Why is My Pregnant Dog Shaking

Why is My Pregnant Dog Shaking – And How to Help!

Nothing brings joy to a household quite like the anticipation of a litter of puppies. However, it also brings a new set of responsibilities for pet owners. Among the many peculiar behaviors observed during canine pregnancy, shaking can be quite alarming.

Your pregnant dog might be shaking due to various reasons such as stress, discomfort, hormonal changes, temperature regulation issues, or even underlying health conditions. If shaking persists, it’s crucial to consult a vet for a thorough check-up.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon and provide you with expert advice on helping your furry friend through this phase.

Understanding Canine Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Timeline in Dogs

Dog pregnancies typically last between 58 to 63 days.

This short gestation period comes with a host of hormonal changes and physical discomforts for the expecting mother.

As a responsible pet owner, understanding the pregnancy timeline can help you identify and respond to your dog’s needs better.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Dogs

Common symptoms of dog pregnancy include increased appetite, weight gain, and changes in behavior.

However, other signs such as nesting behavior and physical changes, like enlarged nipples, are definitive signs of pregnancy.

Why is My Pregnant Dog Shaking?

If you’re wondering, “Why is my pregnant dog shaking?”, you’re not alone. It’s a frequently asked question among pet owners.

Shaking during pregnancy in dogs can occur due to various reasons, including stress, discomfort, or underlying health conditions.

Stress and Anxiety in Pregnant Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can experience stress and anxiety during pregnancy. This heightened emotional state may lead to shaking or shivering.

Keeping your pet’s environment calm and comfortable can significantly help reduce their stress levels.

Physical Discomfort and Pain

Physical discomfort, common in late pregnancy, can also lead to shaking.

Watch out for signs of distress or pain. If these symptoms persist, it’s best to consult a vet promptly.

Underlying Health Conditions

Shaking could also indicate underlying health conditions such as eclampsia or hypocalcemia. Immediate medical intervention is crucial in such scenarios.

Hormonal Changes

Just as with humans, dogs undergo significant hormonal changes during pregnancy.

These changes can lead to a variety of reactions, including shaking.

The surge in hormones like progesterone and relaxin could induce temporary bouts of trembling in your furry friend.

Temperature Regulation Issues

Another reason your pregnant dog might be shaking is due to changes in their ability to regulate body temperature. Pregnant dogs often have higher body temperatures.

If your dog is feeling too warm, she might start to shake in an attempt to cool down.

Make sure your dog is not overheated and has access to a cool, comfortable resting place.

How to Help Your Shaking Pregnant Dog

Now let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can help a shaking pregnant dog.

Providing a Stress-Free Environment

Minimizing stress and ensuring your pet’s comfort is paramount.

A stress-free environment, coupled with lots of love and care, can make a significant difference in managing shaking due to stress.

Regular Vet Check-ups

Routine veterinary check-ups can help detect any underlying health issues.

Regular blood work and ultrasound scans can provide reassurance about the well-being of your pet and the growing puppies.

Adequate Nutrition and Hydration

Ensuring your pet gets a balanced diet and stays hydrated is essential.

Proper nutrition can help manage and prevent conditions like hypocalcemia, which can lead to shaking.

Offer Gentle Massage

A gentle massage can work wonders in alleviating your pregnant dog’s discomfort that might be causing her to shake.

Focus on her back and belly areas, but always be extremely gentle to avoid any potential harm to the unborn puppies.

This will not only help ease her physical discomfort but also serve as a calming bonding experience for both you and your pet.

Keep Her Engaged and Active

Keeping your pregnant dog engaged with light activities can help distract her from any discomfort or stress she might be experiencing, which can in turn help reduce shaking.

Light walks or gentle playtimes can provide her with the necessary physical stimulation.

However, always keep a close eye on her to avoid over-exertion. Remember, the aim is to keep her active, not stressed or tired.

FAQs About Pregnant Dogs and Shaking

1. Is shaking normal in pregnant dogs?

Shaking in pregnant dogs can sometimes be normal due to stress or discomfort. However, it can also indicate underlying health issues. Therefore, any persistent shaking should warrant a visit to the vet.

2. How can I help my pregnant dog who’s shaking?

Provide a calm, comfortable environment, ensure a balanced diet and hydration, and schedule regular vet check-ups.

3. Can shaking harm my pregnant dog or her puppies?

Persistent shaking may indicate distress or health issues that could potentially harm the mother and the puppies. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek medical advice if the shaking doesn’t subside.

4. Should I call the vet immediately if my pregnant dog is shaking?

If the shaking is intermittent and subsides with rest or de-stressing, it might not be an immediate cause for concern. However, if the shaking is continuous, severe, or accompanied by other distressing symptoms, it’s best to call the vet immediately.

5. How do I know if my dog is in pain or discomfort?

Signs that your dog may be in discomfort include restlessness, loss of appetite, and abnormal behavior. In such cases, immediate veterinary attention is advised.

6. How long does pregnancy last in dogs?

Dog pregnancies typically last between 58 to 63 days.

Key Takeaways

Why is My Pregnant Dog Shaking
How to Help Your Shaking Pregnant Dog

Observing your pregnant dog shaking can undoubtedly be distressing. However, understanding the reasons behind the shaking and knowing how to respond can make a world of difference.

By providing a stress-free environment, ensuring a balanced diet, and seeking regular veterinary care, you can help your pet navigate through this life-changing journey with ease.

Remember, it’s always best to consult a professional if you’re unsure. After all, being proactive and responsive to your pet’s needs is the hallmark of a responsible pet owner.


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