Fascinating Reasons People Like Dogs

9 Fascinating Reasons People Like Dogs!

It seems like almost everyone you meet has a deep sense of affection when it comes to dogs. Even people that don’t own a dog will say they like them. But it’s not the same when it comes to cats. You’ll surely meet some people at one point in your life that dislike cats or maybe even hate them. 

So, what is it about dogs that make them so likable, and what’s so different about them? 

Dog lovers will have their own answers. Some will say they love the bond, and others will say they like them because of their loyalty. You’ll get many other answers like that.

9 Fascinating Reasons People Like Dogs

Fascinating Reasons People Like Dogs

In this article, we’ll try to look at 9 fascinating reasons people like dogs. Keep reading to find them out!

  1. They Are the Epitome of Unconditional Love

We often hear the words “unconditional love” thrown around a lot. But no other person or animal can truly stand as an example of unconditional love as much as dogs can. Dogs do not hesitate one bit when it comes to showing their love for us. 

Sure, we do a lot for them, too, like feeding them, cleaning for them, petting, and playing with them. But even without all these things, they will still love you unconditionally. There’s almost nothing that you can do that will diminish their love for you. 

  1. Loyalty

Dogs have unquestionable loyalty, which is what makes them so loveable. Once you form a bond with them, you will never find anyone or anything as loyal as them. They will always be by your side through thick and thin. 

If you want someone who you can trust and will always stick with you, it’s dogs! They will stay true to you as long as they are on this planet. 

Their loyalty is what makes them unique from every other pet and even humans. It is also one of the main reasons why everyone likes dogs.

  1. They Don’t Complain about their Food

Dogs can be a mess and noisy sometimes, but one thing they’ll never do is complain about what you feed them. You can literally give them the same food every single day, and they won’t say a word about it. This is something you can’t say about humans. 

You don’t have to worry about what you’ll have to give them for dinner or what to cook. They really don’t care about what’s on their plate. As long as it’s healthy for them, you can give it to them, and they’ll gobble it up in no time like it’s the best meal ever. 

  1. Dogs can Calm you Down and are Therapeutic

Life can be chaotic and exhausting sometimes. In those moments, all we need is a dog to calm us down. Just having dogs around can make you feel less anxious and tired. They have a calming effect on us simply by existing. 

Based on several pieces of research, there is a link between dogs and a reduction in pain and anxiety. And similarly, animal-assisted therapy has proven to be very effective in helping people with a wide range of both physical and mental health problems. 

It’s impossible not to like dogs when they can help you calm down in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Anyone can take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of having a dog, from students with depression to veterans with PTSD. 

  1. They Will Never Judge You

One of the best things about dogs is that they never judge you, no matter what you do. They are just there to be your companion and nothing else. You can sit around all day watching TV in your pajamas, and they’ll be happy to give you company. They won’t give you that dirty look which is something we cannot say about our human companions. 

  1. Dogs are Ready to Protect You with Their Life

What makes dogs so special is that they are extremely protective. Once you become their “human,” they will always protect you, even with their life. This is one of the reasons why so many people love dogs and even own one. 

Besides protecting you from physical threats, they will also be there for you whenever you’re sick. They will curl up next to you or lay down on your lap to let you know they’re always there for you. 

  1. They are Soft, Fuzzy, and Extremely Cute

Who can deny that dogs are one of the most adorable creatures to walk on this planet? They come in all shapes and sizes, yet they are all soft, fuzzy, and warm to hold. Simply burying your face into their warm body is one of the most comforting feelings in the world. 

These cute animals are hard to get enough of, and anyone can fall in love with their plush fur. They are like dolls but even better!

  1. Dogs Give You an Excuse to Go Out

Most dogs require exercise on a daily basis. It is up to dog owners to take their dogs out and give them the required exercise. And in that process, you also have the chance to get your exercises done. Dogs prevent you from becoming couch potatoes.

In fact, studies also show that dog owners are more likely to live healthier lives than people who don’t own a dog. 

Besides physical activity, taking your dogs out also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have more social interaction. It is important for us humans to have a good social life. After all, we are social beings. And so, dogs can be the perfect companion to help us from becoming anti-social in today’s busy life. 

  1. They are Goofballs

One of the reasons why dogs are so loveable is their goofiness. They embrace their weirdness and do not shy away from showing their childishness. They’ll do the goofiest thing possible, like spinning around continuously, running around the house without any reason, barking at objects, etc. 

All these things just make them so much more adorable and likable. Having a dog around the house is like having a baby that will never grow up and always be adorable.

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