Brutal Truths About Dogs

12 Brutal Truths About Dogs That Will Shock You

It’s easy to get lost in the antics and soulful eyes of your furry friend. Sometimes, you may even think that dogs are pretty similar to humans. But that’s not true! 

First of all, dogs are way better than humans, and they have certain “hidden” truths which you may not know. This sets them apart in a unique manner. 

So, if you think you know every feed on your dog, here are 12 brutal truths about dogs we bet you didn’t know. Let’s begin!

1. Dogs Can Smell Feelings

Ever found your dog snuggling to you while you were breaking down or feeling sad? If yes, this is due to their ability to smell feelings. This superpower comes from their incredibly strong olfaction that’s approximately better than yours by 100,000 times. 

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that these adorable, furry creatures can sense your joy, sadness, or fear. When humans emit these feelings, their sense of smell quickly picks up on the change. 

2. They Can Detect Illnesses

Feelings aren’t the only things dogs can sense. There are far more crucial things our furry pals can detect. Yes, we’re talking about illnesses and diseases like cancer. 

When cancerous cells begin to emit different metabolic waste that’s different from healthy cells, dogs are able to sniff it quickly. In fact, our furry pals might be able to sense such cells simply through your breath. 

3. Dogs Can Be Really Fast

You might be thinking, “yes, we know dogs are fast. There’s nothing new about it”. But you might be in for a surprise. We all know that dogs can run really fast but did you know that our furry babies can run faster than cheetahs? 

Well, some of them, at least. Breeds such as greyhounds are found to be faster than cheetahs. And how fast are they? A whopping speed of 35 miles per hour on average for around 7 miles. 

4. Dogs Are a Pregnancy Alert System

Again the incredibly strong olfactory system of dogs makes them a literal pregnancy alert system. Well, they won’t be beeping or buzzing with a “you’re pregnant” sign. 

But, since dogs can notice and pick up the change in hormonal changes, they’re able to sense your pregnancy even before you’ve taken that test kit inside the bathroom. 

5. They Have More Than One Eyelid

While some people struggle to have a single eyelid, dogs are kissing goodbye to this dilemma. That’s right! Our furry pals have a total of three eyelids, and it serves an essential purpose in their lives. 

The three eyelids are placed in the lower, offside, snout area, and upper region. These multiple eyelids protect their corneas from rough weather, help induce tears, and also serve as lymphoid tissue, which is related to their immune functioning. 

6. Canines Are More Than Aware of Earth’s Magnetic Fields

If you’ve ever noticed your canine going in circles in times of sleep or relieving their stomach, it’s more than your pup being playful. It may appear cute, but it’s more than just a cute and playful act. 

Some research indicates that this type of behavior is associated with their orientation with the magnetic field of Earth. So, when canines conduct their business, you’ll find them dropping the stinky bomb within the north-south axis. This is also something that assisted ancient canines in territorial marking. 

7. The Stinky Roll Is a Way of Communication

We’ve all seen our dear companions rolling in stinky things and probably wondered why? Well, you’ll find out now. Rolling in such smelly, stinky areas is found to be mentally stimulating for dogs. 

But there’s more to it. It’s also a way for our furry canines to communicate. Not to humans but to their fellow canines to show their discovery of something cool. 

8. Dogs and Children Are an Absolute Match

If you’ve witnessed cute Instagram reels where dogs and babies are snuggled together, you’ll be wondering in no time why dogs and children pair so well together. 

This is because dogs are as smart as two-year-olds. Hence, children and family dogs end up carving a special bond. And it’s probably because they talk in the same language, using roughly 250 words along with gestures. 

9. They Yawn but Not Like Us

Dogs yawn, humans yawn, and everyone yawns. But humans and dogs usually yawn for different reasons. Most of us usually yawn because we’re tired or have a CO2 buildup. But this isn’t the case for dogs. 

For dogs, the reason why they yawn is usually that they’re anxious about something. Another reason dogs yawn is to empathize with their human when they yawn. 

10. Pups Are Born Deaf and Blind

Puppies are not the same as babies during childbirth. When they’re born, their ear canals and eyes are closed, making them deaf and blind at the start. They start gaining their ability to see and hear only after a few weeks or so. 

This is because dog embryos don’t spend months inside the womb. It usually stays for about two months. Hence, puppies are born without being fully developed. 

11. Baby Talk Voice Is Just a Phase

Similar to humans, even puppies outgrow the baby talk their humans do. This means your puppy may respond adequately when you talk to them in a puppy voice, but your adult canine probably won’t. 

In fact, they probably dislike it. So, if you’re still doing them with your adult dogs, you must stop it. 

12. They Don’t Always Enjoy Affection

We love showering our furry babies with hugs and kisses. But, ever think about how they feel about it? While they don’t necessarily dislike the affection, they don’t exactly care for them as well. 

This is because dogs often find these affectionate displays stressful. Now, this doesn’t mean you should stop showing care and affection but just don’t bombard them with it. 

Wrapping Up

Brutal Truths About Dogs

So, there you have it! Some interesting truths about our favorite furry babies. Although dogs have been around for years, there’s still so much more to learn about these intelligent and adorable beings. 

And we hope through this article, you’ve learned more about your companion.

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