Does Your Dog Love You? 25 Obvious Signs of Affection

Have you ever wondered does your dog love you? Most dogs are known for their incredible ability to understand and connect with human emotions. And the best part? They’re capable of expressing love in their own special ways too!

I talked to thousands of dog owners from all over the world and compiled a list of the cutest and most common ways that these pups show their affection for their owners.

Want to know if your dog loves you? Look no further! These playful pooches love to snuggle up close, make eye contact, and use their owners as a comforting source of security, especially when they’re feeling nervous in new environments.

Snuggle Up Close (Or on Top Of) You While You Dream

This is the ultimate display of love from your dog. If your furry friend loves to snooze by your side, you can be sure that a strong bond has formed between you two.

Have you ever noticed your pup fall asleep beside you on the couch while you watch TV, then get up to move, only for your dog to follow and settle back down for another nap? That’s true love in action! And did you know, the way a dog sleeps can reveal a lot about their personality and feelings?

Use Your Shoulder or Neck as a Headrest

Your dog is sending you all the love vibes by using your shoulder or neck as a cozy little pillow.

This is just one of the many ways they show their affection for you. They might rest their heads on you to smell your scent or to be as close as possible to their favorite person.

Either way, it’s a sign of love and comfort from your furry friend.

Cry When There’s Even the Smallest Distance Between You

Aww, your pup is so in love with you that even a small distance can cause a tear to fall.

If your dog freaks out when you’re in a new environment and you walk away, it’s a sign that they’re not only showing their love but also being highly protective of you.

For instance, I once went on a hiking trip with my Labradoodle Monty. If I walked away from him for just a minute or two, he would start whining and trying to get back to me in no time.

This kind of behavior is only seen when they’re in strange new places and it’s a true testament to the love they have for their owner.

Tolerate Your Antics

While we don’t recommend annoying your dog, if your pup lets you play with their paws, tug their ears, or tease them in a playful manner while they remain relaxed, it’s a sign of their love.

This requires a high level of trust and affection from your dog, who’s completely comfortable with you.

Sleep by Your Side and Watch Over You

Your loyal dog loves you so much that it won’t leave your side, even while you sleep!

They will snuggle up next to you in your room and keep an eye on the door, making sure you’re always safe and sound. This is a sure sign of their close bond with you and their protective nature.

Rolling Onto Their Back With Their Legs Up in the Air

Another sign of love and trust from a dog toward its owner.

This position is considered the most submissive position a dog can take, and in the wild, it’s also the most dangerous as the dog is vulnerable to attack.

However, if a dog is comfortable enough to do this around their owner, it means that its love for its owner is overriding its natural instincts and that they trust its owner completely.

This bond between the owner and their pup is a result of a strong and loving relationship.

Gives You Their Precious Toy

When a dog hands over their favorite toy or chew bone, it’s a sign of its trust and love for you.

It takes a lot for a dog to give up something they cherish, as they tend to be very possessive of their belongings.

So, if your pup bestows their most beloved toy upon you, consider yourself a special part of their world.

And if that toy just so happens to be slobbery and wet from a play session, consider it a wet and wild hug from your furry friend!

Make Eye Contact and Show Their Love

Dogs love to look into their owner’s eyes and show their affection. This is known as the “love look” and it’s not just about dominance, but a true expression of love.

Owners describe it as a deep, almost awkward gaze into their eyes, with their ears back and a desire to lick their faces.

Body Slam You with Love

Does Your Dog Love You

You may be in for a surprise when you’re fast asleep and your pup decides to body slam you! Don’t worry, it’s not because they’re trying to be rough, but just because they love you so much and want to be close to you.

They may have woken up and realized they weren’t close enough to you, so they jumped back onto the bed to cuddle up again. Although it may be a bit startling, it’s just their way of saying “I love you” and it’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Make Eye Contact with a Forward Nose and Backward Ears

For some pups, eye contact can be a sign of dominance, but if their ears are slightly pulled back and they’re extending their neck to get close to you, it’s a sure sign of love.

Think of it as your dog trying to give you a virtual hug by pointing its nose in your direction and keeping adorable, awkward eye contact. The more awkward the gaze, the greater the sign of affection!

Seek Comfort Behind Your Legs When Nervous

If your pup comes to you for a sense of security during scary moments, it’s a sign of a strong bond between you two.

When your furry friend is feeling anxious and seeks refuge behind your legs, it shows that they trust you more than anything and love you deeply.

This close connection between trust and love is unique to dogs and makes them such special companions.

Shower You with Random Licks

Those surprise smooch when you’re just lounging on the couch watching TV? That’s pure love!

Your dog may not ask for permission, but if they take any opportunity to give you a kiss, it’s a sure sign of their affection.

And whether it’s on the lips, nose, or anywhere else, true love knows no limits.

A Constant Companion, Everywhere You Go!

“Velcro dogs” is a great name for a dog that’s always sticking by your side, never letting you out of its sight. And we’re talking everywhere, even in the bathroom!

So, don’t be surprised if you have a furry friend popping their head in while you’re taking care of business.

Having a pup means you’ll never have to go it alone, not even in the bathroom!

Wake Up With a Wet Nuzzle!

When your trusty dog misses you during the night, they may come and give you a loving nudge with their wet nose.

Sure, it might be a bit of an interruption for your much-needed sleep, but it’s just a sweet reminder of the love your furry friend has for you.

Think about it, if your puppy didn’t love you, they’d much rather be snoozing in a cozy corner of the house, but instead, they choose to show you affection. How cute!

Your Dog Wants a Lap Dance at the Most Inopportune Times

Imagine you’re in the middle of a serious video call with your boss, or deep in conversation with a neighbor in your kitchen, and suddenly your dog jumps into your lap, all 50 pounds of them.

You might make a little noise, but hey, that’s just part of the love! Dogs love to be close to their loved ones and if they see an open invitation to your lap, they’ll take it.

Don’t worry, this behavior is reserved for those they truly love, so consider yourself lucky!

Your Dog Gives You a Sniff Test at Odd Hours

For dogs, the smell is everything! When your pooch is head over heels for you, he might nuzzle his nose into your cheek, neck, or any other part of your body, and take a deep, intense sniff.

Some dog owners say this often happens in the middle of the night, but no need to be alarmed, it’s just their way of showing affection.

Though, it might not be the most pleasant experience if they do it right after a big drink of water, leaving their mouth dripping all over you.

In that case, they might just be trying to play a little prank on you!

Your Pup Wants to be Your Armrest

If your pup shoves his head under your arm while you’re trying to write a love letter to anybody, then you know he loves you.

This is just their way of seeking attention, but they only do this with their close family members. So go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back for being loved by a dog!

Your Talkative Companion

When your dog loves you, he’ll be all ears and his gaze will be fixed on you, eager to understand your every word.

Conversations with your furry friend strengthen the bond between the two of you, and if your pup loves you, he’ll relish this opportunity to get to know you better.

When a Dog is Over-the-Moon Excited When You Return

It’s a clear sign of the love and affection they have for their owner.

The dog’s behavior, such as jumping in circles, fetching their favorite toy, whining, and wagging their tail at high speeds, shows that they are genuinely thrilled to see their owner.

This excitement is different from how the dog reacts to other people, as they are much more exuberant when their owner returns.

Sends Check-ins While Out and About

In new surroundings, your dog will seek comfort and reassurance from you.

So, if you catch your pup frequently checking in with you by making eye contact, it’s a sweet display of their connection with you.

This is especially evident in places like dog parks where their natural instincts come to the forefront.

Keeps Your Scent Close

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and hold your scent close to their hearts.

So, if they happen to steal your socks or any other item that has your scent on it, don’t be mad – it’s just a sign of their love.

For your pup, having something with your scent nearby is the next best thing to being with you. It’s just their way of keeping your love close.

Lean into Your Legs for Some Love

Even when you’re busy in the kitchen, your dog will come over to show you some love by leaning into your legs.

This may happen at an inconvenient time, but it’s their way of telling you how much they care. So, take a moment to appreciate their affection and give them a pat on the head.

Random Playful Encounters

Your playful pup just loves to have a good time and you’re their favorite playmate! When they come bounding towards you, ready for some rough and tumble fun, it’s a sign of their strong and loving bond with you.

Out in nature, dogs love to play and fight to strengthen their bonds. If your dog seeks you out for some playtime, it’s a sign of just how close and loving your bond is.

Sad Farewells

When it’s time for you to leave, your sweet pup may start to feel anxious and clingy. They may whimper or cry, and may even become more affectionate than usual. This is a sign of their strong attachment to you and their love.

However, if you notice your dog’s destructive behavior, excessive barking, or trying to escape while you’re gone, it might indicate separation anxiety.

To help your furry friend, consider looking into ways to ease their anxiety and ensure they don’t have to suffer when you’re not around.

A Matching Yawn

Dogs crave harmony with those they hold dear, and if your pup is in sync with your every move, he’s probably head over paws in love with you!

Does your furry friend always seem to yawn in unison with you? Or does he stretch when you stretch, take deep breaths with you, or imitate your actions?

If so, you’ve got yourself a puppy who is in perfect harmony with you, and he’s got nothing but love to show for it.

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