Hottest Dog Trends

The 7 Hottest Dog Trends for 2023 You Must Try!

Our society continues to change rapidly, and with it comes various trends in both human and the pet sector.

And we can agree that staying updated with the freshest and hottest trend is one way of ensuring our pets are getting the best care. 

So, if you’re looking forward to improving your parent status in the coming year, take a look at these 7 hottest dog trends for 2023. Let’s have a look! 

1. Slow Feeder Bowls are On the Rise

Slow feeder bowls are a new innovative product that keeps dogs healthy by allowing them to eat slowly. The bowl achieves this through its unique and thoughtful design containing ridges. The food is lodged into it, which prevents the dog from consuming the food quickly. 

Several studies on the product claim almost a 10x increase in their meal duration. This slowed pace while eating helps dogs prevent bloating, regurgitation, and indigestion. 

If you’re looking for a new dog product to try out, this is an efficient product that continues to be on trend. It will help not only your dog but also you as a pet parent, as the bowl can keep your furry pals occupied. 

2. Say Hello to Microchip Feeders

Microchip pet feeder is another product that is on the rise and will likely continue to do so in the coming years. This is a product designed to help dispense dog food. Seems like nothing new, right? Not really. 

The feeder only dispenses the food to authorized pets. This product utilizes a device, which is often a collar chip, to detect the assigned pet. Hence, the feeder will not dispense any food if it can’t detect the chip. 

This innovative product can prevent dogs from overeating as they will only be eating the food authorized for them. Over the past year, this product has gained over 50% interest, making it a hot trend to look out for in 2023. 

3. Forget filters, Pet Portraits are IT

Millennial and gen-z pet parents spending on their pets has rapidly increased. And with that comes the latest trend in pet portraits. Any pet parent will have many pictures of their favorite furry companion on the phone. But the pet portrait trend takes things to another level. 

The pet portrait trend is exactly as the name suggests. It simply involves taking a straightforward portrait of your dog or involving the use of costumes and painting them in such. This trend is becoming more prominent, with companies even using it to promote their business. 

However, some companies entirely focus on curating pet portraits. With the increased demand for such products, you can now find various companies that promote different art styles and even famous replicas like Starry Night and fuse them with your dog. 

4. The Dog Industry is Being Swept with Paw Plungers

Name something that’s common in most dogs – if your choice is bath time, you’re absolutely correct. Dogs harbor a major dislike for bathing, and it’s rare to see them enjoying water unless they’re rolling and playing in dirty puddles. 

With the development of paw plungers, the standard bathing norm for dogs is slowly changing. The product doesn’t necessarily clean the entire body, but it cleans the paws, which generally carry most gunk and dirt. 

It’s an incredibly well-thought-out product, especially if you have a dog that enjoys dipping its paws in mud and dirt. This is undoubtedly one of the top trends that will see the light in 2023 as well. 

5. CBD Oils for the Pups

CBD oils have been on trend for years now. But it was primarily focused on human-based needs. Well, now CBD oils for dogs are rapidly on the rise. Today, the internet is filled with news and information regarding these oils. 

These oils are starting to make it into the dog industry as it is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, many pet parents are adopting the use of CBD oils to help reduce pain, anxiety, and stress in their dogs. 

6. Pet Parents are Vouching for Sustainability

Dogs can produce a massive load of carbon pawprint, and throughout 2022 we’ve seen pet parents opting for a greener option. And we’re certain the trend will continue to have larger adoption in 2023. 

From organic food options to eco-friendly products, pet parents are slowly making efforts to reduce carbon print. This goes together with the increased adoption of sustainable pet foods, products, lifestyles, and more. 

Moreover, with more pet brands getting on board with going green, the trend for sustainability among pet parents is heading strong into the upcoming year. 

7. Pet Tech Investment

Technological inventions have become a staple sector for humans. From our gadgets to other forms of tech, we have become one with tech. And now, the sector is becoming increasingly integrated into the pet sector as well. 

With multiple launches of pet-friendly gadgets to help accommodate a better pet lifestyle, pet tech investments have become a significant trend within the industry. Many investors today are moving forward with putting money on pet-based tech solutions. 

These techs range from smart collars and health & safety systems to dog-activated video calling systems. As we enter a more enhanced era of technological advancement, pet tech investment is one hot trend with the potential to stick around for a long time. 

Final Thoughts

Hottest Dog Trends

That’s the complete deed for our coveted list of the 7 hottest dog trends for 2023. These trends have had a sufficient impact this year alone and will continue to impact the pet space even in the upcoming years. 

One crucial factor to note from these trends is the fact that most of them are aimed at the well-being and health of dogs, which were somehow neglected in the past. This leaves a much-needed impact within the pet scene, which these trends are capable of. 

As pet ownership grows, we can expect these innovative and creative trends to grow along with it as well. 

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