can dogs eat loquats

Can Dogs Eat Loquats – Are Loquats Bad for Dogs?

Can dogs eat loquats? Dogs are curious animals. They love sniffing and going through all kinds of stuff. It can be the trash cans, drainage, or left-over food, and you’ll find them digging through it. As a pet parent, it may concern you what is safe and not safe for your dog. What if your dog has consumed loquats? And now you’re wondering can dogs eat loquats?

Yes, dogs can consume loquats. The fleshy, juicy inner part of the fruit has rich minerals. These minerals can benefit the health of your dog. Never give your dog the whole loquat. Always make sure you remove the seed or the pit before feeding them. It is not possible that a small loquat seed can harm the dog, but it is better to prevent any harm.

Loquats are fruit trees famous for their light orange or yellow fruits and leaves, and they belong to the family Rosaceae. This fruit grows in clusters, and its size can range anywhere from 3-5 cm. Loquats are originally from Asia, particularly China. But now, it is grown and cultivated in almost all parts of the world.

Can Dogs Eat Loquats – Are Loquats Bad for Dogs? 

Are Loquat Leaves Poisonous to Dogs

Loquat fruit is a fleshy white succulent with brown seeds. The fruit is rich in Vitamin A, B6, manganese, and potassium. It is also known as Chinese or Japanese plum. These fruits are used for making jam, jellies, wine, and juices. They are sweet and juicy.

Are Loquat Leaves Poisonous to Dogs?

While the actual loquat meat is safe for consumption, the leaves can be slightly poisonous, so avoid feeding those to your dog. The fruits are juicy and delicious. The flesh is white in color, and it has a strong aroma. Its aroma can be smelled even from a distance.

The older leaves of loquats are used for making herbal teas. The tea made from loquat leaves has many benefits and gives off a subtle loquat aroma. Loquats are also used as ornamental plants in some parts of the world.

Are Loquat Seeds Poisonous to Dogs?

However, like most plants, the seeds, and young leaves can be health concerns if consumed in large quantities. It contains cyanogenic glycosides in small quantities, and this chemical releases cyanide when it is digested. As you might already know, cyanide is extremely dangerous. 

This chemical is also present in seeds of fruits like apples, avocado, persimmon, peach, and plum. The seeds are slightly bitter and can leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth. So, it is not only poisonous but also has a bad taste. Better to steer clear of seeds of these fruits for yourself and also your dogs. 

Loquat Poisoning Symptoms in Dogs
Are Loquat Seeds Poisonous to Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Loquats?

As mentioned before, the fruit is rich in Vitamin A, B6, B9, Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese. However, the sugar quantity is also high. So, it is recommended to feed one or two loquats of the flesh daily.

It is physically impossible to keep your dog away from loquats if you own a tree in your garden. Since the loquat trees are high, the fruits fall and scatter everywhere. And you may pick up a few, but it is highly unlikely to ward off your dog from eating a few. 

Loquat Poisoning Symptoms in Dogs

If a dog has consumed plenty of loquats with the seeds intact, the cyanide from the cyanogenic glycosides will release. This chemical is toxic and can cause instant death.

Apart from cyanide poisoning, Loquats seeds can cause choking hazards since they are small in size. It can also cause gastrointestinal blockage in a dog. Gastrointestinal blockage blocks the digestive tract. It can make a dog go through severe diarrhea, which may lead to surgery. If not given aid on time, it can cause death. 

Other symptoms to look out for are:

  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Abdominal pain/bloating
  • Excessive drooling
  • Convulsions
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid breathing
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Choking Collapse
  • Shock
  • Constipation

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dogs, make sure to consult your vet. Get help for your dog as soon as possible. Try avoiding over-the-counter medicines and techniques. It is best advised to seek professional medical help to avoid any mishaps.

The great thing about a dog is that it can be disciplined. If it has been taught not to eat loquat, it most likely will not. But this is not a foolproof method as all dogs are not the same. Below are some tricks that you can opt for to keep your dogs away from loquats.

  1. Feed the dog before heading out for a walk or run. If your dog is full, it will not eat the fallen fruits.
  2. If there is a loquat tree in your garden, try using chemical deterrents. Most dogs are not fans of certain scents. You can spray or apply them near your garden to ward off the dog.
  3. Build a fence. Sometimes, there is no other way than going mechanical. When nothing works, put up a fence so that your dog cannot enter.
can dogs eat loquats


As a pet parent, you always want the best for your pets. Checking, reading, and learning about the foods in the house are always a great start. Some foods that are highly beneficial for humans may not yield the same results in a dog. So it is always important to know what is best for your dog. 

Dog foods are specifically designed with added nutrients for the healthy growth of a dog. So it is best advised to feed dog food. However, if, on rare occasions, you want to bond with your dog by feeding what you are taking, make sure it is in moderation.

In conclusion, loquats are safe for your dogs if it is given in moderation. Seeds and pits must be removed before feeding them to the dog. Also, make sure to check your dog’s diet is perfect so that you can help avoid any poisoning or illness.

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