Colliedoodle Collie Poodle Mix

Colliedoodle – The Collie Poodle Mix You Will Absolutely Love

The Collie Poodle Mix is one of the most popular hybrid breeds on the market. They are known for their intelligent temperament.

Border Collies and Poodles are both good-natured, high-intelligence dogs with hypoallergenic coats that make them popular family pets. They’re also a popular choice for designer dog lovers, who often choose to combine their favorite breeds with other ones they love to create unique canines.

Colliedoodles are versatile cross-breed that can favor either of their parents. These are intelligent, eager-to-please dogs, so they tend to learn quickly and easily when given the right environment and tools. 

They’re a good fit for people who enjoy exercise, but they will occasionally have lazy days when they don’t want to be as active. Be sure to get them out for plenty of walks so they can keep their energy levels up and prevent health problems.

If you want to know more about the Colliedoodle dog breed, continue reading. 

What Is a Colliedoodle Dog Breed?

what is a colliedoodle puppy
Colliedoodle Size and Weight chart
Colliedoodle Coat Type and Color
Colliedoodle Training

Colliedoodle, Colliepoos, or Bordoodles, is a mixed breed dog that combines the qualities of two purebreds, the Border Collie and the Poodle. A lot depends on how much each parent contributes to the hybrid, but if you choose a breeder who is reputable, you should have no trouble finding a good match for you and your family.

As both of its parents are working dogs, a Colliedoodle needs plenty of exercise to keep him fit and healthy. It’s also important to provide him with mental stimulation as well, as this will help him develop a more well-rounded personality. Games like hide and seek, frisbee, or obedience training will keep him mentally stimulated while helping him burn off that extra energy.

A Colliedoodle is a loving, affectionate, and loyal dog that loves to spend time with its family. It is a highly trainable dog that requires socialization with other animals and people at an early age to prevent fear or anxiety issues from developing.

The coat of the Colliedoodle may take after either of its parent breeds. He may inherit a heavy-shedding Border Collie coat or a low-shedding Poodle coat, which means it will need to be brushed on a daily basis to avoid mats.

History and Origin of Colliedoodles 

The Colliedoodle is a mix of two most intelligent dog breeds in the world, the Border Collie and the Poodle. These medium-sized dogs combine the intelligence of the Border Collie and the sensitivity, cuddly love, and keen emotional intelligence of the Poodle.

Colliedoodles were a new mixed breed that was bred as companion dogs, but their roots are unclear. Nevertheless, the Border Collie has a history of working alongside sheep herders for centuries, and the Poodle was developed in Germany to be a water-retrieving breed.

  • Border Collie

Border Collie is a beautiful and intelligent breed that’s been herding livestock for centuries. They’re a favorite with both children and adults, who love them for their gentle nature, affectionate personality, and willingness to please.

They’re very family-oriented and enjoy playing with kids and other pets. Their sweet, friendly temperament makes them easy to train. These dogs are highly devoted to their families and want to be there for them every moment they’re home. 

  • Poodle

A highly intelligent dog, the Poodle is a great family pet. They are loyal, playful, and friendly with a happy disposition. They are also excellent with children and get along well with other pets. They are eager to learn and enjoy lifelong training sessions.

They are active dogs, so they need daily exercise to keep their minds and bodies healthy. Poodles are smart dogs, so they enjoy training classes and will excel at obedience and agility competitions. Poodles are known for their low-shedding coats and lovable personalities.

Everything You Need to Know About Colliedoodle Dog Breed

Colliedoodle Temperament and Personality
Colliedoodle Exercise Needs
Colliedoodle Health Issues

The Collie and Poodle are both intelligent breeds that make great family dogs. A Collie Poodle mix is a hybrid of the two breeds that resulted from crossing a Collie and a Poodle. The result is a playful, energetic, and loving dog.

Here is some information about the Colliedoodle dog breed. 

Colliedoodle Size and Weight

The average height for a Colliedoodle is 22 to 26 inches, and the weight varies between 50 and 75 pounds, with males typically taller and heavier than females. Colliedoodles are bred by cross-breeding a Poodle with a Collie. There are three Colliedoodle sizes: mini, medium, and standard.

The mini Colliedoodle is the smallest version of this hybrid. These pups are bred by crossing a Mini Poodle with a Collie and will typically weigh less than 30 pounds and stand about 14 inches tall.

A medium Colliedoodle is a little bit bigger than a mini and will weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, and will stand about 18 inches tall.

The standard Colliedoodle is the largest of the breed, as a result of using a standard Poodle for breeding, they will weigh more than 40 pounds and will stand about 20 to 26 inches tall. 

Colliedoodle Size and Weight Chart

SizeHeight at ShoulderWeight
Miniature ColliedoodleUp to 14 inchesUp to 30 pounds
Medium Colliedoodle18 inches and under30-40 pounds
Standard Colliedoodle20-26 inches40-75 pounds (avg.)
Colliedoodle Size and Weight Chart

Please keep in mind that these are general estimates and individual Colliedoodles can vary in size and weight depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise. Additionally, males may be taller and heavier than females, and there may be variations within each size category.

Colliedoodle Coat Type and Color

The Collie Poodle Mix is a designer dog breed that combines the characteristics of two popular breeds. Their coats are long and wavy, and they can have various colors. Their coats are very soft to the touch, and they can have various shades. They can be black and white, or they can be merle.

These are a very common color combination, but they can also be brown, tan, red, blue, and white. They can also have streaks of other colors mixed into their coats.  

Colliedoodles are considered hypoallergenic dogs thanks to their breed mix. This is because they’re a cross between poodles and collies, meaning they don’t shed nearly as much as purebred collies. This makes them a great choice for people with allergies.

Colliedoodle Training

If you’re looking for a breed that is smart, energetic, and incredibly cute, then a Collie Poodle Mix could be the perfect fit for you. There are a few things you should know about the training of a Collie Poodle mix. 

First, they are brilliant dogs and respond well to positive reinforcement. This means that you should always use rewards and verbal praise when teaching them new things. You should also be patient and not get frustrated with them, as this can cause them to become stubborn and stop learning.

These pups will need early socialization, obedience training, and housetraining to ensure they are a well-mannered member of your family from the start. This will help them learn how to behave and prevent them from developing behavioral issues later in life.

Colliedoodle Temperament and Personality

The Collie and Poodle are intelligent and eager to please, so we can expect them to respond well to positive training methods. In addition, their strong personalities are likely to make them great companions for children.

The dog is a very active and intelligent hybrid that does best with owners who enjoy exercise. A highly social animal, the Colliedoodle is loyal and protective of its family and will bark to alert strangers that they’re there. They aren’t known to be aggressive, but they will display territorial behaviors from time to time, so early socialization is recommended.

They are smart, friendly, and affectionate pets that make wonderful family members. They are highly intelligent, easy to train, and able to learn almost any dog sport. They are also social and friendly, making them great companions for active families.

Colliedoodle Exercise Needs

If you’re considering adding a Colliedoodle to your family, you’ll need to know about their exercise needs. This breed is highly intelligent but needs to be challenged mentally as well as physically for a happy and healthy life.

They are super active dogs that need to be given ample exercise each day. Ideally, they should get at least an hour of activity each day. You should also consider a fenced backyard for their safety. These puppies love to run around and play, so it’s important to offer them plenty of space to do so.

Taking your new puppy on regular walks, running, or playing interactive games such as fetch or frisbee will help them discharge their energy while fostering a strong bond with you and other members of the household.

Colliedoodle Health Issues

Like all dogs, the Cadoodle is susceptible to certain health issues, including hip dysplasia and von Willebrand’s disease. It’s important to take them to a vet for frequent checkups so that you can catch any problems in their early stages.

The Border Collie and Poodle breeds are both known for being healthy dogs. However, you need to be aware of some health concerns that your new pup may inherit from the parents. These include hip dysplasia, eye conditions (progressive retinal atrophy and collie eye), and epilepsy.

Both the Border Collie and the Poodle have a history of developing these genetic conditions, so it is possible your new puppy could suffer from them as well. This is why it is essential to choose a responsible breeder who eliminates these conditions by screening their breeding stock for any genetic defects.

Colliedoodle Grooming and Maintenance

A Collie Poodle mix will have a dense double coat with either a rough or smooth texture. Their coats will need brushing on a regular basis to prevent mats, keep them clean and healthy, and work out the tangles that may form.

It is best to wash their fur with mild shampoo and gently dry their coat after bath time or swimming. Nails will need to be trimmed on a regular basis, too, especially for those that run on hard ground. Be sure to clean their ears as well. 

Colliedoodle Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a Colliedoodle depends on a number of factors, including their diet, exercise, and overall health. The average lifespan for a Colliedoodle is 12 to 15 years, but they can also live longer if they are given proper care.


Colliedoodle Collie Poodle Mix
Colliedoodle Grooming and Maintenance
Colliedoodle Life Expectancy

A typical Collie-Poodle mix is a very smart dog. They come from lines of working dogs, and it’s in their blood to learn new things. They can be very social and affectionate, which is why they make great family pets. They also get along well with other pets as long as they are socialized from a young age.

Colliedoodles are great dogs to train, as they have an abundance of intelligence and are highly motivated by training. They are also very playful and lovable, making them a great choice for families with children or adults who work from home.

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