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Place Board Training For Dogs | 2023 | A Complete Guide

Dog trainers continuously strive to find better tools and techniques to simplify the training process. Over time, various innovations have emerged and disappeared, but the place board appears to be a permanent fixture. Although its origins are somewhat unclear, the fundamental principle has been a vital component of animal training for many years.

Place board training is an integral component of any dog’s training regimen and offers the ideal platform for your canine’s needs. It is safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable – making it a must-have item to help teach your pup to follow commands.

The Place Orientation method is one of the most successful techniques for teaching your dog where they should go. With this technique, clickers and treats are used to reward good behavior when your pup arrives at a particular spot.

Utilizing a place board will help your dog form associations between their place board and other positive things they do, like sitting or greeting you when you come home from work. As a result, your pup will be much more focused during training when they feel secure within their safe haven.

When first starting training your pup, start on a lower platform to meet their needs and gradually increase the height as they become more confident. Once they’ve mastered the fundamentals, they can progress onto higher platforms or even planks.

If you want to know more about place board training for dogs, continue reading. 

Place Board Training For Dogs – Getting Started

Cato Place Boards

Utilizing a place board during dog training is not only beneficial for retrievers and pointing dogs, but it can be beneficial to any pup that struggles to stay put. A well-used place board will improve focus, obedience, command response time, and overall skill level.

A Place board is a raised platform with an elevated surface that dogs are taught to stand or sit on. It can be made from various materials, but it must be stable enough for your pup to step on and off without slipping and low enough for comfort.

There are different types of place boards available in the market for dog training. You can even make your own place board at home. However, if you are looking for a safe, sturdy, and durable board to handle your dog’s weight, it is best to choose a Cato Place Board. 

Cato boards are unique among other products on the market because they were designed specifically to help train your pup. Not only is it safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable – all features that make it an ideal training aid – but they’re also engineered specifically with your pup in mind.

This cutting-edge training tool is constructed in the USA with only top-quality materials. Its non-tip design provides exceptional stability on uneven terrain, while its high-traction rubber surface will help your dog develop their training skills.

Cato Board is a must-have tool in any dog owner’s training arsenal. Measuring an impressive 3.5 inches high and 16 inches wide, this board offers more than just novelty value. Plus, its rubber surface is lightweight and stackable, so you can move it from room to room as needed.

The best part is that your pup will love it. They’ll adore the feel of a soft rubber surface and extra attention from you as you work on obedience and other dog-related goals together. Your dog’s confidence will soar with each successful training session on the Cato board.

Here are the steps to start with Place board training for dogs:

  • Acquire a place Board
  • Introduce your dog to the place Board
  • Reward your dog for motivating them
  • Add a command with training
  • Practice different positions
  • Increase distance and distractions
  • Incorporate the board into other training exercises

Remember to always use positive reinforcement techniques and to keep training sessions short and enjoyable for your dog. With patience and consistency, your dog will become proficient at using the Cato Board.

Best Placeboards for Dog Training

Finding the ideal dog place board for training can be overwhelming with all of the available choices. That is why it’s essential to be informed about the different place boards available in the market.

Here are the 5 best place boards for training your dog. 

  • Klimb Platform

No matter if you’re training a young puppy or an old pup, the KLIMB Table can help with problem behavior. It provides dogs with a secure elevated space that serves as their “place,” where they can focus on you and your cues.

The Klimb Platform is the world’s first professionally engineered dog training platform. It is tailored to foster a closer bond with your furry friend and accelerate learning for both of you. This training platform is built with a durable, washable, waterproof poly deck with an exclusive rubberized surface for secure pet footing. 

  • Cato Place Board

The Cato Place Board is an excellent, versatile training aid that can enhance your pup’s routine. Its non-tip design provides exceptional stability on uneven surfaces so you can focus on the task at hand with complete focus.

Furthermore, the Cato Place Board’s rubber surface is remarkably durable and easy to sanitize. This makes it a great option for indoor training exercises such as running contact work, and teaching sends. Another training application of the Cato Place Board is to use it as a starting point for lateral distance work. 

  • Momarsh Final Stand Adjustable Dog Training Platform

The Momarsh Final Stand Adjustable Dog Training Platform is a great option for dog trainers who are looking for a versatile and durable place board. It is designed to be adjustable, allowing you to customize the height of the platform to suit your dog’s needs.

The platform is made of high-strength aluminum and has a non-slip surface, providing stability and safety for your dog during training sessions.

  • Ourea Dog Training Platform

The Ourea Dog Training Platform is another best product for place board training for dogs. It is made of durable plastic and has a non-slip surface, providing stability and safety for your dog during training sessions.

One of the unique features of the Ourea Dog Training Platform is its adjustable height. It comes with three adjustable legs, allowing you to customize the height of the platform to suit your dog’s needs. 

  • Terrain Dog Training Place Board

The Terrain Dog Training Place Board is another popular option for place board training for dogs. It is made of high-density polyethylene and has a non-slip surface, providing stability and safety for your dog during training sessions.

The Terrain Dog Training Place Board is also durable and easy to clean. It can withstand exposure to the elements and can be easily hosed off or wiped down after use. 

Choosing the Best Place Boards for Dog Training

How To Make A Placeboard For Dog Training
Plastic Place Boards For Dog Training

When choosing an ideal place board for training your dog, you need to consider these factors. 

  • Material
  • Size
  • Surface texture
  • Color
  • Portability

How to Make a Place Board for Dog Training

Place board training for dogs is an effective way to develop your dog’s focus, obedience, command response time, and ability to stay put. It also builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your pup. Place boards can be made at home using various materials. 

Materials Needed to Make Your Own Place Board

If you want to make your own place board at home, here are the materials you will need.

  • Wooden Board
  • Sandpaper
  • Non-Slip Tape
  • Paint
  • Saw

Here are the steps you need to follow to make your own place board.

  • Step 1: Measure And Cut The Board To The Desired Size

To make a place board, you need to use a thick wooden board with a plain and even surface. Before you begin measuring and cutting your board, you should decide on the desired size of your place board.

A common size for a place board is 24 inches by 24 inches, but you can customize it to your needs. Measure and mark the wooden board with a pencil and use the saw to cut it accordingly.

Follow safety measures when handling the saw. Once you are done cutting the wooden board, use sandpaper to remove any rough edges. 

  • Step 2: Apply The Non-Slip Adhesive Tape To The Surface

Non-slip tape, also referred to as traction or anti-skid tape, is an adhesive that can be applied to working surfaces to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

After you cut and shape the wooden board, you need to apply non-slip adhesive tape on the surface. This way, your dog will get a safer surface with better traction to stand. 

  • Step 3: Paint Or Spray Paint The Board

If you want, you can also paint the wooden board to make it more visually appealing. However, make sure you use non-toxic paint that is safe for dogs. It is best to use a paint can or spray gun to apply the paint.

Be sure to shake the can several times and always spray in long, light strokes for even coverage in order to prevent blotchy or splattered effects.

  • Step 4: Let The Board Dry

Once you are done spraying the board, simply leave it to dry for a few hours. After the paint is dry, you can take the board out and use it to start training your dog. 

Plastic Place Boards for Dog Training

A plastic place board is a training platform that helps teach dogs the precise location to be when given instructions. It can be used at all stages of training your pup, from early puppy socialization to ongoing education as an adult canine.

A plastic place board is a flat platform made of high-density plastic material with a non-slip surface. These boards are made of plastic instead of wood or plywood. Plastic place boards for dogs come in various sizes and are lightweight compared to wooden boards. If you are looking for the best plastic place board, look no further than Cato Board. 

The Benefits of Plastic Place Boards for Dog Training

Here are the benefits of using plastic place boards instead of wooden boards. 

  • Lightweight

Plastic place boards are an easy and secure training aid that can be utilized in various scenarios. These place boards are unique from other products on the market and are lightweight compared to other products.

They’re specifically designed using high-quality plastic to train your dog safely and effectively. Their high-quality plastic is both comfortable and durable, plus they’re incredibly lightweight, so you can store or move them easily – making them a perfect training solution for any home or business environment.

  • Durable

Plastic place boards for dog training are an invaluable tool to help you train your pup effectively. Being lightweight and durable, they’re suitable for all kinds of dogs. They can be constructed out of PVC, which is extremely durable. These place boards are extremely durable and can handle the weight of even large dogs. They will last for years to come. 

  • Portable

Plastic place boards are a secure, elevated, and sturdy training platform that can be used in various dog training scenarios. Furthermore, they’re portable and easy to handle, so you can train your pup at any time and anywhere.

These place boards are lightweight and can easily be transported from one place to another. 

  • Easy to Handle

Place boards come in a range of materials, such as wood, plastic, or even old tires. However, compared to other materials, plastic platforms are easy to handle and won’t slip on the ground, so dogs can stay focused during training sessions.

  • Available in Various Colors

Another advantage of using plastic place boards is that they are available in various colors. You can get a board in different colors, i.e., red, yellow, blue, green, etc. You won’t get a color choice if you use a wooden board. 


Cato place board Training For Dogs
Place boards For Dog Training

A place board is a raised platform with a non-slip textured top that can be used in many dog training exercises, from everyday obedience to agility and gun dogging.

These platforms provide stability and dependability that’s easy to transport anywhere – perfect for home use or on the field.

Place boards can be especially beneficial in early puppy training and can be taught to dogs of any age. You can buy a place board or make your own to start place board training for dogs.

To ensure your dog retains his training, reward them with treats, toys, games, praise, and other motivators. This way, you can make the training fun for you as well as your pooch.

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