Why Does My Dog Pull The Blankets Off Of Me

Why Does My Dog Pull The Blankets Off Of Me?

Why does my dog pull the blankets off of me? The behavior of some dogs can be odd at times. Every dog owner has encountered instances where they might scratch their head and wonder what is wrong with their pet and whether it could mean something. So it’s essential to keep in mind that a lot of the way your dog behaves as it gets older depends on its upbringing and environment. A careful observation of their body language and facial expressions could give us an insight in this regard.

Dog pulling the blankets of their owners are most commonly observed in males, but not limited to them, and it’s a show of dominance or an intuitive form of aggression attributed to the way their owners raised them. Other reasons could be because of their need for your constant attention on them even when you’re both in the same room.

Dogs are naturally good loving companions for humans. This is because we have been domesticating dogs for over 30,000 years now, much longer than horses or other ruminants. So we share an extraordinary bond with them indeed. However, the interaction and relationship between dogs and humans have changed a lot over the centuries, especially in the modern world.

Why Does My Dog Pull The Blankets Off Of Me?

dog pulling blanket

This can be ascribed to how human beings have changed lifestyles, particularly in our homes and living spaces. But the natural impulse of dogs can show at times due to a combination of the way they are raised at home or just hereditary behavior from their wolf ancestors.

So let’s read on to find out more about this strange behavior and see if it helps you find some solutions.

Reasons for This Behavior

There might be several different reasons why your dog might be behaving this way. Beginning with how they were raised at home, and as mentioned above, typical instinctive behavior is attributed to their species.

  • Need for attention

Like humans, dogs are also highly social animals that require constant interaction with their kind and other human beings. They are also very loyal companions who will bond with you throughout their life. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that providing too much attention to them will be detrimental.

So keep in mind that your dog must be trained to be content with being alone at times. Otherwise, it might lead to separation anxiety among some dogs, which can seriously affect their health and behavior around other people.

  • The way that they are brought up at home determines their behavior

Dogs, like humans, require a specific type of nurturing when they are still puppies. Too much pampering or not inculcating discipline can lead to aggression or disobedience as they become adults.

This may also be the reason why dogs pull at our clothes and blankets. Not being reprimanded for the behavior you disapprove of may have encouraged them to be more aggressive and show dominance over you.

  • Releasing too much pent-up energy inside them

As puppies, dogs have a lot of excess energy inside them, leading to them being overly playful at times. Pulling at your blanket might be a sign of them wanting to have a little bit of fun with you out of boredom. Naturally, biting or using their mouth is a common dog behavior to explore their surroundings.

  • It is a show of marking their territories and asserting dominance

Similar to how cats behave, dogs are also territorial when it comes to their environment. This will mean that at times they will try to take your blanket from you and move it to their own location or lay on top of it.

Ways to Mitigate This Behavior

Although there is no universal solution for fixing this behavior, you must try mitigating it in some form or the other through these suggestions. And also, do not need to panic over such types of actions.

  • Dogs require some form of discipline from us while living inside the house. This can be in the form of showing tough love. Reproaching them for their bad behavior is necessary to understand the need not to go beyond the limit of what they are allowed to do.
  • A simple No can also go a long way in fixing this problem for most people as you need to show who the boss in the house is.
  • Ensure that your dog is given appropriate care and exercise, as it could be because of boredom or releasing all that suppressed energy by pulling at your blanket. Take them out for long walks occasionally and make sure they also get enough playtime from you.
  • Finding alternative chew toys or providing them with their separate blankets could be another solution that could work for some dogs.
  • If you are lying down in your bed and the dog pulls the blanket off from you, it could mean that they wish to snuggle beside you. So, pull the blanket over to the edge and invite him in!

Other Alternative Methods

  • You may also try some other experimental methods if the ones above do not work out. Dogs react to the emotional tone in our voice and the facial expression we make, so try teaching them commands such as “drop it” or “don’t do that” in a stern manner. Sometimes they might take it as a sign of disapproval from you, so they would probably change their behavior accordingly.
  • Another tactic is to ‘not react’ towards their habit of pulling at your blanket or clothing item. Sometimes reacting to their actions excites them more, and they could take it as a sign of us wanting to play with them. Just crossing our arms or remaining motionless could lead to them quickly losing interest and moving on to other forms of entertainment.
  • The other possible thing you could do is to take your dog to the vet. Sometimes dogs may show their level of distress or discomfort through odd behaviors that we might not pick up sometimes. So it is always important to consult a veterinarian about any underlying health issue that might be affecting your dog’s behavior.
common dog behaviors

Related Common Dog Behaviors

There are a few other related things we can classify as common dog behavior, and let’s look at some of those now.

  • Digging at blankets

As all domesticated dogs are descended from their wolf ancestors, their behavioral instincts also kick in sometimes. Digging or clawing at blankets or while on top of the bed could be a way of making their own ‘nests,’ so to speak. In the wild, dogs would create burrows within which they would take shelter and rest, which might be an inherited behavior.

  • Trashing their toys from side to side

You might have seen your dog acting weirdly by trashing their favorite toy from side to side. More than being playful, it is usually instinctive. Again, this is found to be an inherited behavior of dogs as it is a way of killing their prey.

Since dogs do not have sharp claws like cats, they rely heavily on their biting power. If they catch prey, the common thing they would do is neutralize them by trashing their bodies from side to side until the prey is exhausted from the ordeal.

  • Sitting in-between your legs or below your feet.

Now, this is a prevalent behavior that dogs do when they are near your presence. You might have seen them calmly walk up to you and lay on top of your feet or between the legs. Especially when you’re sitting outside or just relaxing on a couch in the TV room.

For some, this is a means of showing their attachment towards you or indicating their possession of you.

But others point to the fact that it could be a sign of nervousness or anxiety when confronted with unfamiliar situations. So your legs offer a type of protection and safety for them. While it is entirely normal for dogs to feel anxiety or loneliness, consult with a vet to make sure nothing else is bothering your friend.

  • Licking our faces and hands

Dogs are incredibly affectionate creatures. They show their affection towards us by licking our faces and hands, which might be an annoyance to some while others are less bothered about it. It is also because they seek our attention and want to please us. And that it is out of curiosity as well.

Just make sure that you wash your hands and face afterward!

Why Does My Dog Pull The Blankets Off Of Me

Conclusion on Why Does My Dog Pull The Blankets Off Of Me

Regardless of how your dog behaves, it is also crucial that you show care and attention to them whenever necessary. Well, sure, it could be instinctive behavior, as we have mentioned above, but other than that, it could be because of other underlying reasons unbeknown to us.

The biting, pulling, or scratching could also be indications of other types of problems that you might not be aware so to be on the safer side; it is advisable to take professional help if these suggestions do not work.

Also, it is essential to remember that just like us humans, dogs also have their wants and needs. So always have the time and patience to take care of whatever it is that they need or might be bothering them.

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