Can Dogs Eat Celeriac

Can Dogs Eat Celeriac? – Everything You Must Know!

Having vegetables in your pet’s diet can provide diverse and a rich supply of nutrients, antioxidants, healthy fiber, and enzymes, it also enhances their health. There are lots of veggies that can add a lot of essential nutrients to your dog’s diet that even the most renowned and expensive dog foods can be missing. Giving your overweight dog veggies help them slim down!

Dogs can eat celeriac! It is, in fact, one of the better “people” foods for them. It has a lot of great benefits and unlike some other foods, celeriac is very low on calories, making the number of vitamins and minerals to calorie ratio very favorable. 

Our dog body system possesses the ability to break down plant matter and synthesize essential nutrients therein.

Can Dogs Eat Celeriac

Recently pet owners have known the effect of harmful commercial pet food on dogs, so they are now embracing natural, raw, holistic, and homemade diets, which contain healthy plant-based ingredients. The benefit of homemade diets is that you can ensure fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Our canine can still consume around 30% of plant foods in their daily diet. So dog owners must make sure that all veggies are blended well because our furry friend finds it difficult to digest cellulose, so mixing vegetables with a homemade meal can be ideal.

Chlorophyll which is present in green veggies helps in cleansing and detoxifying. Chlorophyll helps in removing heavy metals and toxins from the body. It’s also considered a liver great ally. There is a lot of research and studies on chlorophyll on how they help in delaying the onset of symptoms of liver cancer caused by some toxic commercial pet foods.

Needless to say, some veggies can be harmful to your canine friend while some are essential for your dogs.

One of the essential veggies your dog need is CELERIAC

Can Dogs Eat Celeriac

Celeriac: This Veggie Is More Than Just Crunch

Celeriac is also called Celery Root; here is what some people think of Celeriac

  1. It’s the crunchy stuff found in a tuna salad.
  2. Dieters eat them because they can’t afford pizza.

If that’s the reason you consume Celeriac, then you are wrong, It’s more than a filling and tasty snack; its fresh and natural ingredient is good either cooked or raw, and it also blends well with all kinds of local and international dishes.

Celery is being used to neutralize stomach acid, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Celery is considered to be mildly aphrodisiac.


Origin Of Celeriac

Celeriac was first harvested from the Mediterranean basin in the wild celery. This veggie has a pulpy and thick rhizome, big, green pinnate leaves, and a reduced aerial stem.

This cultivated plant is used as a medicinal plant and also as a nutriment. The therapeutic recommendations are to use the Celeriac seed, leaves, and roots. it is used in urinal retention,  hypotensive, kidney disease febrifuge, and an aphrodisiac.

Celeriac contains lots of essential minerals and vitamins. Its leaves and stalks are high in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C. Celeriac is also a good source of potassium, sodium calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Celeriac is just like other vegetables, it contains 95% water but the remaining 5% contains a vital nutrient that most commercial pet food is missing.

Can Dogs Eat Celeriac

Well, we know now that Celeriac is good for a dog with overweight and it’s also cherished by dieters because of its minimal calories. This celeriac has lots of health benefits. This vegetable contains sedanolide, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous. The presence of Sedanolide in your dog’s diet helps in decreasing the risks of tumors in your canine.

The crunchy veggie helps dogs with bad breath, that’s why dog owners love this crunchy veggie in their dog diet. Dog owners should not forget to wash their canine friend’s mouth regularly, crunchy veggies should not be considered as a replacement.

Giving your dog a small amount of celeriac is safe for them, it’s ideal to mix this veggie in their diet, and it should not be considered as a meal replacement unless it’s recommended by your veterinarian.

Is Celeriac Poisonous to Dogs

Is Celeriac Poisonous to Dogs

Celeriac doesn’t cause any harm to your dogs, but can your pet eat celeriac and gain lots of nutritional value from it? It has low calories and a pleasing crunch that every dog breed enjoys.  Since celeriac contains 95% of water, it keeps your furry friend refreshed during warm weather.

Nutrients that can be found in celeriac

We all know that this veggie has lots of nutrients that benefit both dogs and humans:

Vitamin A helps in keeping your canine skin and fur healthy, it also aids the nerves and muscles in performing their task.  The presence of Vitamin K in celeriac helps in proper blood clotting.

Since dogs produced vitamin C without external supplements, so healthy dogs don’t need this vitamin C in their diet, but sick and the older dog will need this vitamin C, to help them recover fast, and we know that celeriac also contains vitamin C which is ideal for older, sick or stress dogs.

Fiber is another main nutrient in celeriac. Your canine friend can benefit from the quality fiber found in this vegetable. Giving your dog the right dosage helps in digestion and also for weight loss.

Can Celeriac Treat Bad Breath in Dogs

Celeriac can help your canine freshen his breath.

Dog owners love this veggie because it prevents their pets from having bad breath.  Just as your dog needs celeriac in his diet, don’t forget to wash his mouth with dog toothpaste to maintain dental hygiene.

Can Celeriac Treat Bad Breath in Dogs

How to Prepare Celeriac for Dogs

You have to pieces celeriac into smaller pieces, you can either feed your canine a treat, so the celeriac can either be cooked or raw. If Celery is not properly cut into small pieces it can cause a choking hazard.

Before cooking or feeding it raw make sure you wash it thoroughly first. Washing them remove any form of chemical or pesticides, by doing this you know you are feeding your dog a natural, fresh, and healthy treat. Feeding them without washing the celeriac can be very dangerous for you and your pet.

When introducing this celeriac to your dog, cut them into tiny pieces and mix them with their diet, until they get familiar with the taste. Once they get familiar with the taste you can introduce celeriac in their treats and also give them raw. We all know that most dogs love veggies!

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