Keeping My Dog Happy With a Hurt Ankle

Keeping My Dog Happy With a Hurt Ankle

When I sprained my ankle, my dog and I had to figure out how to have fun without our usual walks. Our adventures usually involve lots of running and exploring, but suddenly, I couldn’t even walk. My dog is super energetic and loves being outside, so I knew I had to come up with some clever ideas to keep him entertained indoors.

I found some cool tips online from other dog owners. First, we tried a game that’s like hide-and-seek for treats. I wrapped some treats in old towels and socks (the ones that lost their match a long time ago) and hid them around the house. My dog had a blast sniffing them out and unwrapping them. It was like a treasure hunt for him.

Next, we had a cardboard box party. I saved up a bunch of boxes from recycling, put some treats inside, and let my dog tear them apart. It was messy but so much fun watching him dig through the boxes to find his treats.

We also tried the “treat burrito.” I put some treats in a towel, rolled it up, and tied it. My dog loved trying to untie the towel to get the treats. It was funny because he ended up liking this game so much that he didn’t mind tearing up the towel a bit.

Training was another way we kept busy. We worked on some new tricks like “sit” and “stay,” but also fun stuff like “attack the cardboard fortress.” Our living room turned into a playful mess, but it was worth it to see my dog so happy.

This whole experience showed me that you don’t need to go outside to have a good time with your dog. We made our own fun at home, and I learned how smart and adaptable my dog is. He showed me that being happy isn’t about where you are or what you’re doing; it’s about being together and making the best of what you have.

Looking back, I’m really thankful for all the advice I got online. It helped us find new ways to enjoy our time together, even if it meant turning the house into a bit of a playful disaster. It taught me that it’s not really the walks or the perfect game of fetch that matter most, but the fun moments we share and the effort we put into making each other happy. Plus, it’s kind of exciting to see how much joy a simple cardboard box can bring!

Keeping My Dog Happy With a Hurt Ankle

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