How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water

How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water – 6 Best Methods

Some dogs love to consume food and beverage as if someone is chasing them. The speed at which they gulp down the water can cause a pet owner to worry. And if you are worried about the way your dog drinks water, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you answer your questions on how to take care of your dog in such situations.

There are many approaches to slowing down a dog while drinking water. The best and the most convenient way is to place some floating objects in their beverage bowl. The object must be large enough not to cause a choking hazard, and it can be a large ball. This will distract your dog. Your dog will drink the water while lapping around the ball, ensuring slower water consumption.

Some pet parents face issues where their dogs don’t consume enough water, and this problem is difficult to tackle. However, drinking a lot of water is much better than not drinking enough.

Of course, drinking water too fast also has its own problem. It is worrisome because it can cause many health hazards. Let’s dig further into why dogs drink water fast, what are the problems that can cause due to said reason, and how to solve this problem.

Why Is My Dog Drinking Water Very Fast?

Why Is My Dog Drinking Water Very Fast

If you’re looking for some tips on how to slow down dog drinking water, there are several reasons that may be causing your dog to drink its water very fast. Some of them are:

  •  Dehydration

Like any living being, a dog can get very thirsty if it is dehydrated. If your dog has been playing outside for too long during the summer, it can be dehydrated. Excessive water loss in the form of sweat from their body can make them feel dry, tired, and thirsty. In cases like this, letting your god drink water as much as it wants to is the perfect solution.

Along with water, you can provide vitamins and health supplements to ensure it doesn’t fall ill because excessive dehydration can cause nausea, fever, and vomiting.

  • Diet

Maybe your dog is consuming food that is salty. Salty foods are rich in sodium. The high sodium content in food can make a dog very thirsty. It can make the palate dry and thirst for water. Dog foods are usually not salty. So if you have given your food to your dog, it may be causing this issue.

Please make sure you only feed proper dog food to your dog for their good development and growth. If you have to cook for them yourself, add minimal salt.

  • Medication

Is your dog recently recovering from some illness? Maybe the medication that your dog is currently taking is causing excessive thirst. Some medicines can cause your dog to feel more dehydrated than normal. In that case, consult with your pet’s doctor for which steps to take further; whether you should continue giving the same medicines or change them?

  • Underlying health problem

If none of the problems stated above relates to your dog, it may be that your dog has some underlying health issues. It is best advised to seek professional medical help to diagnose any health issues your dog may face. It may be Cushing’s disease, kidney failure, infection, and diabetes mellitus. Identifying what your dog may be facing as early as possible can help your dog live a healthier and longer life.

What Happens if a Dog Drinks Water Too Fast

What Happens if a Dog Drinks Water Too Fast?

Anything done in excess is harmful. If your dog drinks water too fast, it can have plenty of harmful impacts on its body.

Here are some problems that can arise if your dog drinks water too fast.

  • Choking hazard

Drinking water rapidly can cause choking in your dogs. The quick entry of water in the throat can sometimes enter the windpipe and cause discomfort. Choking can make your dog cough, wheeze, and feel discomfort in the throat. This is not a huge problem, but sometimes, when neglected, a case of small choking can also lead to a bigger problem.

  • Throwing up

Another problem is vomiting. Quick drinking of water can make your dog vomit. Vomiting instantly weakens the immune system causing dehydration and fatigue. Sometimes, due to vomiting, your dog may end up drinking more water till it becomes a vicious cycle. If it continues, it can have negative effects on its stomach.

  • Pulmonary edema

Pulmonary edema is a health condition that occurs when there is an excess presence of water in the lungs.

When your dog’s water intake is rapid, it can sometimes enter the lungs. This can make your lungs absorb more water than required causing this condition. The numerous sacs in the lungs collectively gather fluid, and this condition can lead to pneumonia.  

Due to pulmonary edema, your dog can have difficulty breathing, dizziness, chest pain, and fatigue. Make sure you provide your dog with the required treatment to quickly recover from all the pain.

  • Canine bloating

Bloating in humans is usually lots of gases collected in the stomach causing discomfort. However, in canines, the canine bloat is not a regular boat. It happens when your dog ingests plenty of air during its quick consumption of food and beverage. If it is neglected, it can cause fatality.

Bloating in dogs that are suffering from conditions like volvulus and gastric dilatation can be life-threatening. If the air is not released immediately, your dog can lose consciousness and require surgery.

Please remain alert and take care of your dog in such situations.

  • Water poisoning

Dogs that consume plenty of water can sometimes suffer from a condition called hyponatremia. This condition is not very common in dogs but happens often.

If your dog drinks water rapidly and does not urinate often, it can cause water intoxication. This can cause the cells in the body to fill up with fluid, eventually causing your dog to swell. It can even go up to their brain, and it can be life-threatening.

How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water

How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water?

Here are some simple ways in which you can help slow down your dog’s water intake.

  • Use a floater bowl

Floater bowls are designed in such a manner that they can retain only a small amount of water. It may deceive your dog because the bowl will definitely look full and plenty. But it can only hold a certain amount of water.

  • No drip water dispenser

Water dispensers are a great way of ensuring safe water drinking habits in dogs. It will not allow your dog to gulp an immense amount of water; rather, it will only dispense a safe amount of water so that your dog satisfies its thirst but also does not choke.

  • Floating object

A large floating object kills two birds with one stone. It distracts your dog while also limiting its water intake. While the ball floats in the water bowl, your dog licks its surface and gets its water intake without gulping it down. It also distracts the dog. Just make sure the ball is big enough to not make it choke.

  • Ice cubes

Using ice cubes seems to work fine for some pet owners. It makes your dog drink enough water while playing with the cubes of ice in the water. This is a proven method that works for many dogs that drink water too fast.

  • Use smaller dish

The water bowl may be very big. Using a smaller dish for giving water to your dog can aid in this situation.

  • Limit water intake

The easiest method is to limit their water intake. Pour only a few amounts of water into the dish at frequent intervals. This will allow your dog to drink water without gulping it and causing any health issues.

This may be time-consuming as you have to fill the bowls frequently, but it is the cheapest and easiest method.


Pet parents are always looking for ways to take better care of their pets. As a pet parent, many behaviors of your dog might make you wonder if it is safe and how to correct it.

The way your dog consumes water can also make you question and worry. No matter what it is, the most important thing is to never neglect your dog’s health and habits; instead of looking into different things, trying different methods and approaches, try observing your dog and how it reacts to things. This can tell a lot about your dog, and you may also find your answers.

Additionally, if observing doesn’t work, the best approach is to seek professional medical help. Contact your dog’s veterinary doctor for diagnosis and advice. Your doctor can help you tackle any questions you have about your dog’s health and can assist you in making better decisions for your dog’s health.

Last but not least, make sure your dog has enough water intake without any health hazards.

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