Labradoodles needs a lot of exercise every day.

They’re great for going on hikes or long walks with since they’re natural pack animals and love being near their owners at all times.

Before you go on your walks or long-distance backpacking trips, there are a few pieces of gear you should make sure you have.

I’ve since tried many other products and have finally found what I believe is the best walking gear to have for a Labradoodle.


  • RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness – I really struggled with finding a harness that was both durable and also a perfect fit, until someone recommended me the RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness. It’s been a perfect fit, and my dog can’t just slip out of it as I’ve previously experienced with other products. And it’s also quite reasonably priced.


  • BAAPET 5 FT Leash – Amazing price and durability all in one. This leash is better than leashes at even 2 or 3 times its’ price. Get one!

For long-distance backpacking trips

Going on a long walk with your dog can be an awesome experience, but you will need a bit more gear than what you would usually use for just a 45-minute walk.

These are the products I’ve previously used and can recommend for hiking with a Labradoodle


  • RUFFWEAR Approach – I love this backpack and have gone on many backpacking trips with my Labradoodle wearing this. It’s by Ruffwear which products I’ve always been very pleased with. This model is the “Approach” pack. It’s lightweight but very durable, comfortable for my dog, water-resistant, and highly visible. The Large/X-Large version fits adult Labradoodles perfectly. And it’s also another item that comes at a great price.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

  • RUFFWEAR Collapsible Dog BowlThis dog bowl by RUFFWEAR is the perfect water bowl to put inside your backpack. It’s foldable so it takes up almost no space, is very durable, lightweight, and comes at a very reasonable price. I own the medium-sized bowl which is fine for me. But if you have plenty of room in your backpack get the large-sized bowl instead.

Dog Boots

  • RUFFWEAR All-Terrain Dog Boots – If you are going on a long hike with your Labradoodle, you really should bring a set of dog boots for emergencies. These RUFFWEAR Dog Boots are of very good quality. These are only for emergencies, so they don’t need to hold up to daily walks. A size 8 should be a perfect fit for an adult Labradoodle.

First Aid Kit for Dogs

  • Pet First Aid Kit – I have spent hours trying to find the perfect first aid kit and this has everything I wanted. It’s a really good idea to have a good pet first aid kit with you, especially on longer trips. The kit is not very big so it can easily fit in your backpack. In case your dog should ever have an allergic reaction, pick up a small to-go pack of Benadryl from your local drug store, add it to this kit, and you’ll have the perfect first aid kit for a dog.

Walking When It’s Dark

If you’re ever in a situation where it’s dark outside and you’re going for a walk with your Labradoodle, you should really consider something that makes it easier to be seen.

Not only for yourself but also for your Labradoodle.

I would advise that you buy an LED Collar, not to replace your current collar or harness, but as something, you use together with either of those.

Amazon has the BSEEN LED-collar with rechargeable batteries that should last long enough for a good long walk.