How to Sell a Puppy You Just Bought

9 Tips on How to Sell a Puppy You Just Bought

Realizing you cannot keep your new puppy can be heartbreaking. But there are ways to ensure your furry friend finds an excellent home with the right family. 

A reasonable price will help you locate the ideal buyer and ensure your puppy has a fair chance at finding an appropriate forever home. Furthermore, this prevents puppies from being sold to someone who doesn’t prioritize their health or welfare.

You also need to take quality photos to capture potential buyers’ attention and intrigue them about your pups. Buyers prefer pictures so they can learn more about the pup before making a purchase. This step helps ensure the sale goes smoothly for both parties.

Working with a nearby pet store is also an excellent way to find potential buyers for your puppies. This method has proven successful in finding homes for many puppies in need.

It is critical to spend time screening prospective buyers when selling your puppy. Asking lots of questions and requesting references will help determine if the individual has the qualifications to care for your pup. 

If you want to know how to sell a puppy you just bought, continue reading. 

9 Tips on How to Sell a Puppy You Just Bought

The Best Places to Sell Puppies Online

If you have purchased a puppy but ultimately decide it’s not suitable for your family, there are still options available to you. You can sell the puppy to help them find a better home.

Here are some tips on how to sell a puppy you just bought. 

  • Talk to the Breeder First

Before you decide whether or not to sell a puppy that you recently acquired, it is essential to first speak with the breeder from which you got the puppy. Doing this allows you to determine if they are interested in selling your pup and ask any pertinent questions that are essential for making an informed decision.

The seller will usually have information about potential clients who are interested in buying puppies. They can help you find potential buyers. Reputable breeders take their responsibility to the breed seriously, only selling their puppies to people they know will provide a suitable home for them. 

  • Speak With Your Veterinarian

You can also consult with your veterinarian if you want to sell a puppy you have recently bought. That way, you can guarantee the puppy is healthy and has received all necessary vaccinations according to its age group.

Veterinarians possess a vast amount of expertise in various breeds. They can assist you in understanding the most suitable way to care for your pet and can even help you find potential buyers or a new home for the puppy. 

  • Place an Advertisement in Local Papers

If you need to quickly sell a puppy that you recently acquired, placing an advertisement in local papers is one of the best methods. This will reach a large audience and ensure your puppies are sold quickly.

Newspaper advertisements have been around for many years, and they remain an effective means of advertising. Another advantage of placing an ad in a local paper is its usually cost-effective nature. 

  • Get the Word Out on Social Media

If you want to spread the news about your puppy for sale, social media is an ideal platform. Make sure that any content posted on your page is of high quality and encourages interaction between followers. Images and videos can help you grab the attention of potential buyers.

One of the essential principles when advertising your puppy for sale on social media is being honest with potential buyers. Don’t hide defects or health concerns; this will demonstrate to potential buyers that you are honest.

  • Create an Online Ad

Creating an online ad is an effective way to reach a wide audience and find potential buyers for your puppies. You can utilize either a puppy sale platform or general classified ads website to post your ad.

A successful advertisement should include details about the pups and their parents, as well as photos of the puppy. This helps potential adopters become acquainted with the breed and guarantees they have chosen the perfect companion.

Additionally, you can provide information regarding veterinary care, papers or registrations, and accessories that come with the dog.

  • Make Flyers To Hang in Pet Stores and Local Business

If you’re trying to sell a puppy that you recently acquired, making flyers for pet stores and local businesses is an effective way to advertise it.

These can include your pet’s photo and name as well as information about them, such as distinguishing characteristics or personality traits which may not be visible in a photograph.

  • Consider Rehoming Instead of Selling

You can also consider rehoming instead of selling your puppy. While this can be a difficult decision to make, sometimes finding a new home for your pup is in everyone’s best interests. It is also essential to take into account the reasons why you may need to rehome your dog in the first place. When rehoming your dog, it is essential to guarantee its safety and well-being in its new home. To do this, screen all individuals to whom you plan on introducing your pup.

  • Set a Reasonable Price

When pricing a puppy, the type of breed and its popularity among dog owners will determine the price point. A high-quality, top-of-the-line purebred can be quite desirable and command an expensive premium price tag.

When selling a puppy, you recently acquired, make sure you set a reasonable price. A fair price should cover vet bills, a nutritious diet, and any additional services needed. Instead of making a profit out of it, you should aim at finding a better home for your puppy. 

  • Don’t Rush the Process

It is essential to take your time when searching for a home for your puppy. Doing so will guarantee that they receive all of the love and care they require to grow into healthy canines.

One option is to meet the buyer in person. This will give you a chance to explain your expectations and ensure that your puppy will receive the best care. 

Ideally, it is best to sell your puppies to buyers who live close by. 

The Best Places to Sell Puppies Online

If you are looking for an easy way to sell your puppy online, there are several options available.

Here are some places where you can place an online ad for selling your puppy. 

  • Social Media

Social Media is an incredible platform to connect with people worldwide, whether you’re searching for someone to buy your dog or just have a friendly chat. It can also connect you with potential buyers. The best thing about social media is that you can place an ad for free. 

  • PuppySpot

PuppySpot is an online platform that enables customers to search for puppies by breed. They provide various services, such as health checks and arranging pickup or shipping of the pups.

The website advertises a carefully screened and accredited network of responsible breeders. Their goal is to make searching for a puppy an effortless, enjoyable experience.

  • Puppy Find

Puppy Find is an online classifieds website that allows breeders to advertise their puppies for sale. Additionally, it provides a service for buyers looking to adopt new pets.

This site is free to use and boasts an abundance of listings from pet owners looking to sell their pups. You can search by location or filter your results based on age, size, gender, or other criteria.

  • Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly is an international online classifieds site operating in over 30 countries. It boasts an impressive selection of categories, such as art, jewelry, clothing, and vehicles, among others. You can use this online platform to sell a puppy. It is quite easy to place an ad on this platform. 

  • Gumtree

Gumtree is an online marketplace that doesn’t require a fee, where you can post ads for items you want to sell or purchase. You can use it to market cars, used clothes, old toys, and pets alike.

A website is a popular option for selling. If you want to sell your puppy online, you can use this website. Add a photo to your ad to attract more attention. 

  • Next Day Pets

Next Day Pets is a website that allows users to search for dogs and puppies. It boasts an intuitive user interface that’s simple to navigate. Furthermore, there are various options available for people who want to sell dogs. 

  • American Kennel Club

If you’re searching for an easy way to locate puppies for sale online, American Kennel Club is a great starting point. Their breed selector allows you to input your lifestyle and preferences, and then it will match you up with dogs that meet those standards. You can also use this platform to sell your puppy online. 

  • Craigslist

To sell a puppy on Craigslist, create a detailed and appealing post in the “pets” section. Include clear photos, breed information, health records, and your contact information. Be honest about the puppy’s temperament and needs. Screen potential buyers carefully to ensure your puppy finds a loving forever home.

How to Write a Perfect Ad to Sell Puppies Online

How to Write a Perfect Ad to Sell Puppies Online

When selling your dog, writing the ideal ad is paramount. Spending the time to ensure all pertinent details are included will make sure your ad stands out from all others.

Here are some tips to help you write a perfect ad to sell your puppy online. 

  • Pictures

Many would-be puppy breeders attempt to sell their puppies online. Unfortunately, many of these ads are unsuccessful and do not garner much interest.

A successful advertisement must include an eye-catching title, a detailed description that provides enough information and assures readers you are not running a puppy mill, and a showcase of your animal’s best qualities.

One of the essential ways to make your ad stand out is by including numerous pictures. A buyer is more likely to consider purchasing your puppy if they see multiple pictures of it.

  • Descriptions

When advertising to sell your puppy online, it’s essential that you give potential buyers enough details about the pup so they can make an informed decision. This includes describing their health, temperament, and appearance.

Additionally, it’s essential that you describe the pet’s quirks and habits so potential buyers can determine if the dog fits into their lifestyle.

  • Parents

When writing an advertisement for your puppy, you want to ensure that it appeals to the right audience. That means crafting an ad that will entice potential buyers and paint a positive picture of your pup will be key in getting them interested.

You need to disclose information about the puppy’s parents and put their pictures as well. 

  • Contact Information

When writing an advertisement for your puppy, it’s essential to include contact information. Doing this will increase the number of inquiries and potential buyers.

Additionally, including information about your location can increase the chances of receiving more inquiries and help you sell your puppy faster.

  • Health Guarantees

When advertising for your puppy, it’s essential to include health guarantees. These contracts shield buyers from heartache and expensive vet bills in case their new pup gets sick.

A comprehensive health guarantee should include documentation confirming that the puppy is free from genetic conditions and proof they have received all necessary vaccinations.

Furthermore, it should state that the puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and given an exhaustive health check.

How To Screen Potential Buyers When Selling A Puppy

When selling your puppy, you should put each prospective buyer through an extensive screening process. It will ensure that the puppy goes to a loving home. 

First, you need to question the buyers about their intention to buy the puppy. By understanding their intentions when purchasing a puppy from you, it will be easier for you to determine if the breed is suitable for them and their lifestyle.

You need to ask them questions over the phone and in person to gain an accurate assessment of their commitment to getting a dog. They must know what to expect from a puppy, including training and exercise requirements. Some breeds require more physical activity than others, so it’s essential that potential buyers understand what’s expected when they purchase your pup from you.

You should also take time to thoroughly vet buyers and ask them to sign a contract that includes a return policy and spay/neuter clauses. This ensures they are not contributing to shelter overpopulation or poor breeding practices by selling their puppies to unscrupulous people.


How to Sell a Puppy You Just Bought
How To Screen Potential Buyers When Selling A Puppy

If you recently acquired a dog and need to sell it, there are some essential tips you should adhere to. Doing so will guarantee the sale goes smoothly and your puppy finds an appropriate home. Y

ou can contact the breeder or ask the vet first when selling your puppy. Apart from that, you can also put up online ads to find potential buyers.

One of the essential principles to remember is that you should always prioritize the well-being of your puppy over any potential profit. If any potential buyers don’t appear interested in providing for their animal’s needs, it would be best to walk away from them.

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