Why You Should Never Share Your Bed With Your Dog

Why You Should Never Share Your Bed With Your Dog!

There are several reasons why you should never share your bed with your dog.

Even though you might think it absolutely adorable!

Continue reading why that is the case, and how you can move away from this habit.

Why You Should Never Share Your Bed With Your Dog

Why Does My Dog Mess Up My Bed

44.5% of Americans own dogs. Almost half of them allow their dog to sleep in their bed. Waking up next to a beloved canine companion can be quite cozy, but it’s not without health risks.

Health Hazards Spread by Pets

A veterinarian reveals that sleeping with your pet can expose you to several diseases. Pets can transmit ringworm, tapeworm, scabies, fleas, parasites, and bacteria from urine and feces that cling to their fur to humans.

Moreover, one in four dogs is infected with dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can make humans very ill. Therefore, it’s essential to wash our hands regularly if we own a pet.

However, handwashing isn’t enough if many people let their dogs lick their faces. These behaviors increase the risk of potential disease transmission. Hence, take precautions when interacting with your dog.

Do You Have Asthma?

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation does not advise dog owners to share a bed with their pets. Although there’s no direct evidence suggesting that pets in the bed increase allergy risks, sleeping with them can raise allergen levels in the bedding.

An advisory chief at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, states that while there’s no proof that more allergens increase the risk of allergies, it’s “common sense” to keep pets out of bed.

Children Are Most at Risk

Numerous videos on the internet show dogs sleeping with or licking young children’s faces. While these moments seem adorable, in reality, children are often the most vulnerable to diseases transmitted by pets.

This is mainly because children’s immune systems aren’t as developed as adults’. Parents should think twice about letting their pets sleep in a child’s bed.

“It’s logical that children are at a higher risk of infection. The barriers between the pet and the child are fewer, meaning they have more contact than adults. Children are also unaware of the potential risks,”

Disrupting Your Sleep Cycle

Pets don’t sleep the same way humans do, so it’s common for them to move around during the night, which can disrupt many owners’ sleep.

You might not notice it, but the chances of your deep sleep getting disrupted at night are high if you have a pet lying beside you.

How to Train Your Pet Not to Sleep in Your Bed

Why You Should Never Share Your Bed With Your Dog

In summary, it’s best to let your pet sleep on the floor or in a basket. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

If you want to wean your dog off sleeping in the bed, do it gradually. Start by having the pet lie in a basket or on a blanket next to your bed.

For a calming effect, put your hand down next to your pet. Over the next two weeks, gradually move the basket or blanket further away from the bed.

Eventually, you can move the pet’s sleeping spot out of your bedroom, which will undoubtedly improve your night’s sleep.

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