How I Saved Over $300 Every Year of Owning a Dog

While I was working on an earlier article regarding the total cost of owning a dog, I could see that the numbers quickly started to add up in the spreadsheet.

So I started to look into several of the different posts and decided to see if I could improve each of them, one at a time.

And the first I decided to have a look at was:


Having previously had quite large unexpected vet-bills for my old dog, I’ve always known that I would also get insurance on my current dog.

And that is the full coverage with accident and illness included and not just the basic accident coverage.

When I started to see what options might be around for my particular dog and needs, I was paying $52 a month and had a hunch that I could do quite a lot better than that.

After a lot of research and getting quotes from different insurance companies, the ones that gave the best offer by far was Embrace Pet Insurance.

Their initial offer was around $30 a month with the exact same coverage as my at the time current insurance company.

After a bit of back and forth, I was able to negotiate a price of $25 a month for full accident and illness coverage.

They Helped When Needed the Most

But saving a lot of money on insurance isn’t worth it if you have an unreliable insurance company.

And you don’t really know how trustworthy they are until you need their help.

With my previous insurance company, we had to “fight” quite a lot to get from them what we felt was justified when our old dog got hit by a car and needed surgery.

After having had Embrace for around 8 months, my current dog suddenly got very ill and had to undergo a lot of tests before they could finally figure out what was wrong.

Knowing that the bills would probably end up in the $1000+ range, I was expecting to once again have to face an insurance company that wouldn’t give up without a struggle.

But much to my surprise, Embrace was extremely cooperative, and only asked a minimal amount of questions before helping me with the bills.

That was a fantastic experience in a time when we needed it the most after thinking we could end up losing our best friend.

So not only do I save over $300 each year, but now I also have an insurance company that I actually trust, and that is even more important than the money.

Hopefully I can help you save quite a significant amount of money!

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