Cringe-Worthy Facts About Dogs

The 12 Most Cringe-Worthy Facts About Dogs

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how weird your dog is. Even though we love the heck out of them, they do the strangest things.

Regardless of what our furry friends do, we can’t help but realize that they’re just like us. They hop around when excited, chomp down their favorite food, and run around when they’re in a good mood.

Dogs have been part of our family and best friends for centuries. Our love for them drives our curiosity so much that we are always fascinated by facts about them. Even the most absurd or cringe-inducing facts about them become interesting to us.

The 12 Most Cringe-Worthy Facts About Dogs

Since you’re here, why not take a look at some of the most cringe-worthy facts about dogs?

  1. A dog’s nose print is unique, much like our fingerprints

The fingerprints we have on our fingers are unique; no one will ever have the same fingerprint as someone. Just like that, a dog’s nose print is too.

Their noses have a distinct pattern of ridges and creases that sets them apart from others. It’s so unique that some kennel clubs use them as a form of identification.

  1. Dogs have three eyelids.

Unlike us humans, dogs have three eyelids to protect their eyes. The upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, and the one on the inside are known as the haw or the nictitating eyelid. The third eyelid is responsible for three things-the production of tears, the protection of the cornea, and acts as lymphoid tissue.

  1. Dog’s feet might smell corn-y

Now you know if you ever wondered what a dog’s feet might smell like. This is a bizarre fact to know, even for a dog lover. Because who would ever be interested in learning what dogs’ feet smell like, right? But if you were ever curious, here it is. Oh, and it’s because of the build-up of bacteria.

  1. Dogs are wired to like eating feces.

This is something almost everyone knows. But the reason is quite a peculiar one. Experts say this is perfectly normal, even though it is off-putting. This comes from the days of their pre-domestication period thousands of years ago.

It is more prevalent in puppies, and adults grow out of it. Although, some adults do still do it if they are not taught.

  1. Jealousy is emotion dogs feel too.

If you’ve ever felt like your dog gets jealous when showering another dog with love, then you’re not wrong. Experts say that dogs get jealous, too, just not like how we do. They say that their emotion of jealousy is almost similar to that of an infant’s.

So the next time you see another dog, remember not to be tempted and be loyal.

  1. The tone of your voice is important to your dog.

Dogs are still animals at the end of the day, and even though they understand and love us, they won’t ever understand humans fully. They pay more attention to the tone of your voice than the words you speak.

For example, if you talk to your voice using an angry and deep tone, they know you’re not happy with it.

  1. Butt-smelling is a form of introduction between dogs

Imagine if we humans couldn’t speak; what would we even do to communicate with each other? Dogs obviously can’t talk. So when they meet a new dog, they smell their butts to gather information about them.

This is because every dog has a unique smell, and the smell is secreted from the glands which are located on their backsides. The pheromones secreted provide information about everything, like the sex of the dog and its health.

  1. Thomas Jefferson taxed dogs.

A funny and strange fact. The famous politician Thomas Jefferson had a bad relationship with dogs because they were predatory to livestock. He taxed people who owned dogs according to the price of wool, which was high then.

But the story has a happy ending: he later found companionship with a puppy and lived happily ever after.

  1. Staring is not rude, according to dogs.

Staring at people is considered rude and obnoxious, but not for dogs! They love staring at people they love. And the reason they do it is that they are trying to figure out what they could do to make you happy. Another reason is that they just love you and want to look at you.

10. Petting dogs is beneficial to your blood pressure

There are a lot of untrue dog facts on the internet. And no matter how untrue this fact sounds, it’s true that petting dogs lower your blood pressure by 10 percent. The American Kennel Club also confirms that dogs are the same when their owners pet them.

11. Dogs’ sense of taste is very underdeveloped

Unlike us humans, dogs have an awful sense of taste. They have only around 1700 taste buds compared to 9000 in humans. This is why dogs will chomp down rotting food as happily as they eat a $100 steak.

12. Dreams are not exclusive to humans

You’ve probably noticed your dog twitching in their sleep if you’re a dog owner. This is probably because they dream of familiar things like running around, playing, or chasing a ball. Experts say this is because their sleep patterns and brain activity are similar to that of humans.

Wrapping Up

Cringe-Worthy Facts About Dogs

No matter what they do, we always end up loving our dogs. They might be mischievous, but they sure are cute. Even though they are very different from us, there is no other animal that understands and loves us as dogs do.

Being curious about your pet dog is only part of the love you have for them. You want to know more about them, which is why you came here first. Cringey, as some of these facts about dogs may be, we can’t help but love them with all our hearts. They’re a part of our family, after all.

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