Golden Eye Ointment for Dogs

Golden Eye Ointment for Dogs – Does It Actually Work?

Like humans, dogs also have eye problems sharing almost similar symptoms. So, it’s unsurprising that some people apply human eye ointment to their pets as we all want to take care of our dogs the best way possible. And one such common eye medicine is the Golden Eye.

Now the question is, does Golden Eye ointment for dogs even work? Before answering, we’d like to stress that as a pet parent, be wary of what you apply to your furry friend.

Maybe Golden Eye ointment works perfectly on dogs or any other animals. However, the effectiveness of the medicine may vary. Not all dogs are the same and may react differently.

Let’s dive further to learn more about Golden Eye ointment for dogs and its uses.

What Is Golden Eye Ointment?

What Is Golden Eye Ointment
Is Golden Ointment Safe For Dogs

It might be surprising to some people, but Golden Eye ointment is actually for humans, not dogs or other animals. You can use this ointment without a prescription, as it’s mainly used for minor eye injuries.

People use it for bacterial infections, red eyes, sticky discharge, and itchy eyes. Some doctors also recommend it for infection caused due to the usage of contact lenses.

The active ingredient in this medicine is propamidine, a disinfectant that kills bacteria and prevents infections. This ointment is quite popular as it’s not strong, but it may have side effects like an itchy feeling or burning sensation around the eyes.

So, if your eyes feel these effects after applying this ointment, stop using it and switch to a different one. Regardless, this eye medicine is effective and works with most people.

Is Golden Ointment Safe For Dogs?

Now that you know what Golden Eye ointment is, let’s see whether it’s safe for dogs or not. We can’t say a definite yes to this because the result may vary, like humans.

If you look for the answer online, you will see people applying this ointment to their pets and often showing positive outcomes. Not only dogs, some even use it on cats and horses.

Applying this ointment may not be as harmful since it is anti-bacterial. However, we would suggest using eye ointment for dogs instead. It’s safer and prevents unseen side effects, including allergies, rashes, etc.

Our advice would be to consult a vet first and listen to what they say about your pet’s eye condition. They usually prescribe medicine or provide treatment accordingly, thus allowing your dog to heal fast.

Suppose it’s an emergency, and you have no other option but to apply Golden Eye ointment on your dog. Here is what you need to do: apply a small portion around the eyes and wait for a few minutes. If you see no side reactions like rashes, proceed with the medication.

But we would always recommend using eye medicines or ointments meant for dogs. They are effective and prevent possible allergic reactions. Depending on the problem, you can choose a specific eye medicine for your pet. We don’t consider Golden Eye ointment dangerous for dogs as it’s mild. And if there is no other option, then you can use it.

Undeniably, Golden Eye ointment works on dogs and other animals too. But it also has a greater risk of an allergic reaction, which might worsen your pet’s eye condition. So, to avoid all these, it would be better to stick to eye medicines meant for dogs.

What Are The Common Eye Problems of Dogs?

What Are The Common Eye Problems of Dogs

Dogs suffer from various eye problems, which are pretty common. As a pet parent, it’s necessary to know these problems as they will help you in the long run.

Eye problems in dogs affect parts around:

  • Retina, which is the back of the eye that receives light.
  • Eyelids
  • Lens
  • Cornea
  • The sclera, also known as the white part of the eyes
  • Conjunctiva is a moist pink tissue around the eye and under the eyelid.

Some eye problems can be life-threatening if proper care is not taken. So, when your pet has a problem with its eye, ensure that you give adequate attention.

Given below are some of the common eye problems in dogs that heal soon if given proper medication:

Eye Infections

Eye infections in dogs affect the eyelid, also called the conjunctiva-the pink part inside the eye. It’s affected by fungus, bacteria, or viruses. Some of the symptoms of this infection are:

  • Red, yellow, or green discharge from the eyes.
  • Hair loss, swelling or crusting around the eyelids.
  • Swollen or red conjunctiva.
  • Your dog can’t open its eyes or squint.


Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerves leading to blindness. It mainly happens in humans but can happen to dogs as well. Some of the early symptoms are:

  • Redness or eye pain
  • Visible vessels on the white part of the eyes.
  • Your dog’s eyes become more prominent or get cloudy.

Pink Eye

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, happens not only to humans but to dogs too. It’s a bacterial infection, and some of the symptoms are:

  • The whites of the eye turn red.
  • Yellow or green discharge from the eye.
  • Rubbing the eye constantly.

There are other problems, too, but these are the common ones. Choose a suitable medicine through consultation from a reputed veterinarian depending on the eye disease.

The eyes are an important part of the body and should handle with care. Avoid self-treatment of your pet if you’re not from a medical background. It’s always advisable to use appropriate medicine, thus preventing negative implications.

For example, suppose your dog has an eye problem. Most of us will immediately apply the available eye drops or ointment regardless of whether it’s for humans or animals. Now, this doesn’t seem right as the first step you need to do is examine the condition, then proceed with the medication process.

Also, a cautionary note: avoid applying it in large quantities if you plan to use a human eye ointment. Just apply a tiny amount and see whether it reacts or not. If your dog rubs its eyes or gets redder, don’t use it. Go to the clinic, show your dog to the vet, and they will provide medicine accordingly.

What Are The Effective Ways To Apply Eye Ointment To My Dog?

Applying or giving medicine to our pets can be pretty challenging. While some are obedient, most dogs hate the idea of having medicine. Moreover, applying eye drops can be tricky if your furry friend is hyperactive.

Is your dog giving you trouble while applying eye ointment? If so, we will provide you with effective steps on the ways to apply it. But before that, you need to pay heed to this first:

  • Wash your hand before applying ointment to your dog’s eyes. It will kill unseen bacteria, which might further infect your dog’s eye if not washed.
  • If your dog is stubborn or gets aggressive while applying ointment, put a muzzle in its mouth. It will prevent your pet from biting you, which is likely in most cases.
  • Read the product’s description on proper application methods.

Now that you know what to consider before applying ointment to your dog’s eyes, let’s get into the effective ways to apply it.

  • First, clean the eye area before applying the ointment. It would also be better to have a friend or a family member for assistance. Some dogs are pretty strong and might try to run away. So, having someone to assist you will be good. But if your dog is calm, you can clean it yourself.
  • Be gentle and let your dog relax first. Let your furry friend lay down and allow it to rest its head on your lap. Using your thumb and index finger, open your dog’s eye gently.
  • Once everything is in position, apply the ointment gently. After it’s done, give your pet a nice treat or pat its head. This positive reinforcement will allow them to be more obedient and stay calm while applying next time.

Follow these steps to apply eye ointment to your dog if it’s your first time. It’s a simple process that requires patience. Ensure that you find a secluded and clean place for applying ointment to your dog’s eyes. Doing this will prevent your dog from getting distracted, thus allowing you to apply eye drops without hassle.

Conclusion on Golden Eye Ointment for Dogs

Golden Eye Ointment for Dogs
What Are The Effective Ways To Apply Eye Ointment To My Dog

As we end the article, we hope this was helpful and answered your question about Golden Eye ointment for dogs. Although this medicine is mainly for humans, it applies to dogs and other animals.

Surprisingly, this medicine works on our furry friends. But wouldn’t it be safe to use eye medicines meant explicitly for dogs? It will be more effective and poses a lighter risk of side effects. In contrast, this human eye ointment might cause allergic reactions in some dogs. Despite showing positive results, it would be better not to use this medicine.

Eventually, the choice is yours, and as pet parents, you should do what’s best for your pet. Before using any medicine, always consult a vet, as they know more about dogs than we do.

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