springerdoodle breeders in california springerdoodle puppies in california

5 Great Springerdoodle Breeders in California (2024)

California is known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant lifestyle, making it an ideal place for dog lovers.

While many people in the Golden State are falling in love with the Springerdoodle, a beautiful and intelligent crossbreed between the English Springer Spaniel and the Poodle, it’s essential to note that there currently aren’t any Springerdoodle breeders in California.

However, don’t be disheartened! Prospective Springerdoodle owners can still find reputable breeders outside the state who are willing to ship these adorable pups to their forever homes in California

Springerdoodle Breeders in California

springerdoodle breeders in california springerdoodle puppies in california

In this article, we’ll explore the best Springerdoodle breeders that cater to Californians.



For Californians seeking to adopt a Springerdoodle puppy, PuppySpot emerges as an excellent choice. As a reputable platform connecting potential dog owners with responsible breeders across the country, PuppySpot has built a strong reputation for prioritizing the health and welfare of the puppies they offer.

Their commitment to delivering out-of-state puppies makes them a convenient option for those in California who are unable to find Springerdoodle breeders within the state.

One of the key reasons PuppySpot stands out is its thorough breeder screening process. Each breeder undergoes a comprehensive, multi-step vetting procedure that ensures they adhere to the highest standards of care, responsible breeding practices, and ethical treatment of their dogs.

PuppySpot’s dedication to working only with breeders who meet their stringent criteria ensures that you will receive a healthy and well-cared-for Springerdoodle puppy.

PuppySpot also provides a valuable resource for new pet owners by offering extensive information and guidance on their website. From detailed breed profiles to valuable tips on puppy care, training, and health, PuppySpot ensures that you are well-equipped to provide your new Springerdoodle with the best possible care and environment.

Additionally, PuppySpot’s customer service is exceptional, offering support throughout the adoption process. Their team of experts is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, making the experience of adopting an out-of-state puppy seamless and stress-free.

In summary, PuppySpot is an outstanding option for those looking to adopt a Springerdoodle puppy in California. Their commitment to working with responsible breeders, prioritizing puppy welfare, and delivering out-of-state puppies makes them a trusted source for bringing a healthy and happy Springerdoodle into your home.

PuppySpot Details

Crockett Doodles

Crockett Doodles is a network of families who offer quality and healthy Springerdoodles in standard and mini sizes. They are based in Greenville, South Carolina, but provide delivery options for California.

The puppies are in the care of individual families until they are ready to find new homes.

The price for a standard black or gray male with a straight coat is $1000 – $2000; this includes a flexible and refundable $300 deposit. However, the total cost depends on the traits you choose, such as:

  • + $400 for a mini-sized puppy.
  • + $100 for a female.
  • + $200 wavy/curly coat.
  • + $300 for red/chocolate coat.
  • + $400 for parti coat.
  • + $500 – $800 for tricolor, phantom coat.
  • + $200 for a Christmas puppy.

Crockett Doodles provide puppy discounts which you must process before completing the adoption procedure. 

  • $100 discount for anyone referred by a former Crockett Doodles Forever Home adopter.
  • $100 discount for EMTs, military, police officers, veterans, firefighters, teachers, home school parents, and pastors.

You can request ground or flight nanny delivery for the puppies to ensure maximum safety and convenience. However, you will get a $100 discount if you choose a regular ground/flight delivery.


  • Address: 2502 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615, United States

Sand Hollow Doodles

If you’re looking for healthy, happy, and highly sociable Springerdoodles, look no further than Sand Hollow Doodles. They are a group of two families with more than 18 years of experience in raising dogs.

The puppies at Sand Hollow Doodles are priced at $2000 with a non-refundable deposit of $200. If you wish to reconsider a puppy, you can transfer the deposit to a different litter.

Because the puppies are raised in a pleasant family setting, they are friendly and easy to train. So, you can be confident that they’ll quickly adapt to your home.

To help the puppy familiarize with the new environment, you will receive some puppy food and a small blanket with the mother’s scent.

The puppies are fed high-quality food and come with AKC microchips, which you can update for lifetime protection. You can pick up the puppies from the breeder’s location or consider delivery via ground or flight nanny.

To get more details on their shipping charges and delivery options, consider reaching them via phone.


  • Phone: +1 208-571-7899

Pawpaws Doodles

Recognized by Good Dog as a responsible breeder, Pawpaws Doodles provide CKC-registered and sociable puppies that are easy to train.

They provide all the necessary information on the puppy’s health, including a health certificate, vaccination, and worming reports. The puppies also come with microchips to improve identification.

You will receive a puppy pack consisting of a three-day supply of puppy food, a small collar, and a toy. In addition, the breeder also provides a blanket with the scent of the puppy’s mother on it. This allows them to transition into a new home with ease. 

The breeder provides ground transport and flight nanny delivery options. You can also pick up the puppies or meet at the breeder’s nearest airport.

Regarding the puppies’ pricing, the breeder does not disclose the prices on their website. So, you will need to contact the breeder via email or phone.


  • Phone: 2702052736

Sweet Sunny Sproodles

Based in Oklahoma, Sweet Sunny Sproodles is another responsible breeder recognized by Good Dog. 

The breeder provides mini-sized F1 Springerdoodle puppies in the following coat colors: Black, white and tan, red and white, liver and white, liver, white and tan, phantom, and parti coats.

Their puppy pack includes:

  • A dog bandana.
  • A puppy pee pad.
  • A puppy starter kit.
  • A food starter bag.
  • Vaccination reports.
  • A toy with littermates’ scent.
  • A health certificate with a 1-year health guarantee.
  • A blanket with the mother’s and littermates’ scents.

The puppies are priced at $950 – $3500, including a $700 deposit. The breeder offers referral and military discounts and many more. So, you can request the breeder to process any available discounts before completing the adoption process.

The delivery options provided by the breeder include the following:

  • Flight nanny.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Halfway meet-up.
  • Pick up at the breeder’s location.
  • Pick up at the breeder’s airport.


  • Phone: +1 918-695-8485

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