Why Puppy Eyes Are Irresistible

The Surprising Truth Why Puppy Eyes Are Irresistible

There are some very good reasons why puppy eyes are irresistible to most people.

Dogs’ facial muscles are actually able to move even faster than those of their ancestors, wolves, and that might be why we find them just that much cuter than a lot of other animals.

At least that’s what a new study shows, according to NewScientist. And while the results haven’t yet been published in a scientific magazine, or been peer-reviewed, the preliminary results were just presented during the Experimental Biology conference.

The Surprising Truth Why Puppy Eyes Are Irresistible

Why Puppy Eyes Are Irresistible

Fibers of the protein myosin are the reason why humans are able to have quick facial movements. And in contrast, “slower” fibers help the muscles when having to maintain a facial expression for a prolonged period according to New Scientist.

The researchers did a count of the fibers in the facial muscles in seven different dog breeds and in grey wolves, and this count revealed that between 66% to 95% of the muscle fibers in dogs could be described as “fast”, where they only accounted for about 25% in wolves.

This appears to be why dogs are able to quickly make facial expressions, such as the well-known puppy eyes, while wolves are better at howling.

These are preliminary results, but Madisen Omstead of the Duquesne University in Pennsylvania, co-author in the study, and biologist, explains that it can be an important element in the communication between dogs and humans.

“The results show that humans, either voluntary or involuntary, selectively breed dogs that display these quick facial expressions, that remind them of how humans typically express themselves.”

– Madisen Omstead

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