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The 6 Best Labradoodle Breeders In Georgia (GA) – 2024

Are you looking to adopt and welcome a lovable little companion into your home in Georgia? Allow us to introduce you and your family to these adorable Labradoodle pups! These pups can make wonderful pets for your home and will love spending time with your children.

These Labradoodle pups are a hybrid mix between the Labrador and the Poodle. By adopting a Labradoodle puppy for your home, you get the best of both worlds! They are both loving and passionate, not just towards other humans, but other animals too.

These pups are not like your other crossbred pups. Labradoodle pups are classified as designer dogs; meaning, they come in various colors, sizes, coat lengths, and so on. This makes each puppy have a unique, different look.

They are very easy to train, sociable creatures, and easy to maintain. They do not shed as much as the average dog, which makes the Labradoodle an ideal choice if you are prone to having allergies.

So, if you’re looking to adopt a friendly little Labradoodle pup for your home, take a look at our list of the 6 best Labradoodle breeders in Georgia (GA)!

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Labradoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home an amazing Labradoodle puppy!

The Best Labradoodle Breeders In Georgia

A crucial step when it comes to adopting a canine companion is to find a good breeder.

When you adopt a puppy from a good breeder, you can be sure about the health and behavior of the dog. The breeder will also give you a medical record that will help you keep track of all the vaccinations and tell you if your dog is prone to any illness.

They will also train your dog and make sure they know how to follow the basic commands like “sit”, “stand”, or “rollover”. This training will also make your puppy more sociable and friendly.

So, even if you are a first-time dog owner, a dog breeder will make your job easier.

The breeders mentioned below are perfect options to choose from for you to get Labradoodle puppies in Georgia.

Rainbow Row Labradoodles

The Rainbow Row Labradoodles located in southern Georgia have one primary focus – to produce healthy, happy little puppies. This shelter has two Labradoodle dogs named Isabella and Kylie, and these adorable dogs help create little puppies.

The Labradoodle puppies from this shelter come in different colors of black, white, brown, and even come multi-colored! Due to this reason, every single puppy at this shelter has a beautifully unique look to it.

All puppies born in this shelter are trained since their birth. This helps the puppy to develop their social skills towards humans and the other puppies in the shelter.

These puppies also come with a 2-year health warranty where they are guaranteed to be safe against any genetic diseases, thanks to the food they eat. All the puppies here are only fed natural foods that have no other chemical additives in them.

Additionally, this shelter has won awards for the way they care and maintain these puppies.

These adorable Labradoodle puppies come in 2 sizes: small and medium. They cost $2850 for every new litter.

So, if you want to pick up your Labradoodle puppy, you know where to go.

Rainbow Row Labradoodles Contact Information

  • Location: Southern Georgia (near Albany).
  • Website: Rainbow Row Labradoodles
  • Email address:
  • Contact: 843-754-2633

Cotton Creek Labradoodles

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cotton Creek Labradoodles is a small but extraordinary breeding home.

These little Labradoodles are conditioned to the training and receive the same affection as young children. They have a special doggie school where puppies aged 3 weeks or 3 and a half weeks start attending the kindergarten program.

This leads to the graduation program where they will train the puppies to socialize with other people and dogs and engage in brain-stimulating activities. This training is very crucial as it helps the puppies to face the world.

They are also taken for regular walks outside in nature, which gives the puppies a feel of how greenery looks and feels.

These lovable animals come in small size or medium size, and they come in a range of colors. This includes black, light and dark brown, white, or even multi-colored.

If you wish to adopt a furry friend for your family, all you need to do is to fill an application and pay a down payment of $300. And that’s it! You’re now on the waiting list! Once your application has been approved, you will have to pay an additional $3000.

Cotton Creek Labradoodle Contact Information

Classic City Labradoodles

The Classic City Labradoodles in Athens, Georgia, is an enormous shelter that extends to over 2 acres. The owner of this shelter, Danny White, is the sole owner of the 13 adorable breeding dogs.

The main aim of this shelter is to offer people healthy, well-behaved dogs. For this reason, training is started from a very young age. White’s family is actively involved in the process of training the animals.

The puppies all receive a lot of love and affection, which makes them sociable with other people as well. This is probably one reason why the little Labradoodle puppies in Georgia are so sought after!

If you would like to adopt one of the little darlings from this shelter, you need to fill out an application and pay a deposit amount. Keep in mind that this amount is non-refundable.

White and his family go through the applications to find a suitable home for their puppies. If selected, you need to pay an amount of $2500 to take them home.

When you adopt a puppy from Classic City Labradoodles, you get a record with a complete medical history of the puppy. Additionally, you will get one leash with a collar, one blanket that has the scent of their mother, and their favorite dog food!

Classic City Labradoodles Contact Information

Asher Farm Labradoodles

The Asher Farm Labradoodles is run by a family of 4 in their home. The Chadwick Family first started breeding Labradoodle puppies in Georgia way back in 2016, and they have expanded their knowledge of these puppies since then.

They treat all their puppies as they were a part of their own family! They even let these pups travel with them on their vacations! Isn’t that amazing?

Additionally, they were awarded the designation of Gold Paw Breeder in 2017. This makes the Asher Farm Labradoodles one of the most reliable shelters in Georgia!

These adorable little puppies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the appearance of each Labradoodle puppy is stunning.

If you would like to take home a beautiful puppy from the Asher Farm Labradoodles in Georgia, you will only be required to pay an amount of $3000. It’s as easy as that!

Your puppy will come with a medical record that carries the history of vaccinations and a health guarantee that comes up to 2 years. The Chadwick Family also gives you some of the puppy’s favorite chew toys and food which makes things on your end a lot easier.

Asher Farm Labradoodles Contact Information

Southern Charm Labradoodles

When we say the Southern Charm Labradoodles offers variety, we mean it. The owner of this shelter, Carol Dean, is an expert in breeding both American and Australian Labradoodles.

She offers Labradoodle puppies in Georgia that also serve as therapy dogs or service dogs for those who need them. These lovelies have extraordinary features and are incredibly patient, loving, and loyal. This is because Carol works hard to instill these features in the pup since day 1 of their birth.

All these Labradoodle puppies come in different colors like light brown, red, and so on. They also come in a variety of sizes, but all puppies cost the same price of $3000.

If you are interested in adopting a canine companion from this shelter, do not hesitate to reach out to Carol or visit her shelter in Georgia.

Southern Charm Labradoodles Contact Information

Sweet Bay Labradoodles, Georgia

Laura Diaz, the founder, and owner of Sweet Bay Labradoodles in Georgia started this shelter with one aim in mind – to bring comfort and support to mentally and physically impaired people.

The two dogs used for breeding at this shelter are named Snow and Arya, and they are tested regularly to check for the presence of any genetic conditions.

So far, they are negative for over 175 different genetic conditions. This means the pups here are safe and healthy for you to take home!

All these adorable puppies are priced at $2800, and Laura also gives you the medical record of the pup. This will help you keep track of the vaccinations and a guarantee for their health that lasts 2 years.

If you want to know more about these furry friends at Sweet Bay Labradoodles, get in touch with Laura Diaz today!

Sweet Bay Labradoodles Contact Information

labradoodle puppies in georgia

Summing Up

We would all love to add a furry friend to our home. A Labradoodle puppy might just be the one for you!

They are gentle, loving animals that enjoy spending time with you and your family. They are also hypoallergenic, which makes them the perfect choice if you are prone to allergies.

And that’s not all! They serve as amazing emotional support dogs too! So, if you’re looking to buy an adorable puppy for your home, we hope our picks for the 6 best Labradoodle breeders in Georgia help you find exactly that.

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