Burst Blood Vessel In Dog's Eye

Burst Blood Vessel In A Dog’s Eye – Issues and Treatment

Being a pet parent comes with multiple responsibilities apart from showering them with love. Like humans, they also suffer from various health issues, including accidental injuries. And when this happens, we must take care of them.

Some illnesses can be taken care of by ourselves, while some require help from a vet. Especially for eye problems like a burst blood vessel in a dog’s eyes, professional medical guidance is necessary.

This issue may seem minor, but it may get worse and life-threatening if not taken care of properly. If your dog is having this eye problem, continue reading this post.

This post will guide you on how to treat this eye problem and the cause behind it.

What Is A Burst Blood Vessel In A Dog’s Eyes? Here Is What You Should Know!

What Is A Burst Blood Vessel In a Dog's Eyes
What Causes A Burst Blood Vessel In a Dog's Eyes
Treatment Of Burst Blood Vessel In Dog's Eye

Not just humans, dogs too suffer from a burst blood vessel in the eyes. It’s also known as Hyphema, which is quite common among dogs. It cannot be categorized as a disease but is caused to due to various reasons.

Here the dog’s eye is filled with blood, or the white part looks like a blood clot. A Hyphema has two types: traumatic and secondary. Injury in the eye or head is caused by trauma, while secondary Hyphema is caused due to various disorders and diseases.

Due to different variations of this eye problem, it’s difficult to tell the exact symptoms. But to give you an idea, these are common symptoms that you may see:

  • Squinting
  • Clouded eyes
  • Eye redness
  • Loss vision
  • Eye pain
  • Blood pool in cornea or iris
  • Swelling

If you see these symptoms in your pet, get proper medication so that it doesn’t turn into a severe one.

Burst blood vessels in dog eyes are common, and with the proper treatment and medication, it’s curable. All you have to do is get your pet to a reputed veterinarian, and they will tell you the treatment procedure and what medicine to use.

What Causes A Burst Blood Vessel In A Dog’s Eyes?

Various factors lead to burst blood vessels in dogs. One of the common causes would be trauma or blunt injuries. It is also caused due to penetrating wounds, accidents, infections, and dog eye diseases.

Here the surface of the eye consists of blood capillaries where there is blood pressure. And when it’s affected, it causes blood to burst in your pet’s eyes. This eye issue may switch from a mild case to a major one. Hence, taking care of your dog in the initial stage is crucial.

Dog eye infection, one of the causes of this blood burst, leads to redness or abnormalities in tear glands and eyelids. You can prevent these by avoiding trauma or introducing foreign objects near their eyes. Furthermore, keep your dog’s eyes clean and use goggles meant for dogs while traveling in vehicles.

Moreover, avoid taking matters into your hand and visit a vet at the earliest. Some people use eye drops meant for humans because of their convenience. Chances are likely that it will heal if it’s not severe but carry multiple risks. So, it would be better to avoid using human eye ointments on pets, whether dogs or other animals.

Treatment Of Burst Blood Vessel In A Dog’s Eye

If your dog is suffering from a burst blood vessel in its eye, visiting a veterinarian would be the best option. It’s the best call, as the doctor will see the cause behind it and provide treatment accordingly.

The veterinarian may prescribe an eye drop or an antibiotic based on the seriousness of the wound. They usually prescribe eye drops if it’s an allergy, irritant, or scratch. However, if it’s an infection, they suggest an eye wash to keep the eye clean from bacteria.

Generally, for eye infections, veterinarians don’t prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs as they can affect blood clots. So, for this condition, keeping your pet’s eye clean and occasional application of eye drops will suffice.

Sometimes, penetration of foreign objects in the eye also causes irritations, often leading to red eyes. The doctor may try to take it out depending on how deep it is. If it is severe, surgery is highly likely.

Taking Care Of Dogs During Medication

Taking Care Of Dogs During Medication
What Are Cloudy Eyes In Dogs

When your dog is under care or medication, ensure that it is kept in a clean, safe, and quiet room. Monitor your pet regularly and see that it doesn’t rub its eyes, which will only worsen the condition instead of improving it. You can get an Elizabethan collar that will prevent scratching in the eyes.

If your dog has eye surgery, regular supervision is required until healed. Give them a healthy diet and sufficient water to drink. Diet plays a crucial role in the healing process. It will lead the eye to heal faster, thus allowing your pet to be free and play comfortably.

Companionship and constant care are required during this healing process. As a pet parent, shouldering this responsibility is important. Additionally, take them on walks in the evening to feel refreshed and energized.

What Are Cloudy Eyes In Dogs?

As mentioned, one of the common symptoms of a burst blood vessel in a dog is cloudy eyes. This eye problem mainly occurs in senior dogs, also called nuclear sclerosis.

Various eye problems lead to cloudy eyes, making it quite challenging to pinpoint the specific problem. By now you might be aware that burst blood vessels cause cloudy eyes in dogs. However, other eye problems are related to this symptom. And it’s only fair if we know about it.

That will help you distinguish different eye problems and care accordingly. Here are some of the common causes of the cloudy eye in dogs besides burst blood vessels:

  • Nuclear sclerosis

Clouded eyes are normal for aging dogs which is a natural process. Most people get confused with cataracts, but it is slightly different. There is no treatment for this apart from regular visits to the vet for a check-up. It’s necessary to have routine check-ups so that it doesn’t develop a cataract.

  • Cataracts

Like humans, dogs also develop cataracts which can lead to loss of vision if proper care is not taken. It affects the eye lens of your dog, which is like a camera lens. This lens comprises protein and water; when trauma or aging occurs, the protein clumps together, and this causes hazy vision. Delays in medication or check-ups may cause your dog to go blind.

  • Dry eye

Another eye problem that leads to cloudy eyes is due to dry eyes. Less production of tears leads to this problem, making the eyes of the dog look clouded. Tears act as a lubricant and without proper production affect eye health. Fortunately, it can be treated through topical medication and tear simulation medicine.

  • Ulcers

A dry eye also leads to an ulcer that affects your pet’s cornea. The eyes look hazy, bluish, or reddish. It’s painful, often causing squinting and discharge. Plus, it gets pretty severe once it’s infected. Hence, adequate care is necessary to prevent it from getting worse.

These are some of the eye problems that cause cloudy eyes. There is more but the ones mentioned are common and often occur in dogs.

Dogs suffer from various eye problems, which we often pay less heed to. It’s essential to give attention to and monitor their overall health regularly. The eyes are an important part of the body and require adequate care.

Can I Use Human Eye Drops On Dog Eyes?

Some people put eye drops meant for humans, such as Golden Eye ointment, on their dogs. It may work, as we have heard pet parents say it works effectively. However, we advise you to use eye drops meant for dogs instead.

Although eye drops for humans work they can be pretty risky. Some dog breeds might get reactions that will only worsen the condition. Therefore, it would be better not to use it. Various eye drops for dogs are available abundantly. Choose one according to the eye problem.

Before getting one, consult a vet first or check the product’s description. Unless some emergency arises, it would be better not to use human eye drops on your pet or any other animals. It’s not harmful but proper medication is more important to improve the overall eye health of your dog.


Burst Blood Vessel In a Dog's Eye
Can I Use Human Eye Drops On Dog Eyes

This post explains burst blood vessel in a dog’s eye, its causes, and the treatment process. A common eye problem can go from mild to severe without proper care.

Many factors cause a blood clot in a dog’s eye, including trauma, allergy, blunt injuries, etc. If this happens to your dog, getting medical advice from a reputed veterinarian would be better. Instead of treating it yourself, get help from experts and follow the treatment accordingly.

We hope this article was helpful and has answered your question about burst blood vessels in dog eyes. If you see any symptoms related to this, ensure due attention is given to your pet’s eye. Early treatment or medication helps in preventing the disease from getting worse.

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