Tricks to Kick Your Dog's Worst Habits Instantly

6 Tricks to Kick Your Dog’s Worst Habits Instantly!

Dogs are lovable but highly impulsive. Sometimes, they may do things that will agitate you and test your patience. Numerous behaviors can drive you insane. However, bad habits are misconducts that you can get rid of with training. 

Whether it’s your dog chewing on your valuables or finding out that they peed on your favorite slippers, this article will help you teach your dog to change its ways.

So, what are the 6 tricks to kick your dog’s worst habits? Check out the article to put a stop to bad habits and help your dog lead a better, more obedient life.

Curbing Behaviour Related To Boredom

How To Discipline A Dog That Snaps At You

When dogs don’t get enough stimulation or exercise, they become bored and sometimes restless. Many canines flourish when they have an active life with physical activity and quality time with their caregivers.

If they misbehave, for example, by frequently barking, digging, destroying your favorite plants, and chewing on the coffee table’s legs, it is a sign that they are bored and require an outlet for their energy.

How to deal with it:

Give them the mental & physical stimulation they need. Take them on frequent walks, or choose an activity that both of you like. If you like puzzles, you can offer them mentally demanding and enriching games like a chew toy or a treat puzzle.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can construct an obstacle course in your backyard with some furniture.

Solving Kitchen Counter Robbery 

Do you wonder where your cookie went after leaving it on the counter for a minute? Dogs tend to develop this bandit trait when they need to be trained more. It’s crucial to teach your furry companion not to consume any food off of a table.

This is not only because it’s a bad habit, but it can also result in severe health issues if they accidentally consume chocolate, bones, and other cooking items.

How to deal with it:

You must learn to keep human food out of reach of your pets. Sometimes you may drop a little food on the floor or forget to keep your plate of food in the sink.

It’s essential to clean them right away and also teach your dogs commands such as “no”, “off”, or “drop it” if you find them trying to consume food that they shouldn’t. Reinforcement during their training can help build value over these commands and help you have a more obedient dog.

Disapprove Begging

Dogs are intelligent, and they know you will melt when they start showing you puppy eyes. Do not give in to the guilt when your furry pal asks you for extra food as they begin to look at you with their sad eyes.

You may not think this is a huge issue, and it doesn’t matter, but you may need to establish a rule that begging is unacceptable.

How to deal with it:

It must be started and upheld from the beginning that begging will not be allowed. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a dog that begs for extra food or attention for years.

This will cause a massive blow to their diet and lifespan. Discuss with the vet to find out what food and dietary restrictions will work for your dog.

Hinder Jumping Habit

A small puppy may not cause many problems if they start jumping on you when you return home after a long day out. It may even be adorable. However, it stops being adorable when they grow, and what if you have yourself a Great Dane?

If they start springing up on your guests and knocking them down when they enter your front door, it’s not a great way to invite them into your home.

How to deal with it: Training is always the answer. As with all types of training, the ideal time to start is when they’re young.

Teach them to stay, sit, or lie down when your pup jumps on you. If you reward this behavior, they will continue it. So, it’s best to ignore the dog until its paws hit the ground. Identify and reward this good behavior immediately so they will practice it.

Control Leash Pulling

Like the habit mentioned earlier, jumping is similar to pulling on a leash. This is harmful to the caretaker if the dog is persistent and no precaution is taken.

Your dog can pull and drag them into thorny bushes or, worse, traffic and nobody wants that. So, it’s good to teach them beforehand.

How to deal with it:

Get chest harnesses and head collars. They do not impair their sight or walking abilities; they redirect them to follow the caretaker’s commands.

When the dog starts pulling, you can stop and wait before moving forward. You can even turn them in the opposite direction to train them more efficiently. If you feel you need to be equipped for such training, get professional help.

Ridding Indoor Urination

All dogs will, at some point or the other, urinate in inappropriate places around the house. This is a way for them to mark their territory, but sometimes there may be other causes.

This may ruin your favorite couch or stain your walls, and it can become quite challenging to eliminate if you wait to do something initially.

How to deal with it:

It’s essential to identify the cause of why they’re doing it before you handle the situation. They may have medical issues, such as UTIs, kidney failure, or diabetes.

They may even struggle with the litter boxes and their limitations. So, rule all of these out and begin your potty-training routine when they’re little pups.

Wrapping Up

Tricks to Kick Your Dog's Worst Habits Instantly

When trying to curb your dog’s bad habits, positive reinforcement is always the go-to, as dogs perform best with the use of operant conditioning.

To simplify training, use short commands so that they will find it easier to understand and learn. “No,” “Leave it,” or “Sit” are commands that are usually easy to ingrain in their minds.

Additionally, it’s a big deal for you and your family to raise your furry companion similarly. Committing to consistency will help you get good results sooner.

After all the 6 tricks mentioned, this is the main trick that will keep your household happy and maintain a well-behaved pooch.

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