Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet? 7 Common Reasons

If you’re curious about why your dog scratches the carpet, you’ll find all the reasons here. Most dog parents have to deal with odd behaviors in their dogs, such as peeing on the couch, scratching the door, chewing furniture, and so on.

There can be several reasons why your dog is scratching the carpet. Reasons can be because of boredom, anxiety, playfulness, smell, pain, or brimming with energy. It’s typical for a dog to scratch, be it the floor, carpet, or ground, but if you pay close attention, there may even be something serious.

Keep reading to find your answers!

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet?

How To Prevent My Dog From Scratching The Carpet

So, before you try to stop your dog from this destructive behavior, you have to know the reason behind the problem.

Reasons why your dog is scratching the carpet


Some dog breeds are more prone to digging as they were bred for this specific purpose. Also, they enjoy digging more than anything else, so it’s more likely that their gut instincts will kick in.

Since ancient times, breeds such as Afghan Hounds, Jack Russell Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, German Pinschers, and Beagles have been bred to dig and hunt for rodents. So, if you own terriers or a mixed terrier breed, you can expect them to display such behaviors as chances are high that they’ll still have the urge to dig.

Similarly, even if you don’t live in a house with a backyard or an apartment, if you see your dog scratching the carpet, it’s probably because they enjoy doing so, or it can be instinct.

Making Its Bed

Like you enjoy sleeping comfortably, so does your dog. No wonder why they love snuggling with you in bed, right? Before your dog sleeps, you may notice him attempting to make the space snugger by scratching the carpet. Moreover, this behavior is something that you probably know.

Still, if the scratching sound annoys you, encourage your dog to sleep on his bed if he wants to snooze or rest.


If your dog’s anxiety is triggered by loud noises, other animals, fireworks, or storms, it will likely start scratching to control its fear. Besides scratching, your dog may also destroy other household items.


It’s well-known that dogs have a great sense of smell and can quickly identify any strange smells. Also, being curious creatures by nature, they can start digging if they sense anything unusual because they cannot control their curiosity.

For example, if you drop sauce or gravy on the carpet, it’s evident that your dog will come for an inspection which might cause him to start scratching. In doing so, the smell of the food will be released into the air, and your dog can get a whiff of the scent he detected.

However, if this is why your dog is scratching the carpet, keep it clean and avoid spills to prevent your dog from scratching the carpet.

Sometimes even smells you’re unaware of might be too strong for your dog because their sense of smell is more than 30% stronger than humans. So even if you cannot smell insects or bugs, your dog can.


Dogs love playing around, so they quickly get bored when there’s nothing to entertain them. When bored, besides scratching the carpet for fun, they might even find destructive ways for entertainment. This habit can also be highly challenging if your furry friend is hyperactive or still growing.

Hence, to keep them away from scratching the carpet, ensure that you provide your dog with toys to keep him occupied when you’re not around or busy.

Weather Conditions

If it’s too hot or cold, and your dog cannot bear the weather, he will start scratching the carpet to make himself comfortable. So it’s vital that you ensure your dog is relaxed regardless of the weather.

During summer, give your dog access to clean drinking water, and in winter, provide your dog with a blanket to help him fight the cold.

Bursting With Energy

If you live in an apartment, your dog probably doesn’t have a place to run and play. So with all the energy stored, your dog can feel jittery, causing him to scratch the carpet to burn his energy.

Regularly taking your dog out for a brisk walk or running can be helpful if that’s the case.

Besides, if your dog suddenly starts scratching the carpet, it might require attention. Consider taking your dog to a vet to examine him for any underlying issues.

How To Prevent My Dog From Scratching The Carpet?

If your dog is excessively scratching the carpet that’s causing you to worry, then first try to determine the reason so that you can find ways to calm your dog’s behavioral problems.

Once you find the cause, it can be easier for you to discourage such habits. For example, if your dog is scratching the carpet out of anxiety, you can help soothe him by cuddling him. Or, if it’s out of boredom, providing your dog with toys can keep him busy.

Similarly, there are several ways that you can use to prevent your furry friend from scratching the carpet. Still, if these ideas don’t stop your dog’s behavior, try keeping the house carpet-free or place a blanket and mat over the carpet.


Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet

Dogs scratching the carpet can be due to instinct, boredom, excitement, fear, etc. Whatever the reason, knowing what caused such behavior can help you get rid of the issue, and further stop your dog from damaging the carpet.

Training your dog to eliminate such behavior may be difficult, so you must be patient.

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