Pro Digest For Dogs

Pro Digest For Dogs – A Complete 2024 Guide

Similar to how humans care for the gut and digestive system, it’s essential to give the same care and attention to our furry pals. We’re not the only ones with a complicated gut system; even dogs have. 

And this makes it essential to ensure our furry babies have good gut health. With this, the demand for probiotic supplements has skyrocketed within the pet healthcare industry today. 

There are hundreds of Pro Digest for Dogs available in the market today. So, it can be a little daunting to pick the right one. But worry not! We’re here to settle the case with our complete guide on pro digest for dogs. Let’s dive into it! 

What Are Probiotics?

Daily Dog Probiotic
Can Dogs Take Probiotics Daily

Probiotics are widely regarded as dietary supplements containing beneficial bacteria which are naturally found within the digestive tract. Although there aren’t many scientific studies supporting its health benefits in dogs, it has become a popular health product within the pet industry. 

These are also often marketed as a pro digest for dogs and are used in decreasing stomach issues like diarrhea and gas. Much like human probiotics, vets recommend probiotics for canines following antibiotic treatment. 

Some research indicates that using probiotics can aid dogs with the following: 

  • Liver function 
  • Bad breath 
  • Allergy-related conditions 
  • Kidney function 
  • Weight management 
  • Immune function 

Pro Digest For Dogs – A Complete Guide

Pro digest or otherwise known as probiotics are basically known as formulated gut health probiotic supplements for dogs. It can be found in various forms, such as meal toppers, soft chews, etc. 

But, before you settle on the supplement, it’s essential to consider a few factors, including: 

Look for Ingredients with Different Bacterial Strains

Individual bacteria strains are known for characteristics like anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory. However, these benefits can only work in full power when each bacteria works alongside the other. 

This is because the combination of bacteria can help each other check different functions within the digestive system. So, to put it short, it’s ideal to pick probiotics with multiple bacteria strains to ensure different benefits come together and complement each other. 

Go for Enteric-Coated Probiotic Capsule

No matter how good the probiotic is, there’s no point in having them if they end up simply engulfed in stomach acid. This is quite important when it comes to dogs and cats, as their stomachs tend to be more acidic than humans. 

And since most gut microbiomes are tucked neatly around the large intestine, the goal is to ensure the bacteria gets there alive. Hence, probiotics with enteric coating are considered an ideal option when choosing a pro digest for dogs. 

Take Another Approach if your Pal has Chronic Digestive Problems

Probiotics are undoubtedly beneficial for reducing digestive problems, but when your dog has chronic digestive issues like constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea, simply using probiotics may not reach the mark. 

In such cases, you may have to consider FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant), which can help deliver a healthy set of microbes. It can be delivered via oral capsules or enema at the vet. 

Go for Human-Grade Probiotics

Yes, this may sound a little unsettling, given how humans and dogs have different internal systems. However, the ideal goal is to often find good probiotics. And human supplements are often regulated with more care and attention than animal-based ones. 

Therefore, human-grade probiotics contain higher standards, meaning it is considered much safer than animal-based one. Plus, human-based probiotics also have the same set of bacteria. Hence, it’ll be similar in effect as well. 

Can Dogs Take Probiotics Daily?

The short answer is yes. It’s best to give your furry pal probiotics regularly, but it’s crucial to provide the right ones. So, why should you give them probiotics every day? 

Well, the answer is simple. Probiotics bring a significant impact on not just keeping their gut health good but also ensuring their immune system is healthy and happy. And in the end, isn’t that all we want for our pets? Longer and healthier lives. 

Probiotics are essential in crowding out harmful bacteria inside the gut. And we all know our furry pals are guilty of digging through the trash or getting a taste of their own poop at times. All of this presents an opportunity for harmful bacteria to enter their gut. 

This makes feeding probiotics even more essential in their system to help fight against these bad bacteria that eventually find their way inside their gut. You might even be wondering how often you should feed them probiotics. Well, the key here is consistency. Don’t overfeed nor underfeed. a 

Moreover, probiotics can also help in ensuring the following: 

  • It can help avoid a leaky gut by ensuring the gut lining cells of your dog remain closer. 
  • It helps feed and grow bacteria (friendly ones) while discouraging and eliminating harmful ones from increasing further. 
  • It can reduce chronic inflammation in your dog’s gut by developing important T-cells. 
  • Your dog’s gut will also be protected against various symptoms typically associated with skin and food allergies. 
  • Probiotics can aid in helping the body absorb maximum nutrients such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and more. 
  • It helps stabilize glucose levels, which helps protect against metabolic diseases and obesity. 

PetJoy Probiotics – All You Need To Know

PetJoy Pro Digest Reviews
PetJoy Probiotics

PetJoy is a US-based brand that focuses on delivering high-quality pet products. The company specializes in producing health-based products like supplements. And yes, you’ve guessed it! They also provide excellent probiotics. 

Currently, PetJoy offers two varieties of probiotics called PetJoy Pro Digest and PetJoy Balance Advanced Probiotic. Both are probiotic supplement chews designed for dogs. The soft chews follow a 19-ingredient formula that aids in the development of beneficial microflora and bacteria in your furry pal’s gut. 

The supplements also contribute to balancing issues like upset stomachs, nutrient deficiencies, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. By allowing these “good bacteria” to develop and limiting the overgrowth of “bad bacteria,” the PetJoy probiotic supplements keep your dog’s digestive health in check. 

Here are a few things you should know about PetJoy probiotics: 

  • Easier Digestion: The supplements are able to calm your dog’s digestive system, which in turn helps deliver consistent stools, prevent diarrhea, and limit constipation. 
  • Balanced Energy: We all love the energetic nature of dogs, but bad gut health can contribute to reduced energy levels. Hence, the PetJoy pro digest for dogs helps increase the youthful energy of dogs by making it more efficient and consistent. 
  • Nutrient Absorption: PetJoy’s probiotics are designed in such a way that your furry babies can benefit from all the good vitamins and nutrients without having them simply pass the system. 
  • Tastes Great: Most dogs shy away from healthy products because they usually don’t smell and taste like their delicious treats. But, with the PetJoy supplements, you can serve it like a treat, and your dog won’t say no. 
  • Vet Approved: Petjoys food-grade supplements are all crafted considering quality support. Hence, all of their supplements are 100% approved by veterinarians and have a 100% Yumology guarantee. 

PetJoy Pro Digest Reviews

Looking for a well-formulated probiotic to help solve your pet friend’s tummy issues? Well, look no more. The Pro Digest for Dogs by PetJoy is an edible chew containing all the probiotic goodness your furry bestie needs. 

It helps allow your dog to digest food properly and absorb essential minerals and vitamins while keeping their immune system fit and healthy. What more can you ask for? 

How about the use of world-class ingredients? The PetJoy Pro Digest chews are made using human-grade ingredients. These healthy soft chews contain vegetable and beef flavoring, which, let’s admit it, your dog won’t say no to. 

But the delicious flavoring is just a tactic. The real treat is the DE111, aka Bacillus Subtilis, which is a healthy bacteria that aids in proper digestive function along with promoting a healthy immune system. 

The PetJoy chews are also easy to chew, making it easy for pet owners to incorporate them into their daily diet. Moreover, the product is FDA, meaning it’s not just healthy but completely safe as well. 

PetJoy strives to bring high-quality products to the pet community, and its products are testimony to that. So, if you’re looking for a safe and healthy pro digest for dogs, give it a try and see the difference! 

Wrapping Up

Pro Digest For Dogs

Overall, probiotics can make a great addition to your dog’s daily diet. It helps ensure a healthy gut and prevent various digestive-related issues. In fact, various research suggests it can aid with numerous body functions. 

But, pet probiotics are not as well regulated as human ones. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a probiotic or pro digest for dogs that have gone through proper regulation. This will not only ensure a healthy digestive system for your dog but also avoid health complications. 

Moreover, if your pet suffers from chronic digestive illnesses/issues, it’s best to go beyond probiotics. Instead, consult with a vet first, as probiotics may only offer temporary relief. 

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