Things Dogs And Reality TV Have In Common

7 Things Dogs And Reality TV Have In Common!

You have read several comparison lists on the internet. But none like what we’re about to read below. Today’s topic is kind of goofy. But trust us. It’s a fun one.

Yes, you read that right-What similarity do dogs, and reality television shows share? It is fun to think about once you dive deeper.

As it turns out, dogs and reality tv share quite a few similarities. And we’re here to share this fun list with you. So, buckle up and start reading below.

Dogs And Reality TV: 7 Ways They Are Similar

Here are seven ways you can compare dogs to your favorite reality TV shows.

  1. Reality TV Shows Are Fun. So Are Dogs

One thing that non-reality programs lack over reality shows is entertainment value. Of course, what entertainment means to someone is subjective. But reality shows get you on the edge of your seat like no other.

Well, that’s what our furry friends exhibit too. Dogs are the most fun and energetic pets one can own. No matter what breed you own, all dogs have that inherent nature in them.

Just like reality shows, dogs get your attention through the pure energy they display. They alter our mood just like those television shows do. The pure fun and excitement we receive from dogs and reality shows are second to none.

  1. Reality TV Shows Are Competitive. So Are Dogs

The competitive nature of TV shows is one factor that increases their entertainment value. And this competition is even more prominent with reality shows.

Reality shows with similar premises are always competing for ratings. One show strives to trump the other in several aspects. This nature is also present in your canine companions. 

A simple example is when you bring home a pet cat or another puppy. Your current pet won’t enjoy the company initially. The same goes for other neighborhood dogs-yes that aggressive behavior you know very well about.

  1. Reality TV Is Unfiltered And Real. So Are Dogs

As the name suggests, reality shows depict what actually happens. Unlike scripted shows like soap operas or sitcoms, reality TV is all about real emotions and drama. It’s like watching behind-the-scenes footage of those drama and comedy shows (actual events that happen off-camera).

And what we mean by “real” when we compare it with dogs is not their existence. We’re talking about the genuineness and faithful affection dogs have for us. This behavior is 100% raw and unfiltered.

The plots in reality shows are similar to the emotions dogs exhibit toward their owners or loved ones. These actions are not exaggerated or “half-baked.”

  1. Reality TV Shows Are Unpredictable. So Are Dogs

The whole idea behind reality television is to show events unfold without a hint. We can take our own lives, for example. Things happen when you least expect it, for better or worse. You always need to figure out what to expect in reality shows.

This unpredictable nature is quite evident in canines as well. One moment they are fine, and the next, you find them sulking.

But ultimately, things get better. The next episode brings better things to the viewer. Just like that, dogs return to how they were before-fun and loving.

  1. Reality TV Sparks Our Curiosity And Interest. So Do Dogs.

Reality shows are packed with drama, humor, and engaging circumstances. They absorb you in with their eventful drama and plot twists. One is curious about what will happen next-will the best contestant get eliminated? Or will the couple get back together? And such.

Dogs grab our attention in the same way. Sometimes, you can find them behaving oddly. And you can’t help but wonder curiously what led to this.

Other television programs spark our interest, too, like other pets, as cats or hamsters do. But what sets reality shows and dogs apart is they do it effortlessly. They grab our attention in an instant without having to wait.

  1. Reality TV Shows Can Deceive Us. So Can Dogs.

How many times have you guessed predictions while watching reality shows? Countless times for sure. But you get them wrong several times.

We are robbed of the pleasure of getting the correct assumption. One moment you can predict what will happen. But quite the opposite happens. 

Dogs do the same with us. And by “deceive,” we, of course, mean in a subtle and quirky way. For instance, when we tell them to “sit” or “stay,” they obey initially. But the next moment, they are running off in the opposite direction chasing the cat or another dog passing by.

Dogs are faithful and won’t deceive us intentionally. It’s just their nature to stray away from our control sometimes, just like how we can’t control how events will unfold in reality shows.

  1. Reality TV Shows Portray Talents. So Do Dogs.

Reality shows comprise several genres. Out of these, talent shows are one of the most beloved among viewers. Be it singing, dancing, art, magic, etc.; talent shows have got it all.

Similarly, our canine buddies have gifts we might not be aware of. They are ready to show they can do more than fetch a stick or shake your hand. Train your dog to do tricks, and you’ll get a furry ball of creativity like those clever people you see on talent shows.

In fact, we have seen dogs do tricks or even play musical instruments on these shows. Only some dogs are super smart. But the ones who are can brighten up anyone’s day.

Closing Thoughts

Things Dogs And Reality TV Have In Common

As you can see, your furry friends are more than you think. Who knew they had so much in common with your favorite reality TV shows? Both dogs and reality shows never fail to entertain and keep us engrossed. You get something new every day.

It’s not something you would think of comparing. But once you start, the hints keep coming. You can think of other common traits dogs and reality shows share besides the seven fun ones we have shared here.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

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