Why Do Dogs Wink

Why Do Dogs Wink? The 6 Most Common Reasons

Imagine you’re cuddling your most lovable and adorable dog and suddenly find it winking at you! One of the first things you might do is rub your eyes as you can’t fathom what you just saw. We’re here to tell you that a winking dog isn’t unusual.

But why do dogs wink? While it’s normal for most dogs to wink at their owners for attention, there could also be some underlying health reasons such as entropion.

Keep reading to discover some of the root causes of a winking dog.

Is a Dog Wink Similar to a Human Wink?

Should You Be Worried About Your Dog’s Excessive Blinking
Is a Dog Wink Similar to a Human Wink
Reasons Your Dog Keeps Winking at You

If you’re yet to experience your dog winking at you, you might be curious to know how they wink. Perhaps, you want to know whether their wink is similar to human beings’ winks.

A dog’s wink is more or less similar to that of a human’s wink. The only notable difference is that the wink may shift from one eye to another. Furthermore, some dogs wink more than once in just a few seconds.

6 Reasons Your Dog Keeps Winking at You

So, the moment of truth is finally here: reasons your dog keeps winking at you! While your dog may not wink at you often, it’s the opposite case for some dogs. Let’s explore the reasons in detail below.

  1. Your dog might be imitating you

Wait, what? Your dog can imitate you? That’s right! Imitation is one of the purest forms of affection a dog can show its owner. Of course, in this regard, you need to be someone who often winks at people when your dog is around.

Take, for instance, the contagious yawning. When you see a person yawn, you involuntarily start yawning, too. In the same way, your dog can catch up on your winking behavior. The only difference is that this imitation shows pure love and affection!

  1. Your dog might be looking for attention

The more your dog winks, the more you become obsessed with it! As adorable as it looks when it’s winking, you tend to show off this ‘trait’ to your friends whenever they come over. How could your dog not know about this?

Undoubtedly, your dog will pick up on your obsession with its wink and do it more often. This way, it gets the attention it deserves and perhaps, even more!

  1. Your dog might be portraying obedience

There may be instances when you notice that your dog only winks when it’s around other dogs. In such a case, winking could be because your dog is showing obedience. You might want to look out for its body language to be sure of this reason.

For instance, if your dog is crouching, slipping its tail between the legs, or rolling on its back, it could be portraying its submission.

  1. Your dog might be undergoing eye irritation

As mentioned, a winking dog could also be related to health issues. One of the reasons your dog winks often could be that its eye is irritated. When your dog is undergoing eye irritation, you might mistake it for winking. This can lead to the underlying issue not being handled and making your dog more uncomfortable.

So, how do you differentiate between a winking dog and one that’s undergoing eye irritation? Simple. Your dog’s eyes may be red, swollen, or watery. Excessive eye discharge or your dog constantly pawing its face could also indicate eye irritation.

  1. Your dog’s eyelids might simply be twitching

Have you ever experienced your eyelids twitching? Also known as eyelid spasm, this occurs when you’re stressed or tired. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that dogs also experience eyelid spasms.

In most cases, when it happens to humans, it feels as though the eyelids are twitching according to the rhythm of the heartbeat. If you notice your dog winking at you while its eyelids are simultaneously twitching, it’s safe to assume it’s an eyelid spasm case. Of course, this will last only a few minutes or seconds.

  1. Your dog might be suffering from entropion

If your dog is winking excessively, it could mean a more significant health issue, such as entropion. This is a condition where one of the dog’s eyelids rolls in. When this happens, your dog’s eyelashes are bound to brush against its cornea, causing irritation.

Even though entropion is a rare genetic condition, it can harm your dog if you don’t treat it. Thankfully, not all dog breeds are receptive to this condition. Some of the most likely dog breeds that can suffer from this condition include Chow Chow, St. Bernard, Great Dane, and Shar Pei.

Should You Be Worried About Your Dog’s Excessive Blinking?

You don’t need to stress if you find your dog winking a lot but with no accompanying symptoms or body language. In most cases, it usually means your dog is looking for a friend to play with! However, you may need to consider taking your dog to the vet if the winking gets excessive.

Since winking can also be related to health problems, you must observe your dog closely. If you see any indications that your dog might be in pain or suffering from something, you’re not wrong in being worried.

Can Dogs Be Taught To Wink?

If you’re wondering whether you can teach your dog to wink or not, the answer is a big yes!

Similar to how you teach your dog to sit, stand, or other behaviors, winking is one you can teach with ease.

Of course, you should accompany such verbal commands with delicious treats!

Conclusion on Why Do Dogs Wink

Why Do Dogs Wink
Can Dogs Be Taught To Wink

Seeing your dog winking at you when you least expect it is worth remembering! Apart from your fondness for your dog, seeing this gesture replicated is bound to make you squeal with delight! However, you must ensure that there are no underlying health problems or complications beforehand.

Luckily, even if your dog has an eye problem, you should know these are easily treatable. If your dog is excessively winking to manifest its profound love for you and nothing else, you’ve got yourself a faithful dog!

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