat is either smooth or wire-coated, and its eye color is amber.

  • Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is a tall, long-haired, and elongated dog. It is easy to train and requires little attention. Pharaohs thrive on positive reinforcement, such as praise and rewards. This large, skinny dog breed can be an excellent fit for an active family. The Pharaoh Hound prefers large yards with a fenced-in area. It also requires a large yard and an extra blanket for naps. 

  • American English Coonhound

The American English Coonhound is one of the largest and most athletic of all dog breeds. Despite their size, this breed is surprisingly calm around strangers. While this breed is easy to train and maintain, it needs lots of exercise to stay healthy and balanced. It has an active prey drive and needs a large yard or house with plenty of room to run. The breed is also highly active, so training should begin as early as possible. 

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