Dog Behavior When Human Is Pregnant

Dog Behavior When a Human Is Pregnant – What to Expect?

Are you wondering if dogs can sense pregnancy? If yes, you are on the right page, as this article will unravel the secrets behind human pregnancy and dog behavior.

Pregnancy is a sweet moment full of surprises. However, what will surprise you the most is how your fur friend responds and behaves while you’re pregnant. Yes, you heard it right! Dogs can sense your pregnancy and react to the situation based on how they feel about the condition.

So how can a dog sense human pregnancy? What reactions can you expect from your dog? If the idea of your dog sensing your pregnancy excites you, hop on, as the journey will be exciting.

How Do Dogs Sense Human Pregnancy?

Can Dogs Sense Early Pregnancy
How Do Dogs Sense Human Pregnancy

The bond between dogs and humans is astonishing, and you can take examples of various incidents where pets have performed extreme steps for their owners.

But how do dogs sense human pregnancy? Certainly, dogs do not read minds, and they do not possess any special powers. However, dogs have an amazing ability to sense change around them, and pregnancy is one of them.

Here are some things that may help explain how your fur friend may sense that you are pregnant.

Changes in Body Language and Shape

When a woman is pregnant, we can notice changes in her body language and shape.

For instance, a pregnant lady often faces difficulty while standing up or doing other chores which would have been buttery smooth if she was not pregnant.

Guess what? Your dog is very intelligent and will notice these difficulties immediately. You may experience a change in your dog’s behavior, and he will become more attentive toward her owner.

Change in Scent

We all know that dogs possess an excellent sense of smell. In fact, dogs can differentiate and identify more than 80,000 aromas. So, a slight change of odor in the house will trigger his senses and make him wonder if something is not right.

A pregnant woman develops special hormones during pregnancy that cause her to emit a unique scent. Dogs can sense this change and determine that the owner is pregnant.

Besides pregnancy, dogs can also detect cancer and seizures by sniffing their owners or based on different body odors.

Changes in Behavior and Mood

If you are a dog owner, you probably know that dogs can detect your mood or behavioral changes. In fact, dogs are experts in reading and responding to human behavior, especially when you are celebratory mood.

So, when a woman is pregnant, dogs can sense the change in mood and behavior and respond accordingly.

In short, these changes in shape, scent, and mood provide a clear indication that a woman is pregnant, and your fur friend is one of the first to determine the condition.

How Do Dogs React to Human Pregnancy?

How Do Dogs React to Human Pregnancy

But how do dogs react to human pregnancy? Well, dogs may respond differently when their owners are pregnant. Some dogs might become clingy and become more affectionate, while others can respond aggressively and become reactive.

You see, pregnancy is a crucial period in every home that changes the workings of the entire household. Once your dog realizes the changes, he may develop affection or aggression, depending on how he adapts to the situation.

In short, a lot depends on your dog’s traits and personality and how he copes with his pregnant owner.

Here are some emotional or physical shifts that you can expect with your dog.

Increased Affection

When you talk about the relationship between a pet and its owner during pregnancy, you can classify the results into two categories – the reactive pup and the clingy pup.

A clingy pup will spend more time protecting the mother and showering more love on the pregnant owner. In fact, many pet owners have confirmed that an affectionate pup will follow his pregnant owner everywhere and even stand guard or sleep next to his owner.

Some dogs may display physical gestures like resting their heads on the bump or even pushing other people away from the bump of the pregnant owner. Your dog may also start licking your belly or stare affectionately at your bump whenever it can.

Furthermore, your dog might also listen to your commands more attentively and help you around the house while guarding your bump.

These traits are adorable, and everyone would love to have a supportive guard that obeys all their commands.

Agitation, Barking, and Growling

While dogs become extremely affectionate towards their pregnant owners, the story is not the same with every dog. In fact, some dogs take extreme measures to display their separation anxiety and resort to agitation, barking, and growling.

These dogs become reactive and develop aggressive traits and destroy the house. Here are some of the things that you experience if your dog is developing separation anxiety after your pregnancy.

  • Uncooperative behavior
  • Aggressive barking, agitation, and growling at strangers or other members of the family.
  • Pooping or peeing in or around the house.
  • Chewing items bought for the baby.
  • Destroying household items
  • Not attending training sessions with trainers or not performing while training.

Maintaining Distance or Hiding

Besides increased affection or aggressive behavior, there is a third side of the story. In this case, dogs maintain distance from their owners and adopt a gloomy character.

These dogs will start to hide in the house and separate themselves from the family to avoid interactions. Furthermore, you may also experience loss of appetite and activity in your dog after he senses pregnancy.

Do Dogs Become Clingy, Aggressive, or Maintain Distance Forever?

Dogs are an integral part of any family. So, evaluating the thought that your dog will retain his gloomy or aggressive character will scare most owners. Furthermore, some dogs may face difficulties while adjusting to their former characters, which is worrying and undoubtedly not ideal.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can implement to lift your dog’s morale and help him return to his normal behavior pattern.

Put in Extra Effort

Pregnancy is hectic as you have to take care of many things to get the job done. Add one aggressive or gloomy dog to the list, and the task becomes more challenging.

But despite your hectic schedule, try to put extra effort while taking care of your pup as it will help to boost the morale and reduce your dog’s separation anxiety.

Maintain a Daily Routine

Dogs are very sensitive, especially when you talk about their relationship with their owners. In short, if you divert from your usual routine of going on walks or playtime, your dog will sense that the new member is taking his spot.

The best way to counter this situation is to continue and maintain your daily routine and try to give the same amount of time to your dog. Furthermore, assign a family member when you are unable to spend time with your dog or include activities that you can perform without much physical stress.

These tactics will undoubtedly help to make the bond stronger with your dog and help him positively adapt to your pregnancy.

Invite Family Members

If you are pregnant, you will probably know that at some point, you won’t have enough time to spend with your dog. If your dog is affectionate and protective, it might not bother you. But if your dog develops aggression or agitation, you might have to deal with severe conclusions.

The best way to deal with this problem is to invite family members and help your dog adapt to them. This strategy will allow your dog to mingle with other family members who will divert his mind and keep him busy.

Furthermore, friends and family members can continue the usual cycle of dog activities and help your dog fight separation anxiety.

Introduce New Toys

Introducing new toys will also help your dog find some space and allow him to fight separation anxiety. These toys will also keep him busy and prevent him from developing destructive behavior.

Although toys may not be an ideal option for some dogs, they will certainly reduce some of the destructive traits your dog might exhibit while you’re pregnant.

Is Your Dog Too Clingy?

Your dog’s affection during pregnancy might sound good, but it might become too much for some owners.

For instance, affectionate dogs also become more protective and will guard you or prevent others from interacting with you. This trait might look adorable, but sometimes it can become hectic and irritating.

The best way to counter this issue is to maintain brief separations from your dog, which will help your dog adjust to the situation. You can schedule a timetable and stay away from your dog.

Tip: Ask your family members to take your dog on a walk or activity, allowing your dog to divert his mind from your pregnancy.

Final Thought on Dog Behavior When a Human Is Pregnant

Dog Behavior When Human Is Pregnant
Dog Behavior When a Human Is Pregnant

As mentioned earlier, dogs are an integral part of a family, and it’s always wise to consider their feelings. While an affectionate and protective dog may be a perfect choice, some dogs become aggressive or gloomy.

The best option is to evaluate your dog’s condition and handle the situation without hurting your fur friend.


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