Cavapoo Price Guide

Cavapoo Price Guide – Cost of a Cavapoo In 2023

When talking about a Cavapoo price guide, there are many things to consider. Buying dogs may not be the easiest task there is! And we know how tricky it can get when you are unaware of the types and prices of dogs.

On average, the total price of a Cavapoo puppy varies between $1000 to $2000! The features of the Cavapoo make all the difference in the value of the dog.

There is a whole list of factors that plays an essential role in the overall cost. We will specifically look at the Cavapoo dogs through this article. Yes, the cutesy and fun-loving breed that the world loves!

Let’s jump to know the actual price guide of the Cavapoo dog breed!

What Is a Cavapoo?

price of a cavapoo

Now, the first question arises. What is a Cavapoo? Is it a hybrid? Well, for starters, the Cavapoo is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Two of the cutest dogs there are!

Now just physically, Cavapoos are extremely easy to train and are loving to their masters. These Miniature Poodles are also called Cavoodle. On top of it, there is no guarantee which of the parent’s genes will be more dominant in the final Cavapoo!

So, selecting a Cavapoo and its price is dependent on an array of factors such as their temperament, intelligence, health issues, and many other things. Let’s look at them!

What Decides the Cost of a Cavapoo?

Here, we present to you: A Price Guide of the Cavapoo puppy. Go through these features! We assure you that by the end of this article, you will be able to determine the price of the cute little pup you want accurately.

Coat Color

Yes, we know that sounds racist. In the dog world, though, the coat color is a huge determinant of how high or low the pup will be priced. Cavapoo is no different!

The price depends on how unusual or rare the coat color is. The rarer the coat color, the higher the price!

For starters, black Cavapoos are generally priced less than the Red ones. Red Cavapoos are rare, and hence, are priced high. Not just red, apricot color coat puppies are expensive too.

However, the highest-priced Cavapoos have to be the ones that are bicolor and tricolored since the presence of multiple colors makes the dog premium and rare. They drive a lot of attention.

You may even see breeders charging over $3000 for some of the highly sought-after coat-colored Cavapoos.

The Reputation of the Breeder

Another huge determinant of the price of Cavapoo is the breeder’s reputation. Not just the price, but even the type of pup depends on the breeder.

If you’re investing your money, you would want to have a dog that is well cared for. This care should be given both before and after the birth of the pup.

And what determines it? It’s none other than the breeder of the puppy. Hence, research well before you zero down on a good breeder.

While picking a good Cavapoo breeder is essential, you must stay aware of the prices. But how do we differentiate a good breeder from a bad one?

A good Cavapoo breeder will be mindful of the dog’s temperament, genetics, and environment before the breeding process. Some breeders are so picky about their clients that you may even have to give an interview. Deposits might also be involved at times.

These will cost you both monetarily and time-wise. But it is all worth it when you see that little pup, Isn’t it?

Supply and Demand

The world operates on the parameters of supply and demand. Whenever the supply is less than the demand, prices rise.

Cavapoos have been a big hit since the pandemic. People have been gushing over their cuteness and intelligence. The issue arises when you consider the overall supply of this breed.

When comparing them to other breeds, you will understand that Cavapoos have a pretty limited supply. They are considered designer dogs and, on top of that, are rare in themselves. This is the very reason breeders all over the globe are struggling with Cavapoo supply.

You can expect a high price for all types of Cavapoos due to their ability to stand out from the crowd!

Puppy Parentage

Probably the simplest factor to understand, puppy parentage matters more than you think. The characteristics of all dogs depend a lot on the parents. These include color, temperament, health, and genetics.

Now, this is where a good breeder becomes essential! Good breeders will most likely check the parent temperaments and pair them accordingly. Note that this extra testing may add to the cost.

The benefits of this practice are immense, though! Many times, the parents pass on defects to their offspring. You would not want this for your pup, right?


Location plays an equally important role when it comes to Cavapoo price. Imagine living in a remote area with only one breeder nearby. If you approach them for a Cavapoo, you will have to pay more since the monopoly factor weighs in!

On the other hand, if you live in a vast metro city with tons of breeders around you, the prices will stay competitive. You might be able to arrange for a breeder at a lower price.

This is why we recommend traveling to get the breeds you want! (if you live in a small city). The options of breeders will open up. You might even get better breeders than the ones near your town.

Consequently, the price and cost of traveling and the pup might be less than the cost quoted by a closeby breeder.

Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills are those breeding areas where no check is kept on the health or safety of the dogs being bred. This is a bad, bad option. We highly disapprove of them, and you should always avoid puppy mills.

Breeders who quote very low prices are often associated with puppy mills. Breeds developed in puppy mills usually have defects, and these defects will further cause problems for the pup.

But how do you save yourself from such situations? Research, research, and research. We just can’t stress enough how essential it is to check reviews and online forums for the breeder you choose from.

We hope you will do that now!

Cavapoo Dog Generation

A first-generation Cavapoo dog formed from the crossing of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a mini/teacup poodle. Consequently, the second or third-generation Cavapoos are just the offspring of other Cavapoos.

The fun fact is that as the generation proceeds, they shed less. This is the reason why the Cavapoos from the first generation are affordable. If you are okay with some shedding here and there, you may go for a first-generation Cavapoo Dog.

Additional benefits of first-generation dogs include stable health and overall development. On the other hand, the farther your pup is down the line, the more hypoallergenic it will become.

Hypoallergenic simply refers to the ability to have fewer allergic reactions. This factor is a huge plus for both the pup’s health and the pup’s parent — fewer worries for sure.

Hypoallergenic tendencies make later generations a bit more expensive than the first ones. As we proceed towards higher poodle genetics, you will find almost non-shedding pets, increasing the price of the Cavapoo!

Adoption Costs

It is common knowledge that all dogs cost less if they are adopted. There are many adoption agencies and shelter homes available today.

If you try and find one, you may even find some adoption agencies specializing in keeping some niche breeds, such as Cavapoos. However, there is also a chance that you might not find the Cavapoo breed in such shelter homes.

Cavapoos are trendy designer dogs. They usually have a lot of people looking to adopt them. This situation might make it difficult for you to find a Cavapoo for adoption.

You should still research, and if things work in your favor, you might get the Cavapoo you want at an affordable price of $400 to $500. You might have to pay a small registration fee in the process.

cost of owning a cavapoo
cost of a cavapoo

What Should You Check for When Getting a Cavapoo?

It is of great importance that you check the health and well-being of the pup that you’re about to buy. Always look for the mother of the puppy. Additionally, you should also check whether or not the dog wags its tail.

You should also check the dog’s walk. Another vital aspect is vaccination. Ask the breeder about the vaccinations and if a vet has checked the pup.

Along with such details, there are some essential points you need to verify. These include the puppy’s last worming date and whether the puppy is microchipped. If the puppy is microchipped, you should ask for the details of the same.

The dog’s food also plays a prime role here. So do check that as well!

What Are the Costs of Owning a Cavapoo Puppy?

We have thoroughly discussed the factors affecting the price of a Cavapoo dog. But what about the costs of owning a Cavapoo?

Below are mentioned some of the top things that cost you when you own a Cavapoo.


The first factor that will cost you will be your dog’s training. Can you skip it? No, not at all! In fact, the more you delay it, the more problematic your Cavapoo’s behavior will get.

On average, a pet store training session would amount to $100. Personal training might significantly increase the price.

Now, these costs and training highly depend on you. If you think your Cavapoo will work well with training in a group, you can make your choice! If not, spend some extra bucks and send your pup to a personal trainer.

Another benefit of training is that your pup will not shy away from strangers and would adapt well to new situations.

Overall, we highly recommend training your pet.

Healthcare Costs

Just like how you get vaccinated, your Cavapoo also needs its vaccinations. Moreover, you have to pay for your Cavapoo’s vet checkups, vaccine boosters, health checks, flea medicines, and whatnot.

Dietary requirements also make a difference to dog health. To prevent issues, we recommend buying special dog food. Note that this dog food is more expensive than regular dog foods.

A natural balanced diet will help your dog’s growth and development. A healthy dog is a happy dog! (even if that costs you some extra bucks)


Grooming costs way more than you think. Some dogs require slicker brushes and combs that cost more than human brushes!

Though a Cavapoo puppy very rarely sheds, you will find a large number of grooming tools in your dog’s monthly requirements.

Depending on the salon you choose for your dog, grooming could amount to about $60 to $120.

Puppy Supplies

A proper set of Cavapoo puppy supplies include leashes, toys, collars, treats, and many other things! The collar size might differ as your pup grows older. For this reason, you will have to spend on collars too.

On the other hand, toys could be used over more extended periods. You could buy a chew toy for your pup, and it should survive for a reasonably good amount of time.

While this aspect could be a significant expenditure, it is essential for the growth and happiness of your puppy!

cavapoo puppy price
price of a cavapoo puppy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet regarding Cavapoo prices.

We hope they help you clear any doubts before you make the final purchase.

1) How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Cavapoo Dog?

As mentioned above in the article, the average cost for a Cavapoo Dog would come to around $1200 to $2000. You can have varying costs depending on a series of factors.

Breeders who use puppy mills offer pups at lower prices. Likewise, adoption agencies and shelter homes may have older Cavapoos at a relatively low cost.

2) What Should I Expect From My Cavapoo at Home?

Cavapoos have an interesting personality. They are mostly relaxed and aloof. You will also find them gawking at others and keenly noticing things.

The best part is that Cavpoos are extremely friendly and intelligent at the same time. They are lovable too!

Cavapoo Price Guide

Conclusion on Cavapoo Price

So that’s it from our side, folks!

We genuinely hope this article was of some help to all Cavapoo buyers out there.

We recommend that you stay mindful of the factors that we discussed in the article. Try to decide after thorough research and checks.

Here’s hoping you bring that lucky Cavapoo home soon!

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