Springerdoodle Breeders in North Carolina Springerdoodle Puppies in North Carolina

Top 4 Springerdoodle Breeders in North Carolina (2024)

We have a list of breeds that you will find helpful if you are searching for a Springerdoodle puppy in North Carolina and absolutely adore puppies of that breed.

It’s crucial that you choose the best breeder for your needs, despite the difficulty of doing so.

Our list of the top Springerdoodle breeders in North Carolina includes the following.

Top Springerdoodle Breeders in North Carolina



If you’re searching for the perfect Springerdoodle breeder in North Carolina, let me tell you why PuppySpot should be your top choice. Even though they’re not based in North Carolina, their dedication to helping you find the ideal furry friend and shipping puppies out-of-state makes them simply unbeatable.

PuppySpot’s commitment to ethical breeding practices and their strict no-puppy-mill policy ensure your Springerdoodle comes from a responsible and loving breeder. Their out-of-state shipping guarantees a safe and comfortable journey for your puppy, making the process stress-free for both of you.

Their extensive network of reputable breeders offers a diverse range of Springerdoodle puppies, helping you find the perfect match for your family. PuppySpot provides detailed information on breeding practices, health records, and parent dogs, allowing you to make a confident and informed decision.

In addition to transparency, PuppySpot offers exceptional customer service and post-adoption support. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to answer your questions and guide you throughout the adoption process, ensuring a seamless experience.

In summary, PuppySpot’s dedication to quality, ethical breeding, and outstanding customer service make them the best source for finding a Springerdoodle breeder in North Carolina. Their out-of-state shipping ensures you can bring home the perfect companion, no matter where you’re located.

PuppySpot Details

Charlotte Dog Club

The staff at Charlotte Dog Club takes great pride in providing people with puppies that are both absolutely healthy and well-bred. Their top priorities are to breed the healthiest, best-looking puppies they can while providing those who are interested in adoption with a wonderful adoption experience.

As authorized Springerdoodle breeders, the Club has established a network of other reputable breeders who uphold incredibly high standards. The Charlotte Dog Club was established to provide potential buyers with a selection of puppies and assistance from knowledgeable staff.

At a price of anywhere between $1,000 – $2,800, they can provide a wellness assurance lasting as long as ten years. The associate breeders are frequently visited and inspected to ensure they adhere to federal or state criteria. Before breeding, the parent breeders are examined by a vet to confirm their well-being.

They also promise that all pups are in good shape and devoid of congenital flaws and that both of their parents have had all of their shots and medical checks. They have an open approach to their breeding program, which enables them to observe their operations closely.

Their website includes thorough credentials of each of the puppies, giving you a deep understanding of their temperaments and traits—almost as though you were actually meeting them. When you locate a fit, you have the option to “adopt/reserve,” schedule a meeting or contact them using the information below.


  • Website: charlottedogclub.com
  • Phone: 704-761-6389
  • Address: 1800 Amity Hill Rd., Cleveland, NC 27013

Crockett Doodles

When selecting a new “family member,” breed character traits must be taken into account, so having a variety of options is extremely important. Visitors to a single fixed breeder have fewer options, which makes choosing reasonably easy.

Springerdoodles are the focus of the South Carolina-based breeder Crockett Doodles. They are open to working with North Carolina residents and are well known for giving each pooch excellent attention and loving care. Breeders meticulously choose parents depending on their character and physical condition, and they offer all essential medical examinations and promises.

A lovable as well as intelligent companion, the Springerdoodle appreciates spending quality time around its own family & having a fun time with kids. This breed is very kind and devoted, generally getting along quite well with other pets, so picking Crockett Doodles will be a great decision.

Prices differ from variations; for example, the price of a frizzy-coated, traditional black Springerdoodle female would be $1,300 plus a $100 female designation fee. Additionally, a male straight-coated mini Springerdoodle in liver/white or chocolate/white costs $1,700. Since this breeder is in rising demand and might have a long queue for Springerdoodles, reaching out to them beforehand is recommended.


Family Raised Doodles

Based in Kendall, New York, Family Raised Doodles can help you adopt doodles. The breeder, Stacia Jablonski, and their family prioritize raising the puppies in their residence as a part of their family. They hold the opinion that healthy dogs & dogs with good temperaments produce pups who are positive.

To ensure the welfare of their dogs, they also perform genetic screening for more than 180 separate genetic issues. By doing this, they produce fit, intelligent, and kind puppies. The dogs are raised in a setting resembling a family, complete with people, other animals, and background noise from everyday life.

They have prices between $1,500 and $2,700. Included in the cost is $200. The price comprises a two-year health warranty, up-to-date vaccinations, three rounds of deworming, and a vet checkup. This cannot be refunded but may be used to purchase another litter. 

They can easily transport your pawed friend to your location via a designated service. Your children can play a significant role in the lives of your dogs while they are puppies. The Family Raised doodles can become more than just pets to your family!


  • Website: familyraised.com
  • Email: familyraisedpup@gmail.com
  • Phone: 585-643-7799
  • Address: PO Box 311, Kendall, NY 14476

What You Should Know Before Adopting a Springerdoodle Puppy in North Carolina

Springerdoodle Breeders in North Carolina Springerdoodle Puppies in North Carolina

It looks like you’re planning to bring a Springerdoodle puppy into your life in North Carolina, and that’s super exciting!

I’m here to help you navigate this journey, ensuring it’s smooth sailing for both you and your future furry buddy!

Keep these friendly tips in mind as you prepare:

  • Discover the perfect breeder: Seek out a North Carolina Springerdoodle breeder with a heart for their pups and a great reputation. They should prioritize the health and happiness of their dogs, providing a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Commitment and love: Reflect on your daily routine to ensure you have the time, energy, and resources to give your Springerdoodle the love, training, and exercise they deserve.
  • Healthy and happy pups: Request your puppy’s health records and make sure they’ve undergone all essential tests to ensure they’re in tip-top shape!
  • Parental background: Learn about your puppy’s parents, their health history, and breed traits to better understand your pup’s future temperament and appearance.
  • Get to know their personality: Observe your potential pup’s temperament and how they interact with you, their siblings, and the breeder. This helps you find the ideal furry companion for your lifestyle.
  • Vaccinations and deworming: Double-check that your new four-legged friend has all their vaccinations and has been dewormed according to schedule.
  • Budget for your buddy: Be ready for the costs associated with adopting a Springerdoodle, including the initial price, vet care, food, grooming, and all those adorable accessories!
  • Understand the contract: Carefully review the breeder’s contract, looking for health guarantees and any stipulations about spaying/neutering or breeding.
  • A helping hand: Choose a breeder who’ll offer guidance and support even after you’ve brought your puppy home. They should be available for any questions or concerns you might have.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, you’ll be all set for a successful adoption and a beautiful life with your new Springerdoodle puppy in North Carolina!

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