are essential oils ok for dogs

Are Essential Oils Ok For Dogs – Does It Work?

Let’s define what we mean by “Essential Oil for dogs.” Essential oil is typically derived from organic things: plants, flowers, roots, tree bark, and wood. Over hundreds of years, humanity has figured out how to obtain the oils from the substances, as mentioned earlier. Of course, this begs the question as to why.

Certain essential oils have medicinal or helpful effects on the human body and in a similar fashion, the health of our pets. These would be referred to as “green” or “organic” approaches to health and welfare.

Also, it is essential to point out that natural approaches to pet care and health typically produce a more favorable result than harsher, artificial, or human-made chemical approaches purporting to achieve a similar result.

Essential oils are known for their ability to give faster and desirable results in comparison with the herbs. A driblet of peppermint oil is equivalent to 26 cups of peppermint tea. Essential oils are known to be all-around as opposed to many drugs that have multi negative side’s effect and single medical property.

Are Essential Oils OK For Dogs

Application of essential oil to dog paws is advised against by the majority of health care experts; this is because pets lick their paws, resulting in possible irritation as their saliva is more or less similar to water. The essential oil can penetrate the skin faster. Application of essential oils in dog paws helps in ensuring compounds such as antifreeze and other toxicants are absorbed quickly.

Before applying your dog with the essential oil, it is necessary to ensure you dilute it with a base or carrier is recommended for one driblet of essential oil to be diluted with ten drops of base/carrier oil. Organic cold-pressed olive oil, grape seed oil, and fractionated coconut oil to mention but a few among the best base or carrier oil.

Oil and water do not mix; water in dog skin irritates. In cases where your dog is more sensitive to any essential oil, it is always ideal for diluting the oil with a base or adding more base/carrier oil to where you applied the necessary oil. In case the essential oil gets its way to the pet’s eyes, rinse it with the base/carrier and not water.

are essential oils ok for dogs

Below are some of the Essential Oils and their Purpose:

  • The essential oil Balsam fir (Idaho) – It’s an essential anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant which ceases the blood clotting and helps to decrease swelling and inflammation in the dog’s body. For respiratory complications rub on the dog chest. For pain issues, rub on the source. You can also spray it in the dog kennel if you observe any signs of cold or coughing.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata – Mostly used as a smelling salt and helped in opening up the dog’s lungs when an upper respiratory contagion is present. Its medical properties entail antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory respectively. As for smelling salt, it is required that the bottle be held firmly to the dog’s nose for some time and rub on the chest for any breathing issues. Additionally, the eucalyptus can be used on the dog’s collar and acts as a bug repellent.
  • Frankincense – Can cut across the blood/brain barrier, increasing oxygenation to the is mostly used for infections and swelling, plus remedies for lumps and bumps. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and can either be inhaled or applied on top. Tremendous decrease of lumps is realized upon application of the frankincense, which proves its ability in the treatment of swelling in dogs.
  • Helichrysum – It is useful in controlling bleeding and bruising and can also be used when dewclaws are removed or tail docking. It’s known for its ability to speed up the healing process. Initially, this essential oil is not supposed to be diluted and is recommended to be directly rubbed on the bare belly and one should be cautious to avoid the sexual organ during the application. Apply one driblet per one inch of the bare belly up the center of the dog’s belly. Anticoagulant, anesthetic, antispasmodic, antiviral, liver detoxifier; chelates chemicals and toxins plus regeneration of nerves are among the well-known medical properties of the Helichrysum.
  • Lavender is useful to treat cuts and burns. Inhaling lavender can help in calming an overactive puppy. You can also use lavender in clearing tear staining in your puppies during the teething period. Apply only once per day put one drop to your finger, and rub it across the nose and under the eyes (avoid the eyes). It is highly recommended to be used at night due to its ability to calm properties.
  • Peppermint can be used in controlling vomiting and Diarrhoea in Dogs. Relieving of pain, gallbladder/digestive stimulant, antitumoral, antiparasitic (worms), antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and helping in curbing appetite are among the medical properties of Peppermint. Upon diluting the essential oil, gently rub on the gums or belly of your dog, which will go a long way in curbing diarrhea.
  • Naioli is used as an alternative for tea tree oil. Its topical application helps in skin allergies and helps in healing ear infections.
  • Rosemary is used for arthritis, in repelling fleas and lice. It is also used in skin irritation.
  • Lemon oil can be used as an alternative for citronella oil. It acts as an insect repellent.
  • Pine works well for breathing issues, and it works even better when used together with eucalyptus. A combination of both Pine and eucalyptus is no doubt a great solution to disseminate during the winter season and has an appealing smell. Its usage entail rubbing rub on the chest between the forelegs. Pine’s oil healing properties include, among others, hormone-like, cortisone-like, antiseptic, and lymphatic stimulant.
essential oil to stop dog peeing

Essential Oil to Stop Dog Peeing

Can you imagine a scenario where you have visited a new friend, an extended lost relative, your co-worker or a happy church buddy that you have known for quite a more extended period, and there it is, the door opens, and the first thing that hits you is a strong and very unpleasant odor that makes you feel like you might faint.

Or you enter a room that has been closed for a century vengeful capturing the stink of pee soaked carpeting and appliances that belong to the do happen, and for lack of better words, it almost defies description.

A survey shows that anything with a citrus smell deters the majority of dogs from is a sharp fragrance that usually makes many dogs prefer a different spot to pee. There are varieties of essential oil you can choose from depending on the aroma you want around your house. It does happen, and for lack of better words, it almost defies description. Below are some of the essential oil to stop your Peeing

Lemon Oil

The essential oil is known for its ability to have a sweeter citrus smell to dogs. It’s commonly used as air freshener and a household cleaner. Leaving it on the carpet and appliances after having sprayed deter your dog from lifting his leg on your couch.

Grapefruit Oil

This oil may look like yellow oil, although the fruit is pink. The oil can easily be found on shelves of most shops that sell essential oil and is usually used as a surface cleaner. The oil contains 95 percent properties of lemon, which act as deterrent constituent found in the majority of the available citrus oil.

Orange Oil

The orange essential oil works excellently to deter dogs from peeing in the room, and it’s commonly used as an air freshener in many houses due to its strong outcome against the stench.

Lime Oil

If you are looking for a better citrus aroma for a more determined dog, then go for lime essential oil and make some spray of the oil in their favorite marking spots. It’s well-known for its tarter aroma that deters your pet peeing in the house.

What Essential Oils Are Suitable for Itchy Dogs?

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) – This is well-known to diminish agony and itching in dogs. To forestall nausea and movement ailment, one can blend one tablespoon of vegetable oil, seven drops ginger, and eight drops Peppermint; give three drops orally.

essential oil for dogs itchy skin

Essential Oil For Dogs Itchy Skin?

It’s good to have essential oils available when your dog is sick or requires a good night’s sleep, but most dog owners complain about fleas and dog odor. These more mundane concerns are an annoyance to the average pet owner. There are a couple of excellent choices in your essential oil arsenal for these problems. Orange oil. It kills fleas and dog odor. Both lavender and cedar oils prevent fleas when used consistently.

The only problem with essential oils and particularly orange oil is how to use them. Because they’re oils, they don’t combine with water. Second, how much should you use? You don’t need much, but getting the right amount is essential. Certain products have combined an appropriate amount with natural attractants to achieve the desired result. Whether it’s to kill fleas, prevent fleas or make that bad dog odor go away, the right product has been discussed above.

These are just a few of the essential oils that can be used in various mixtures to improve the quality of your pet’s health in natural ways. A detailed guide on using and mixing the oils is always recommended so that you do not harm your dog in any way.

For pets, especially dogs, are so much familiar to this hydrosol. Dog’s wounds and cuts are healed with the help of lavender essential oil. For pets bathing purposes in addition to healing infected area, this essential oil is widely used. Hydrosols are commonly known for their fragrance and freshness. They are very soft and delicate, that’s why they are used for a particular purpose for the health betterment of pets.

Essential oils have been recommended as a safe and the best natural alternative stress relief solution for your pets, especially dogs. Not only are they safe, but they are also very cost-effective. Essential oils are known to be all-around as opposed to many drugs that have multi negative side’s effect and single medical property.

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